The Mayor of Penarth (pictured here in 2016) closed the 5 year period of office of the present Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council at last night’s meeting. The new council will be elected on May 4th .

Presiding over the last meeting of the present Penarth Town Council – the Mayor of Penarth, Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines), last night paid tribute to departing councillors and reviewed the performance of the Labour-run council over its unexpected 5 year stint in power.

The council was in fact elected in 2012 to serve for 4 years but its term of office was arbitrarily extended to 2017 – without any public mandate –  because of the Welsh Labour Government’s chaotic and abortive  proposals  for local authority mergers (mergers which in the end had to be scrapped).

Cllr Mike Cuddy Mayior of Penarth and Leader of Penarth Town Council

As he closed the council’s final meeting  [prior to May 4th’s local government elections] the Mayor said ” It behoves me to  say a few words. Some of our members are  obviously not standing again “

Cllr Cuddy thanked departing councillors Janice Birch (Labour Stanwell) ,Tracey Alexander (Labour Cornerswell – Deputy Mayor of Penarth) and Rosemary Cook  for her “sterling efforts”  as Mayor the previous year “in promoting the town and the role of Town Mayor and making lots of money for charity” . [Profiles of the departing councillors appeared on PDN at

Cllr Amber Courtney (Labour Stanwell) rarely turned up for council meetings

He also thanked the remaining councillors who would be standing again for re-election to the council in May except for Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) who is not seeking re-election to Penarth Town Council.

No mention was made either of Cllr Amber Courtney (Labour Cornerswell) who  failed to attend the vast majority of council and committee meetings  throughout the 5 year term and who was not to be seen at last night’s final meeting.

Cllr Cuddy thought that during the last 5 years Penarth Council had “progressed – perhaps not as much as  we had hoped – but I think we’ve put down the foundations which our successor can build upon.”

He formally thanked the two political parties [ Labour and Conservative] saying “I think we’ve worked very well in achieving our objectives, projects and all other activities”. At this point Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) interjected to remind Cllr Cuddy of the forthcoming Penarth Picnic on April 29th .

Some of the members of Penarth Council staff pose with Cllr Mike Cuddy Mayor of Penarth and Leader of the Council (centre) outside the council HQ at West House, Penarth

Cllr Cuddy went on to thank the staff of the council. he said “It’s been a bit harder than we thought, a bit more friction in terms of our requirements , the way to treat existing staff properly and to recruit others ” . He said the process had taken “longer than we thought” but felt the council had now arrived “at a good place where the staff were visibly working cohesively”. Cllr Cuddy said “there are smiles on faces – even the ground-staff –  which is great – and they are proactive in offering councillors options for their objectives and vision”     

Cllr Cuddy said that in the council there was now a “mind-set that we can do things” and the profile of the council had been raised both to the public and to the “Welsh Government policy-makers” .

Penarth Council, he said, was now known as an “innovative town council  and I wish the next incumbents well on that journey”.


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  1. Thank goodness for the end of this very sorry chapter in the history of our special town by the sea- the I love ❤️ Penarth community group standing to account and protect the community interest in the pavilion and a proposed new integrated tourism vision may now have the right and proper chance of being sorted out.
    However, we don’t forget those that went before.
    Their current or past public official roles and duties and historical positions of what they did or didn’t do in the saga of the Penarth community pavilion and pier and PACL Ltd.
    We will await a response from HH Prince of Wales, the Earl of Plymouth Estates and others, good and very good that all together are better for Penarth united.

    • Will says:

      Don’t hold your breath with Prince Charlie, Nicki – indeed, I think you may be banging your head against a brick wall with the “Royals”. According to a Wales online report dated April 8, 2009 (see below), the Queen has pricked Tony Hazell’s name with a bodkin.
      They’re hardly going to turn on him now, are they?
      If I might make a suggestion, Nicki – less of your talk of “good and very good that all together are better for Penarth united” and a bit more research on what you’re up against.
      In this article, Tony Hazell speaks of being good friends with Roy Noble, making himself available to any local organisation and displaying a commitment to public service.
      Isn’t it interesting, how the world works?

