Lavernock Road December 23 2014: A hat, a shoe and the shopping of the victim – 90-year-old pedestrian Mrs Sheila Wilson –  lay scattered across Lavernock Road at the scene of the accident as a specialist police unit carried out detailed measurements of the scene

A 72-year-old  motorist, Mrs Helen Mary Clode of  Sully, has been acquitted by Cardiff Crown Court on a charge of  causing death by careless driving in December 2014.

The case followed the death of a 90-year-old Penarth pedestrian, Mrs Sheila Wilson, who had alighted from a bus and was crossing Lavernock Road in December 2014 – near the junction with Augusta Road – when she was allegedly hit by a car driven by Mrs Clode . Mrs Wilson died later in hospital.

Mrs Clode had entered a plea of not guilty and opted for the case to be heard in Cardiff Crown Court rather than be dealt with at the Magistrates Court. She was given unconditional bail.

Proceedings had been adjourned and postponed on a number of occasions over the last two years, some of them on the grounds of the defendant’s ill-health – but it’s been confirmed today by Cardiff Crown Court that the trial – which had been scheduled for this month – was actually heard on March 1st.  The prosecution offered no evidence, Mrs Clode was acquitted and the case was closed.

On March 27th 2017 the inquest into the death of Mrs Wilson – which had been opened and adjourned pending the criminal proceedings – was resumed.

The coroner  determined that the Mrs Wilson had died from multiple injuries as a result of being hit by a car whilst crossing the Lavernock Road. She had been conveyed to the University Hospital of Wales where, despite treatment, she had died the following day – on December 24th 2014. The coroner concluded that the  cause of death was “Road Traffic Collision” .


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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Pedestrians get a raw deal in Penarth. The pavements are trip hazards, there aren’t even dropped kerbs in many streets. Very few crossings in Penarth and if you get mowed down then so want? What a horrible way to die.

    • Phil says:

      Labour’s fault, Anne?

    • Tony Harris says:

      There but by the grace of God it could be anybody driving on poorly lit roads. My sympathies are with Mrs Clode who was acquitted after two years of worry.
      It’s only a matter of time to the next fatality unless some action is taken to keep passing traffic below 30 mph both up and down Lavernock Road Lavernock

      • PR says:

        Tony, I completely agree. The speeds people drive along Lavernock Road are pure madness. Something must be done to calm the traffic before there is another accident. A temporary speed camera was installed a while ago to monitor speeds, I would be interested to know what it showed, does anyone know whether any information is available?

    • Ann Other says:

      Disgraceful attempt to make political capital out of a terrible misfortune. You ought to be ashamed, whoever you are.

    • CelticMan says:

      Bonkers comment and totally inappropriate. Would have lost my vote if you had been in my Ward.

    • The Tax payer says:

      How sad and desperate Anne must be just to get some votes. Please think of the family’s who are left behind trying to pick up the pieces after this tragic accident.

  2. So Agree with you Anne

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    Anne – this may be one time when it would have been better to say nothing and not try to score a political point. This is a bereavement story for some, so a bit of respect would have been better

  4. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Ms. Greagsby I think you earn yourself no election votes, from stooping so low as to try and gain favour out of this tragic situation. Condolences to the family.

  5. Robert says:

    Anne. We all know that an election is coming up………
    Stop embarrassing yourself.

  6. Mgg says:

    I was driving recently at 20 .note 20 miles per hour along the marina .opposite pier 64 a young lady pushing a chair and with two children in tow emerged from behind the car park wall and without looking stepped out. I braked very very hard and stopped in time. There but for the grace of god for both of us .

  7. Anne Greagsby says:

    So what is Mgg going to do to make the road safer for pedestrians as he is chair of the secret momentum group that makes decisions for the elected members. I am sure the family of the 90 year old would agree that it is shocking that elderly people are being killed just crossing the road in Penarth. This isn’t the first fatal accident. If people were being murdered there would be screams for action. Pedestrian safety should be a priority.

  8. I have twice been about to cross on a zebra crossing in Penarth town centre only to have to stop to let a car that wasn’t going to stop at the crossing zoom past without even reducing speed , the latest was near the arcade and the female driving only swerved a little in case she hit me as she spotted me with a foot on the crossing at the last second , but her speed wasn’t reduced one bit good job I didn’t take another step. And this is because I doubted the driver wasn’t about to stop and in both cases they have been female . Lets see if I can state that fact without any flack.

