Sully Island and the causeway yesterday afternoon. Those who take a gamble on wading across or a rising tide can easily lose everything.(Penarth Coastguard photo)

Sunny weather, a calm sea, a rising tide and two people on Sully Island suddenly becoming aware of the disappearing natural causeway linking the island to the mainland.

All of the ingredients of yet another rescue operation came together yesterday afternoon, with the exception that – this time –  the waders made it across without Penarth lifeboat being called out.

They did, however, receive “safety advice” from Penarth Coastguard officers who delivered their well-rehearsed lecture on the perils of playing roulette with the rising tide.


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  1. sjleworthy says:

    can these poor souls not just wait it out a couple of hours until the tide recedes again? im at a loss why the rescue service is required. i really am.

    • AK says:

      If you had been there yesterday to see the exercise involving the lifeboats, the coastguard and the rescue helicopter, you would have seen first hand why they do not want to risk leaving someone there to attempt to cross the causeway once the tide has crossed it.

      • sjleworthy says:

        Why are we assuming people will attempt to cross after the tide has come in? That is stupid and not logical. I fully realise this is the purpose to save people, but surely people are not this idiotic and realise the tide will change in an hour or 3 and can safely cross without the need to walk into the sea and get wet or washed away?

        (What am i saying. Of course people are this stupid and idiotic)

  2. Tony Harris says:

    Time to look at on the spot fines. £100 per person rescued sounds about right with all
    proceeds going to the RNLI. Quite why the Coastguard, RNLI and other volunteer emergency services have to risk life and limb to rescue these idiots is beyond me.
    Perhaps we should look at building a simple “bothy” on the island and just leave them there until the tide turns.

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