      (starts here)
      THE new High Sheriff of South Glamorgan will be sworn into office tonight with Tony Hazell promising to make the role a high-profile one during his year in office.
      Professor Hazell, chairman of the Nursing and Midwifery Council and a former chairman of Velindre NHS Trust, will be installed in a ceremony at the Senedd tonight before the Recorder of Cardiff.
      The 62-year-old, whose responsibility will involve meeting High Court judges when they are in the region, hopes to become a well-known face as he carries out his role, beginning with his swearing-in today.
      “My very good friend Roy Noble will be at the ceremony so hopefully there should be some media interest,” he said.
      “I think increasingly people really do try to use the 12 months constructively, visiting community projects and schools, supporting local events and raising money.
      “You make yourself available to any local organisation. It is really up to each High Sheriff.”
      Prof Hazell, who was also assistant principal at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, was selected for the historic role by the Privy Council, his appointment being sealed by the traditional method of the Queen pricking his name with a bodkin point.
      The office is at least 1,000 years old in Wales and England, and has its roots in Saxon times.
      Among the key duties are attending royal visits to the county and acting as Returning Officer for parliamentary elections in county constituencies.
      Prof Hazell added: “I’ve had a fairly long career both in academia and public service.
      “I was chairman of Velindre NHS Trust and I’ve been on other public bodies, and I suppose it was felt that somebody who has displayed a commitment to public service is the sort of person who could take on such a role.”

      • Ern Est says:

        I, for one, am glad that Professor Anthony’s Hazell illustrious career has been laid bare for all to see.
        I have long thought it important to show due reverence to a man such as this, a former royal servant, a pillar of society, a veritable rock of the community.
        Humble as I am – not fit to lick the boots of Prof Hazell – I would like to state you will not find me asking where the £4.2million quid went or why there are no accounts available.
        Every time I am fortunate enough to share a pavement with this man, I tug my forelock.

      • Will

        Simply, from the start back in September 2016 having organised pro bono a small fund raising event for Marie Curie in the pavilion cinema, and have it cancelled 2 weeks out, despite confirmation, I believe “we” needed to understand why. It cost money and time to sort it out but importantly the event went on thanks to all saints church offering their venue.
        Dr Sandy Clein, Kevin, initial volunteers all want to understand why in the pavilion for example the management spent only £56 as quoted from the total budget allocated on marketing; why clients offering to pay for the hire of the venue are turned away. It just doesn’t made sense. Andrew who started the online petition has excellently researched the issues, much better than I could have.

        Will, we simply don’t know who can unravel the situation and get questions answered for the residents and interested public. To help all learn and fundamentally, help the pavilion and cinema to open again and run successfully, for the benefit of the whole community based on best practise.

      • There are many people in Penarth, new here, as well as born and educated here; very very well academically qualified, holding positions of importance past and present dedicating their time to public service and able to take on such duties Will, wouldn’t you agree? Yes it’s very interesting to see how different parts of the world operate including in Penarth and Wales. Would make for an interesting article by someone.

    • RetailGuru says:

      Go Nicki, I wish you made any sense at all. My heart sinks whenever I see a post from you, your grammar is appalling and it’s a marathon to get through any of your posts. Doesn’t say a lot for a supposed PR expert does it?

    • snoggerdog says:

      are you any relation to STANLEY UNWIN may i enquire?

      • Philip Rapier says:

        Oh! Deep Joy that in Holiday Time hilaritiverbyness for suggestimode we translatify from Unwinese which I explicificate from the worms of wisdy in Unipaedia comertle pages of Wikipaedia on the global webnormous of our dear departed friendie Stanley Unwin


        “The inspirale for the developmend of Unwinese did come from many many sourcey. The firlst being the expressimode of his motherly that she had “falolloped’ in front of a tram and grazed her ‘kneeclappers”, after young Stan made quibblode and questy that fallollop be nockers a proper verby of the fundermold of the Basic Engly Twentyfido, she did answerforth that it must be one, otherwide she could not be say’d of it. He beed also inspirode by the workings of Lewis Carroll and nunsends poet Edward Lear.

        Unwin developode his talend for distorty corruptatious of the Basic Engly Twentyfido while telly once upon a polly titos to the childers of his own at bedley time in the evelode, indeedy ho.”

        With much gratimold to Wikipaedia

        Happy Easter and Deep Joy to All

      • 92 and a misanthropic moth says:

        Nicki Page and Philip Rapier’s posts have worn me out.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Five years and what progress for the town plan? They managed to install some signposts and one useless concrete bench plus one £100k bunker, with the assistance of their non elected crony momentum group . It would take too long to list their failings. The saddest is to preside over the removal of closer’s on our town centre roundabout to save a few quid while we’ve seen our council tax soar. Time they had some opposition and a wake up call….