  9. As for attacking Anne Greagsby I think the contributor called Phil is the one who leaped up to turn it into a political point , obviously he has some sort of interest who he wants to win the local elections and it doesn’t include Anne Greagsby , and I am not speaking from a political preference of my own just the facts.

    • Jim says:

      Yes, I agree with this comment. I noticed that.

    • Joe blow says:


    • Blue says:

      The facts? Read Anne’s first comment. She says “Pedestrians get a raw deal in Penarth..”

      A raw deal in comparison to where exactly? And she complains that the pavements are “trip hazards” – aren’t they everywhere?

      Anne, you have shown a great deal of insensitivity in attempting to gain political advantage by commenting on this tragedy, and attempting to apportion “blame”. As a candidate you should show more respect for the two families that have been cruelly affected by the death of this poor woman.

      • Matt says:

        Re. Pedestrians get a raw deal in Penarth – this is true
        Re. Aren’t pavements trip hazards everywhere – no

        I’ve lived in Penarth for 18 months and have lived in quite a few place in both the UK and abroad and although I’m very happy to live here, a few issues really stand-out to me:

        1) roads and pavements here are the worst I’ve ever seen
        2) inconsiderate driving and parking are a real danger here

        I’m staggered at how some people behave behind a wheel in Penarth. Lots of selfish driving, lots of stupid, inconsiderate parking, speeding, lack of attention too. Have seen many drivers ignore people crossing at zebra crossings.

        This isn’t political and it shouldn’t be ignored.

  10. Phil says:

    If you look at my post, I said “Labour’s fault, Anne?” Notice the question mark. It was sarcastic and in no way me trying to be political. Further down you will see I commented “My thoughts exactly! Zero respect” about Anne’s post. I, like many others on here, are totally fed up of her coming on here and posting nonsense just to try and bash, Labour, Tories or anything/anyone that doesn’t agree with her agenda! To hijack this very sad story for her own political gain is quite frankly disgusting. You only have to do a quick look back through stories on this site alone to see that’s all Ms Greagsby does is constantly tell us how, in her opinion, how rubbish other political parties are but when questioned about her own agenda, she completely blanks it.

    That one post above by Ms Greagsby sums her up “if you get mowed down then so want? ” Does she genuinely think no one cares about people’s safety and the Council just think “so what”? Should be made to step down as a candidate for that statement alone.

    Andrew Worsley – “As for attacking Anne Greagsby I think the contributor called Phil is the one who leaped up to turn it into a political point , obviously he has some sort of interest who he wants to win the local elections and it doesn’t include Anne Greagsby”

    You’re absolutely right, I don’t want Ms Greagsby to win the election. But you’re way off the mark if you think I have any other political interest – because I simply do not. I’ve already made it quite clear above that my comment was sarcastic. I see Anne all over social media and various other websites (including this one) constantly trying to gain votes by slagging others off – that is exactly why I do not want her to win. Her behaviour alone has put me off her completely. Judging by the many comments on this site – I’m not the only one either.

    • St Augustine says:

      Obviously a pro-Labour gravy train mug bashing the opposition. Weak!

      • Phil says:

        You quite clearly didn’t read my post. If you had, you would have realised you’re completely wide of the mark, For the record, I’m not all that bothered about the election, but if I did have to pick – it would be Independent, not a political party.

  11. Two of my relatives have visited me today arriving by car , they live in England and over the years have visited me on numerous occasions , but today one of them stated a fact I had to agree with instantly . After trying to get down part of Plymouth road with cars parked either side of the road with only a gap wide enough for one car to drive through , there was a bottleneck and drivers did not know who to let pass where to drive to or back up to , once we got through this obstacle , my relative remarked. ” Ive noticed how bad the drivers are in Penarth ” to which I agreed and , added “so much so that there is a website on the internet devoted to bad parking in the town with photos to prove it”. No wonder we have accidents .

    • Matt says:

      Spot on! Many drivers in Penarth are needlessly aggressive and bottlenecks highlight this.

      Outside Penarth, people look to pull over where they find space. In Penarth, many just barrel forward, hoping the other person will chicken-out before they do.

      I see this every day and it’s quite shocking and bizarre.

  12. Tony Harris says:

    I’ve just followed some old dear in a Honda
    Jazz who drove through Sully at 25 mph and got up to 30 – 35 all the way to Westbourne Road. Frustrating to say the least. A couple of days ago a blue Porsche went past my house with the turbos blowing off so that was 70 mph in a 30 limit

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