Graffiti on a newly whitewashed garage wall

South Wales Police have officially notified Penarth Town Council that  a “local graffiti artist” has been arrested – but it now appears the local force has much bigger challenges on its hands as ritual Saturday night gang fights re-emerge in Penarth.

Police had issued a public appeal for help in identifying people whose images had been captures on CCTV in a back lane adjacent to Victoria Garage off Redlands Road.

Inspector Gary Smart of South Wales Police

Inspector Gary Smart – who is in charge of Penarth Police station [a.k.a. the South Wales Police Eastern Vale Operational HQ] has informed the Town Clerk Emma Boyden of the arrest and has told her that moves are being made to have the vandalised areas “cleaned up by the perpetrators”.

Inspector Smart has also apologised to Penarth Council for being unable to attend last night’s full council meeting (the last of the present council) and also for being unable to supply Penarth Town Council with a full set of the local  crime statistics for the past two months – which is normally supplied to such meetings.

He has asked any councillors with specific queries to contact him direct.

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell)

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell Ward)  said “Clearly I’m very delighted that this person has been arrested . I know it’s caused a lot of havoc in Penarth. “ Cllr Wilson said he hoped this arrest would “send a positive message to other people” making it clear that “graffiti is criminal damage ” and although there were some who thought it was ” “art” in quotation marks” – some people carrying out “tagging” were indulging in anti-social behaviour.  It was good that they were being made to clean up their “work”. The Vale Council, he  said,  had a good reputation for tackling graffiti and he had personally witnessed the efforts made by the youth offending team in carrying out such clean-ups.

Cllr Clive Williams Leader of Penarth First Independents

Cllr Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward) reminded councillors that there had been criminal damage at the cricket pitch [ Penarth Athletic Ground] about two months ago and this had been followed by “a physical attack” at Penarth Railway Station .

The window of this car was one of 4  smashed in Westbourne Road

Cllr Williams said that last week 4 car windows had been smashed at the top of Westbourne Road and then on Saturday night 2 people had been taken to hospital after what he described as “another fracas – again down at the Athletic Ground”.  

Cllr Williams said he was pointing these incidents out because three or four of these cases had happened on Vale of Glamorgan Council property. He wanted to know whether there was any evidence that these cases were linked – and whether there were “influences from outside the area”.

Cllr Williams said he had heard various rumous of people coming over from Cardiff Bay specifically to have fights. He had heard reports that some of the people involved had “had hammers in their hands”.  “This” – Cllr Williams said ” is dangerous stuff”.  If these incidents had occurred over a two month period Cllr Williams said  he wanted to know if they were linked.

The Mayor Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) – in the chair –  said “the question of  people coming into the area has been dealt with in the past quite well”.

The Town Clerk said she would ask Inspector Smart (who was not present at the meeting) what intelligence he had on these incidents .

Meanwhile South Wales Police  have – belatedly – confirmed  that they were called to deal with a “disturbance involving a number of youths in Lavernock Road at around 10pm on Saturday, April 8.”

The old Penarthians Rugby Club at the Cwrt Y Vil recreation ground off Lavernock Road where the violent attack is said to have taken place last Saturday night . The area is not gated or closed at night.

The incident is said to have happend near the Old Penarthians Rugby Club at the Cwrt y Vil recreation ground off Lavernock Road and police say an alleged assault on two youths is being investigated.

The Welsh Ambulance Service said an emergency ambulance was dispatched to Lavernock Road, Penarth on Saturday night and “two patients were taken to the University Hospital of Wales .”

Police are appealing to anyone with information to contact them by calling on 101 quoting reference 1700133036


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  1. Sarah JBW says:

    Having been one of the recipients of the graffiti, I have a personal perspective about this. The police have been very attentive. I have had personal visits (as have my neighbours) and several communications by text. They have achieved a good result. A job well done.

  2. Jim says:

    They took their time but once they swung into action, they took ’em down.
    And there I was thinking I was living on the set of Hot Fuzz.

  3. Watchful eye says:

    The ‘word on the street’ is that the youths said to be wielding the hammers are not penarth residents and are from a surrounding area- think we can all guess which area.

  4. Ann Other says:

    Why do the police call him a ‘local graffiti artist’? Rather polite if you ask me. What about a local vandal or a local half-wit?

  5. flower says:

    Thank you Clive Williams for raising this questions and for highlighting the problem of Graffiti in Penarth . Wish you represented St Augustines .

  6. JTR69 says:

    They must be made to personally remove all graffiti with a toothbrush until they have bleeding fingers etc..

  7. Peter Church says:

    You need DCI Jeremy Corbyn on the case!!

    He leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of the truth, no matter where it takes him.

    I for one am glad that the supreme dear leader of the Labour Party finds time for such things.

  8. Penileaks says:

    People getting attacked with hammers at The Old Pens Rugby Club, is not the only incident of it’s type in Penarth recently.
    I believe that there was also a recent attack in the playing area at Paget Road that resulted in some Penarth lads being attacked by ‘outsiders’, who hit them with belts and stole their phones and a wallet.
    I can’t be certain that it was reported, but as there was assault and theft involved, I imagine that it was, but there appears to be no comment from the police and therefore few are aware of it.
    Is there a cover up happening here because many, if not all of these incidents are racially sensitive because of the ‘visitors’ involved ?

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