    • Anne they were proud of their tourism strategy which when I asked was new park benches. I was thinking like Dubai thinks as having been with them for so long possibility thinking rubs off – we can do better than that in I love ❤️ Penarth campaign

      • Mervyn says:

        For crying out loud. Disgusting Dubai – magnet for chavs and wannabes – a role model for Penarth? Over my dead body.

      • LJS says:

        Agree with Merv…. Dubai is of no interest to me and not a place Penarth needs to copy. Consumerism, sexism, slavery and lack of freedom.

      • You misunderstand – it’s about how to think ‘possibilities’ Oman, Maldives others know how to do it – Penarth can learn

      • I think you misunderstand. I am talking about a mindset – one of possibility – which if you look, you can see in well executed strategies all over the world and in the UK for counties, regions, even little towns like Penarth. Not every town is as fortunate as us to have such a fantastic historical pavilion, seafront, parks, yaught club and pier. That is frankly what all this effort is about. To ensure we protect those assets for the community for ourselves and future generations and hence support the brand equity of Penarth.

  3. Gauntlet is down from I love ❤️ Penarth people community group v politicians wanting our vote

    We the people who love ❤️ Penarth the pavilion, pier and most people, invite all political candidates wanting a seat on the new Penarth or Vale Council with something sensible and commitments that mean something to say, re our pavilion and potential of our town, to address the I love ❤️ Penarth community. 1 meeting, 3 minutes per candidate or the buzzer.

    Open town meeting doors open 6pm starts at 7 pm
    Wednesday 19th April 2017
    Trinity Methodist church, Penarth – i will confirm today with the new very very supportive and lovely revd Phil and the Chaplin from llandough hospital, who is very much with us and will help me moderate –

    if you candidates want our votes we demand answers and commitments: forget the flannel we don’t have time. Open mic session to the floor. I will bring the media: the Clerk of Penarth can I suggest consolidate all pitches onto 1 A4 sheet summarising their pledge to the people and community if elected and how and when they will do it

    I will invit the media. I and the lovers of Penarth executive will be there and we hope the town to show they really care

    A new way for Penarth
    As transparent and all together we are better.

    No lobbying allowed of I love executives voted in by two sos meetings in penarth.
    Queries addressed via this open blog

    As the vale and Penarth council has forbidden any of our sos posters to go into any public building even the library by what authority I don’t know – the media is being relied on and word of mouth 👄

    • Jonny says:

      First meeting: attendance 170
      Second meeting: attendance 30
      Third meeting: attendance ?

      • There seems to be varying figures from various people on numbers attending the meetings in the pilot, the scout hall and all saints church.
        It’s clear from Andrews survey the exact numbers signing are over 1600
        All together with a full scout hall on meeting 1 and not as many meeting 2 that makes for a lot of public support.

        Running grass roots campaigns takes considerable investment in time and money I have found. I have done both as far as I am able with others who have given their time pro bono like me: to professionally design and print posters, banners, t shirts and stickers and latterly to offer to spend time distributing them, researching, talking to people in Penarth.

        Penarth responds to TV news coverage on the issue, press editorial, 1000 posters and stickers put up in Penarth and Cardiff. Emails, social media. That level of promotion which took some time to develop drew a full scout hall

        Johnny, do feel free to organise the third meeting now its been agreed we should wait post election to allow the new candidates an opportunity to share their plans for the Pavilion. Please let me have your contact details so Kevin, Sandy myself and others can brief you no problem.


  4. Abigail says:

    Bless the lot of them. The retro tint on the second of the larger images is curiously touching – like the cast of a Bergerac episode.

  5. Rather Stay Anonymous says:

    Penarth Town Council were by FAR the most difficult Council my organisation dealt with last year and we worked with a lot during that time. Completely ignored my attempts to contact them afterwards as well even though that’s what they wanted us to do after the meeting. I could say a lot more, but really can’t be bothered to get frustrated because of them again. But put it this way, EVERY other Council listened and supported, all that is except Penarth.

  6. RetailGuru says:

    An absolute joke, the council are deluding themselves. I would like to say though that the previous Mayor Rosemary was a real credit, always out and about talking to people and shopping in local businesses. The Cuddy Mayor was never to be seen. Poor show all round.

