The Waverley Care Centre at Plymouth Road, Penarth is in the process of being extended

The Waverley Care Centre – one of the largest employers in Penarth – has emerged with flying colours from its latest regular inspection by the Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW).

The home provides care over three separate units comprising Seaview” which  provides general nursing care for up to 66 people, Glan-y-Mor”  provides care to 24 people who have been diagnosed with a functional mental illness. Cliffhaven provides care for up to 39 people who have dementia care needs.

Eight additional new  single-bedroom units have been added to the accommodation

On the day of the inspection there were 124 residents at the home which is operated by The Waverley Care Centre Limited under manager Susan Butler.

The CSSIW said “People living at the Waverley Care Centre appear to be settled at the home, and are content with the care and services they receive. Generally care at the home is provided by familiar team of staff who are competent, friendly and caring.”

Inspectors found that the home was provides a “safe and comfortable environment” and was “well looked after, welcoming, clean and meets the needs of the people living there.” No “non compliance notices” were  issued following the inspection.

The inspection team found that “residents appeared well dressed and for the most part appeared relaxed. We saw that interactions between care workers and residents were consistently warm and compassionate. We observed staff caring for residents in a kind, respectful, dignified manner. We noted that residents knew the staff that cared for them, in some cases they referred to staff by name. We saw that people living at the home appeared at ease with staff. Some people had limited verbal ability to express themselves, however, we observed that staff were skilled at communicating with residents to meet their individual needs”.  The report quotes the following comments from residents: –

  • ‘I’m looked after very well here’
  • ‘I’m like part of the furniture- I can do what I want when I want’
  • ‘I can’t fault it – (they) care for x very well’. (Relative)

The CSSIW says “We concluded that overall people are happy and content living at the home and they have good relationships with the staff that care for them.”

It was noted that “residents and staff engaged in a variety of group and individual activities both active and passive. The hairdresser was visiting the home on the day of our visit, and a resident told us that they enjoyed a fortnightly massage provided by a visiting therapist.

The Waverley Care Centre has 11 shared bedrooms but 8 additional bedrooms are being added to Cliffhaven which will reduce the number of shared bedrooms to 3 but will improve privacy. Inspectors said “We concluded that the environment suits people’s needs and is uplifting and homely.”

The CSSIW report says “The home benefits from a dedicated management team who demonstrate a genuine drive and commitment to provide a high quality service. Care is provided by sufficient numbers of skilled and competent staff who are supported by consistent and effective leadership from the management team.”

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  1. Sue Owadally says:

    My mother is in the Waverley and has been there for 4 years. All I can say is that the care is exceptional. The staff are caring and have a fantastic relationship with my mother. The banter between them is really good. All staff make eye contact with you and it doesn’t matter what time of day you go there there is always a calm atmosphere. The place is always very clean. We as a family cannot fault it and are extremely grateful for the care and attention that mum has received since her two strokes

  2. says:

    Well Done George , Ann and your staff. I used the Waverley on behalf of many residents supported by the Vale of Glamorgan as Cabinet member of Social Services over many years in the past and was always pleased at the standard of service. There have been many horrific cases of Care homes and their staff been investigated and often charged with neglect and more serious offences. I know how important it is to the families of clients that they are looked after with love.
    Well done again

  3. SianP says:

    My Mum has been resident in the Waverley for just over 2 years. The staff are excellent. Without exception they are kind, caring and Mum is always treated appropriately. It is not easy to anticipate and understand the needs of dementia sufferers but they manage to do so. The staff are friendly and helpful to visitors. I couldn’t wish for better care for Mum.

  4. RetailGuru says:

    Fantastic to hear this good news – well done to everyone at the Waverley, you should be very proud of yourselves!

  5. Joe blow says:

    It sound great, and a valuable facility, but I think I would rather go out with a bang than a long, expensive fade like that.

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