This flowering cherry tree is in now full bloom on Plymouth Road …but for how much longer?

All the candidates standing for election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council in next month’s local government elections are being challenged by Penarth Civic Society to declare whether or not they support the “care and maintenance of Penarth’s tree canopy – in particular street trees”.

James Long RIBA – chairman of the Penarth Civic Society

The letter is being sent to each of the candidates by the chairman of Penarth Civic Society James Long who says the preservation and maintenance of street trees is one of the Society’s main concerns.

Mr Long then plans to publish the replies he receives in The Penarth Times – although apparently not all Vale Council candidates have yet have received copies of the letter

Mr Long’s letter  does not make it clear whether the views of candidates standing for Penarth Town Council – which slashed its tree budget by 60% for the current financial year – are also to be solicited.

The Labour-run Penarth Town Council –  had originally set itself an annual budget of £7,500 for looking after the trees in the town for which it is responsible . That figure was reduced in December to just £3,000 despite  the fact that in October 2015 – when quotations for professional treeworks were obtained – quotations  came in at between £5,250 to £5,922 .


This Penarth Council tree blocked the main road . Another trunk nearby had to be felled.

This Penarth Council tree blocked St Augstine’s Place North. Another trunk nearby had to be felled.

The Penarth Town Council Tree Budget is meant to cover trees at the Kymin, the grounds of West House and  places like the St Augustine’s Triangle – where a large tree collapsed in July 2015. Removing that huge tree at St Augustine’s cost the council an unexpected £1,012 and it remains unclear as to whether  costs were recovered from insurers.

Penarth Council’s tree budget for 2017/18 has now been set at only £3,000 -taking a gamble than  far fewer of the trees are going to need attention in the current financial year. The council believes it will only need to spend £200 .


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  1. penarthblog says:

    I seem to recall a survey many years ago that suggested that lots of trees, parks, streams and rivers in an area improved people’s general health, promoted a sense of identity and safety.

    • sep says:

      They do look lovely on the lower half of Plymouth Road but if you try walking up to town I defy anyone to look up and appreciate the trees – too busy looking where they put their feet. I suspect they only improve health and wellbeing when they don’t cause people to fall over due to the roots having wrecked the pavements or their fallen leaves getting slippery or when they block the light or crash to the ground in high winds.

  2. penarthblog says:

    It’s possible to be aware of and to appreciate trees without actually looking at them as for the general state of pavements, yes trees contribute to upheaval of pavements, but there are areas without trees where the pavements are in dire need of action, Upper Glebe Street, Windsor Road in Cogan are just a couple of 3xamples. So I believe that trees and the other things I’ve mentioned, on balance, do contribute to a feeling of well being.

  3. MrTea says:

    Well done Penarth Civic Society. This is vitally important to quality of life in Penarth. It affects the whole atmosphere of an area or street as well as providing a habitat. I’ll look out for the replies.

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