There has been “strong support from the local community” for Penarth’s newest retailer.

Penarth’s newest retailer Edinburgh Woollen Mill has enjoyed a busy first day of trading in its new shop in Windsor Road.

The store opened yesterday – Good Friday – and was reported to be busy all day with many customers taking advantage of its launch offers and early giveaways.

The rear entrance on Ludlow Lane has been retained – giving the new store two shopfronts

The premises – formerly those of Holder’s Menswear – have undergone a complete internal and external makeover –  to be ready in time for the Easter weekend.

The entire re-fit and redecoration of the store  – which has completely transformed the look of the premises and given it a much brighter and livelier feel –  was all done and dusted within just 14 days flat.

Hundreds of customers have called in to the new store on its first trading day. Staff said there had been “lots of support  from the local community”  and high “footfall”  [i.e – a lot of people visiting the store]  .




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  1. BigPooPski says:

    Glad I never went up there it looks packed.

  2. Plainjane says:

    Yuk -As someone in their ‘demographic can’t think of any reason why I would go in there let alone buy anything -looks Awful. Real shame it wasn’t Peacocks

    • RetailGuru says:

      Hey Jane, you can buy lots of cheap Peacocks tat in Barry town centre. And then you can chuck it away when it shrinks in the wash, like everyone else does!

      • Sam says:

        I hardly think EWM is the height of sartorial quality, RetailGuru.
        There’s a sign there ‘Knitwear £16’ – I’m no Lord Fauntleroy but I didn’t know jumpers came that cheap. Is Peacocks a million miles away from that on prices?
        I agree with Plainjane about Peacocks. I didn’t know people still wore the stuff in these pictures though I suppose you might see it in “The Gardens” or a National Trust café.
        What a shame that lovely retro shop furniture was ripped out to be replaced by el cheapo wavy racks and a sign saying ‘Country Rose’.

  3. JTR69 says:

    No naked flames please.

  4. AK says:

    Nice and cosy sitting here at the breakfast table, wearing my chunky EWM wooly jumper.

    Such snobs on the forum these days; what we wear, where we live and what we eat offends them.

  5. Tim Hughes says:

    Shame Normandie can’t be spruced up that quick.

    • James says:

      Don’t encourage them – or it’ll be goodbye Bath stone, sashes, fireplaces, mosaic tiles and pitch pine floorboards, and hello painted sills, uPVC windows, underfloor heating, laminate flooring and a composite front door with slate chippings in the garden.

      • 92 and a social butterfly says:

        The fireplaces, floorboards and mosaic tiles are long gone, I remember the days of steamer trunks.

  6. Chris David says:

    Do they have an EWM in Hornfleur now then? They wont have a Peacocks heh.

  7. sjleworthy says:

    My wife thought it a very nice shop, buying a spring yellow sweater. Long my it last.

  8. Simon says:

    Imagine having to blow all those balloons up for the welcoming archway and then only a handful of people turn up.

  9. I’m very sad to see this shop open. Part of the charm of Penarth’s Town Centre is that there most shops are local businesses. Having this store open makes it just a bit more like any other town centre. A very sad day as far as I’m concerned.

    Regarding the Peacocks debate. I’m sure the young people in Penarth would have preferred a Peacocks. They may be cheap but their clothes last well after one gets fed up with them and it would be good to encourage younger visitors to Penarth. We cannot rely on ageing and therefore declining visitors.

    No more national chains in Penarth please.

    • Graydon says:

      I can’t see it lasting.

      • JTR69 says:

        The owner of EWM and Peacocks owns half of Marine Parade. this is a Trophy Store and won’t need to make money. EWM – LONDON PARIS PENARTH

    • penarthblog says:

      I fully understand what you are saying, but market forces drive things like this and yes a local independent trader would be ideal, but we are where we are. It terms of variety of shops, Penarth is better than many other towns of a similar size elsewhere in the UK.

