Penarth won’t be in suspense much longer to learn the full name of the new retailer in Windsor Road

The signage for the new  store – ( when it’s finished it will read “The Edinburgh Woollen Mill”)  was still in the process of being installed yesterday afternoon – but with the grand opening scheduled for Good Friday April 14th,  no doubt the “Edinb…” bit will have been put in place by then.

The new store is in the former premises of Holder’s Menswear on Windsor Road and is conveniently sandwiched between the Ocho Lounge and Coffee #1  with a bus stop right outside.

On Friday staff will be on hand not only to greet the customers but also to hand out 20 free goody-bags to each of the first score through the door .

There’ll also be an in-store competition. Twenty hidden Edinburgh Woollen Mill vouchers will have been tucked away around the shop – ready for the first customers to find.

For the first time in 100 years the Windsor Road store now stocks ladies wear

For the last century or so the Holder’s premises in Windsor Road have always been an exclusively a gents’ tailors and outfitters – but now, in the bright new and totally re-fitted  Edinburgh Woollen Mill store, ladies too get a look in – with top brands like Country Rose, Isle, Honor Millburn, and One Valley being stocked.

Store manager Rhian Davies, says she’s confident the store will be “a superb addition to the town’s existing retail-offering”. 

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  1. penarthblog says:

    Business premises don’t stay closed for too long in Penarth. I suspect the Pet Shop that closed across the road will be replaced with something else before long. The exception seems to be the old Blockbusters. Tis most passing strange!!

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Dùn Èideann mhuileann clòimhe- Edinburgh Woolen Mill
      From Princes Street to Windsor Road quite poetically patriotic.
      Long may you prosper in our Town.

  2. Chris David says:

    I’m told they do some decent tweed at affordable prices. Still would have preferred an affordable bespoke shoe and cloths company but hey!! Not so much call for things that really last now. Come the big bang. Good luck EWM

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Always a down side! Edinburgh Woollen Mill company taken to court following allegations of mislabelled cashmere products

  4. sjleworthy says:

    Wonder how it will fair next to Holder’s after it settles in? Holders wasnt exactly a hotbed of footfall.

  5. John says:

    Quick, Blue, you’re missing a trick here. 🙂

  6. The Dairy Farmer says:

    We can always rely on you Ms. Greagsby to be doom and gloom. Yes, there are some things wrong with Penarth, but there are also a lot of terrific things about this town. Speaking as someone who was born and brought up and has lived here all my life – not quite like yourself – I understand – let’s celebrate what we have, rather than put a downer on everything, You really should get out more, even if it’s with your carbon dioxide mask or not on!!Have a happy day.

  7. RetailGuru says:

    A warm welcome to EWM. The store looks fresh and is an exciting addition to the town – thank goodness it wasn’t the dreaded Peacocks side of the EWM family! I hope that they do well.

  8. Big Davey says:

    Now I have somewhere to buy my Tam o’shanter and dirk!

    Do they sell ginger wings, I need one o’ them too.

  9. david kerslake says:

    TO RetailGuru it wasn’t the dreaded Peacocks side of the EWM family. WHAT A SNOB. I expect you hold your little finger up when HAVING a cup of tea. PRAT

    • Richard says:

      Say it as you see it, David, don’t hold back. Bet conversations are all in CAPITALS in your household and yes, that is me being a SNOB and a PRAT. What does that make you?

      • david kerslake says:

        A normal down to earth bloke who dose “nt look down their noses at people

      • Jim says:

        Me thinks David Kerslake doth protest too much about being a ‘down-to-earth bloke’.

      • Phil says:

        Spot on, Jim. He’s another one of the anti – Council brigade. You’re bound to see his ridiculous comments on your travels through social media sometime soon

    • RetailGuru says:

      David, I wasn’t in any way being a SNOB (not sure of the relevance of the capitals?). My objection to Peacocks is that they sell cheap rubbish, made for this disposable society whereby it’s perfectly fine to buy a top for £3 and throw it away the next day. My preference for EWM is that they sell better quality items that are made to last longer. So, before you make a judgement on me and call me names you might like to ask why I prefer EWM to Peacocks.

      • david kerslake says:

        £3 for a top. Never seen one that cheap in peacocks, Premark yes. I ve got loads of shirts, jumpers and coats from peacocks haven’t thrown them away the next day. Some of us cant afford to.

    • Dr lvor PHD says:

      Thank God its not Peacocks. Such a common shop will bring the house prices down. David i suggest you move to Canton they have lots of your sort there and a Peacocks.


      David For goodness sake,like us Snobs you MUST learn to call that finger “Your Little PINKY.”

  10. Dan says:

    I’m not saying Edinburgh Woollen Mill is solely for the “mature” market but I wonder if there’ll be a few flare-ups on opening day over those goody bags and hidden vouchers.
    Recent events (see Ernest vs. Williams) have caused me to wonder if we’re witnessing a rise in anti-social behaviour among the grey power gangs in Penarth.
    Can we expect name-calling and brawls at the genteel woollen mill, as witnessed in supermarkets in the southern U.S, states on so-called Black Friday? Call security!

  11. david kerslake says:

    Never mind Peacocks God help them if poundland ever wanted to open a shop in Penarth there would be riots. We don’t want them in PENARTH.

  12. Chris David says:

    Why are you labelled a snob if you promote better quality. Better quality not only looks far better- feels nicer, fits better, but can indeed be cheaper. For (1) example I have a Rohan 3 button smart casual travel jacket from the 80’s. Washable- so practical. Still wear it- still wash it- still looks smart at under £7 a year. Hmm not expensive after all ay! Ps I like Poundland- wont be buying clothes there thought.

  13. Alan Partridge says:

    Some people just don’t understand style, that’s why.
    You’d be hard put to beat sports casual.

    • JTR69 says:

      You could buy white sports socks with twin cadet stripes in Holden’s or whatever it was called.

  14. Local Eye says:

    I just lost the will to live.

  15. penarthblog says:

    There’s room in the town for all kinds of businesses, top and lower range, it all adds to variety. In the end the customer as always will decide. Good luck/pob lwc.

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