  7. The Dairy Farmer says:

    I thought Ms,Page had stood down from the I love Penarth campaign. I was told it was now in the hands of one of the candidates standing for local elections. Has Ms Page had a sudden resurrection? Well it is the season!

    The second meeting was beyond daft – Jamie Baluch said he loved Penarth – why he was only here a couple of weeks ago for the meal at James Summerin’s – so that’s great isn’t it.

    Nicki Page – your previous supporters well turned against you at the second meeting, they said you talk the talk and tell everyone how wonderful you were when you were in Dubai, but you don’t have a hope of sorting out the mess at the the Pavillion.

    Hear it first here you are never going to be the CEO of PACL,if that’s what you are aiming for – wise up it isn’t going to happen.

    I know people keep asking so I will join the queue, can you tell PDN once and for all what happened to the monies raised from all your dinner/extravaganzas at the Dorchester Hotel in London and the St Davids Hotel – why is there only £1100 in the account to built a new women’s gynaecology cancer unit. Where is it and where the money ?
    Stop messing about and answer the question?

    • LJS says:

      Nicki will have to pay people to attend. Nicki…. Please find a new cause and leave Penarth alone.

    • Dairy Farmer who ever you are – do let us know your contact details and name – we can certainly meet so we can clarify some of your comments. It’s much easier to communicate when one knows who it is behind anonymous posts

      I share experience of successful destinations with iconic tourism landmarks that I have enjoyed working for and learnt professionally and personally from, like them or not: destinations that have had great success against the objectives they the Government or tourism bodies set for their destination. Learnings can be helpful to others including Penarth. Everyone can share ideas.
      Re a role with PACL Ltd. I have absolutely no interest in the organisation as an employer.

      All work with clients is their business regardless that I have done that for all of them you mention pro bono. I received no fees, or compensation at all from anyone for the charity work completed. I have underwritten personally additional charity needs and paid to help opportunities happen FYI

      Finally if after 7 months of campaigning individual candidates do not return calls or provide media with quotes or return emails ( following commitment to do that), for many many days after follow up, then the campaign needs to be carried forward not just left hanging. Many volunteers that came to the meeting have continued to hence drive things forward which is great.

  8. LJS says:

    I agree with The Dairy Farmer. Nicki ignores the question of the missing £££thousands. I am of the opinion that she passed the baton of SOS Penarth to Victoria Humphries. Nicki did this very publicly and in her usual way loudly and without finesse.

    • LJS who ever you are I with other volunteers are happy to meet and discuss your comment no problem

      • Tom S says:

        I was at the circus that was called a second meeting, there was only 30 people who attended. Ms Page had no plan of action. A poor mans Colin Jackson spoke about rubbish. Ms Page spoke about herself and her so called “PR Empire”. Ms Page was questioned regarding her proactivity, where upon she shouted down the lady and went into attack mode. The whole thing was a joke.

  9. Following meetings in Penarth with supporters of I love Penarth this afternoon and concern that councillors would not show at a public meeting this near to elections, when some have not even returned calls or followed through on commitments to us in the recent past, it was decided to wait until post local election and then organise the meeting so we are clear who was elected and on what mandate. This also gives more time for production and printing of posters advertising the meeting due to key printers being closed until Tuesday and many away on holiday. social media plus 1000 posters hand delivered with pr TV and press editorial produced 220 attendees at first sos meeting – 50 posters and social media produced 50 attendees at the second meeting FYI Penarth responds to posters
    I would like to thank all those who have signed the petition and attended the open public gatherings and to assure supporters we will continue to lobby once May and the new council is working

  10. Clive says:

    Penarth’s cameo on “Decline and Fall” showed a worrying prescience …………

  11. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Sorry Ms Page I don’t have time to meet and listen to anymore of your PR nonsense. I’m busy running a farm – that’s whey I’m called Dairy Farmer – get it? Surely you can answer on this forum the questions put to you about charity money raised and where is the unit at Velindre Hospital you promised? I don’t have the luxury of joining you in the Busy Teapot, of wherever international headquarters is this week, I just want simple answers to simple questions

  12. mathematician says:

    Nicki – I can confirm that there were 30 people at your meeting in All Saints Church last week .- how do I know – cause I counted them in and I counted them out, so how you got to 50, heaven knows ! Haha good joke eh hhahaha

  13. Dolly says:

    Further to earlier reply Mathematician do you know Is Vikki Humphries running 1 love Penarth or Nicky Paige – someone said it was Vikki ? Confused

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