    • Chris David says:

      I’m not at all sure that Peacocks is the shop for young people!! Cmon- they have style and taste. It has a market and RetG tells us there is one in Barry so obviously EWM should come to Penarth and give us more options. On the question of cost- My old Rohan bought in the 80’s- washable 3 button smart casual travel jacket is still alive and looking good today.
      Its worked out at < £7 a year so far and after a bit of a chunk up front 30 odd years ago- That's not expensive is it?

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      Perhaps the newly elected Town Council could promote independents and a good mix of business.

  10. Mgg says:

    I went in there for a golf jumper .not good quality as they had a hole in one!!

  11. Peter Church says:

    “THE millionaire owner of a Scots knitwear firm has come under fire over his company’s “derisory” offer to the families of workers who died in a Bangladeshi factory fire.
    It is alleged that Edinburgh Woollen Mill, led by boss Philip Day, offered around £9000 – that works out at just £80.35 for each of the 112 workers who died.”

    “Garments labelled “Designed in Scotland” and sold by a UK high street chain are being made by North Korean labour in Mongolian factories, the BBC’s Newsnight programme has found.
    Newsnight discovered that some cashmere jumpers sold by Edinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) are made in a factory where 80 of the workers are from North Korea.”

    And there was me thinking the jumpers were made in bonny Scotland, next thing you’ll tell me the car our First Minister is driven around in isn’t made in Wales!

    • Eva says:

      Taste debates aside, I wouldn’t cross the threshold anyway after googling EWM owner Philip Day and reading about Gelt Woods in Cumbria. 😦

    • Mr Day currently quietly lives in sunny, tax free Dubai. I have asked him however via his office to meet, so he could be a patron to help save the pavilion and arts cinema for us and future generations. Why – because it’s the right thing to do as a new substantial businessman in Penarth.

      Let his local shop become a champion – 5 percent of profits into the I love Penarth pier campaign pot held in a Penarth bank for community craft and art support projects.

      Let his wool empire provide free wool to those seniors knitting in Penarth for oxfam where they are buying the wool for blankets and then oxfam selling them for 40 pounds each at festivals and, Welsh lovelies in the valleys knitting to get themselves some much needed income. Let his Holm House hotel provide their facilities for a Penarth wellbeing festival in partnership with the pavilion and Turner House Gallery: we have an idea for that – put a marquee up in the gardens if the property at their cost to help. The GM wants to help and sees it as adding value to the property which it will do.

      It’s easy taking from communities – giving from the heart ❤️- corporate social responsibility is vital however

      Do that Mr Day and you will make my day. Steve your commercial man who is buying up Penarth real estate for your development division can liaise no problem? Or the new regional manager of Edinburgh Wool shops better I think . I will pop up and have a word with her to follow up with your PA as I have had no response yet. Happy Easter in Dubai – for many another hot, long, working day. For others just another hot, blue sky day.

      • Chris David says:

        Why would you support as big business like Oxfam? They employ quote a few directors that can afford to live in Dubai on their Oxfam salaries- ask Mr S Doughty!. EWM pays proper business rates for starters- oh and pay their shop staff !. Would be nice if they support Penarth over and above but lets have a level playing field.

      • OLD PENARTHIAN. says:

        Yes Nicki ” because its the right thing to do ” rich words. How about you despite many requests revealing the cash figure you have collected. Why? Because in your own words its the right thing to do. Hot Air Blue sky, Dubai is calling Nicki. One way.

      • I have found providing pro bono support, and through partnerships working with others, business relationships are developed and the media cover the story if it’s news worthy so raising awareness to specific target audiences – you may want to read up on how PR can be utilised as part of marketing campaigns or I can share with you Old Penarthian. But I don’t know who you are

  12. Chris David says:

    Ahh no- they’ve taken independence. So where’s the Tweed manufactured and assembled then?

  13. Robin Lynn says:

    Why are they using UKIP balloons?

  14. Local Eye says:

    Well I bought a Large polo shirt from EWM in Cardiff and it was a bit big. One wash though
    and it fitted perfectly. Result! It will be off to the nearest charity shop after a second wash.
    Good things happen when you pay £8 for cheap tat.

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