Long lines of rubbish bags have been left to decorate the pavements of Penarth – as here in Plassey Street –  over the Easter weekend

Hundreds of bags of rubbish left out for collection at the Easter weekend have remained uncollected across Penarth as confusion reigns – yet again – on which day is the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council’s bin-day.

Many householders expecting bags to be collected  as normal on Friday found he bags were all left in situ lining the pavements overnight.

The Vale of Glamorgan’s on-line refuse collection calendar seems fit only to be consigned to the recycling bags. Refuse supposed to be picked up on April 15th wasn’t – and no one seems to know what those square brackets mean – but there’s another set of them coming up on April 22nd

The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s delphic on-line collections calendar seems to indicate the rubbish should have been collected – if not on Good Friday –  then yesterday April 15th – but it wasn’t.

Normally when the Vale of Glamorgan’s refuse collection day falls on a Bank Holiday – the waste is collected the next day . But Good Friday isn’t a Bank Holiday  – at least it wasn’t for people who actually work in banks – and the refuse remained uncollected yesterday, Easter Saturday, which isn’t an official holiday.

Refuse left uncollected in Plassey St yesterday evening.

Long lines of bags of waste were left on pavements across Penarth – including Plassey St where householders now leave their rubbish out –  more in hope than in expectation that it will actually be picked up eventually, 0ne day.

Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines) Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council went on Twitter to accuse “some Penarth people” of “ missing”  the Vale Council’s refuse collection date-changes for the Easter period

On Good Friday  Cllr Lis Burnett [who has now quit Penarth Town Council but is hoping to be elected to the Vale Council in Penarth’s Stanwell Ward ]  appeared to blaming the “some Penarth people” for having missed what she called “the Bank Holiday waste collection changes” .

On Twitter Cllr Lis Burnett (Labour St Augustines – who is now hoping to be elected as a Vale Councillor in Stanwell Ward on May 4th – roundly blamed the people of Penarth for not keeping up to date on the Vale Council’s refuse collection changes. Her missive didn’t explain why Friday’s refuse wasn’t collected on Saturday .

Her Twitter message to her former constituents in Penarth failed to explain however why Friday’s postponed bin collection didn’t take place on Saturday as it was apparently supposed to.



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  1. AK says:

    There is a advertisement in the Penarth Times giving the revised collection days, this weekend and next weekend.

    Or just be like the Bridge Street flats in Cogan and put the rubbish out a week in advance and no-one cares.

    Happy Easter

    • Plainjane says:

      The point being that recycling was not collected on the revised date as stated on their website i.e. Yesterday – it’s still outside this morning

    • Philip Rapier says:

      . The Vale reliably collected the Peoples Rubbish from my Commune on Saturday. Policy is every bit as reliable as N. Korea- no ” misinformation” ever on the Peoples Glorious Twitter. Sincerely yours Kim Il Sung

  2. Just to let you know one of the people collecting our rubbish is a woman.

    • Alun says:

      I don’t really mind what gender collects the rubbish, even an alien would be fine as long as it’s collected on the date stated!

    • Fishhenge says:

      A proper woman or one of those transgender ones?

  3. Brickie says:

    We had recycling collected yesterday, but food waste still awaiting collection. Very disappointing.

  4. Bernard says:

    “The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s delphic on-line collections calendar”
    Word of the day: Delphic 🙂

  5. 249ers says:

    I found the Council timetable ambiguous too. I read it as black bags moved to Saturday but the recycling would be as normal. I was wrong! I had decided to leave everything out for collection on Friday with a hope it would all be gone by Saturday.
    All our rubbish was collected on Saturday morning.
    I thought Good Friday was a Bank Holiday.

  6. There’s some confusion here.
    The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is Holy Saturday -
    The Saturday after Easter is Easter Saturday –

  7. sjleworthy says:

    Salop place/bromfield was collected. Garden waste this morning.

  8. keith stevens says:

    We had a collection for Green Bins this morning – EASTER SUNDAY
    (so much for a Holy Holiday) – So would that mean the collectors are on bonus time ?
    no wonder the council have no money ????

  9. Local Eye says:

    I don`t why people get their knickers in a twist over green bags, black bags, blue
    bags or whatever as my wife has it all under control. As Nicki Page pointed out it
    takes a women to sort the rubbish out.

  10. Brickie says:

    Now been collected. Hard luck to those who brought their bins back inside though

  11. penarthblog says:

    I can’t see anything confusing on the VOG website, it’s very clear.

    • 249ers says:

      When I went to my individual page by putting in my post code and selecting my address the information had not been updated – collection Friday. Go to the calendar collection Saturday. I considered that to be ambiguous and opted for leave out Friday with fingers crossed for Saturday.

    • PR says:

      No it wasn’t clear. It says everything is always collected on Friday except for black bags and garden waste on the days mentioned – nothing about recycling. As usual, people poked their heads out of the front door at 11pm and see what the neighbours have done. And for Lis Burnett and others to blame people for not understanding an unclear statement shows amazing arrogance.

  12. Grey local says:

    The notice in th PT said Fridays rubbish to be collected on Saturday but it wasn’t. It was done early this Sunday morning. As it’s a Sunday and BH as well presumably that means double time paywise

  13. Vorvox says:

    Black bags, blue bag recycling and green bin food waste collected on Easter Saturday, the 15th, as predicted by the on line information. This was a day later than the usual Friday collection day for Plymouth Road

  14. Peter Church says:

    Typical of Lis Burnett. She blames everyone except the money wasting council that decides to organise the collection based on the extra overtime that can be earned.
    Sod the Council Tax payers.

  15. snoggerdog says:

    garden waste collected (sun am)bradenham pl,church rd,not collected st augustine pl,windsor tce,queens rd,is it some sort of weird grid plan?

    Nope , looks like they’ve switched off — and are out to lunch once more at The Gravy Train Café .

  17. AK says:

    Different Council area (thank goodness) but there were THREE operatives in a truck going across the barrage today emptying the bins.

    One driving, one clambering out, and I presume the third must tick the ‘bins emptied’ checklist.

    Anywhere else in the world would be one bloke on a bike, towing a trailer.

  18. Ethel says:

    Seemed very clear to me.

  19. G Jones says:

    The Vales own page gave the wrong day!!!

  20. J24 says:

    If all we have to worry about is the fact that the bins are left for 24 hours longer than we thought, then I think we’ve got it pretty good

    • Daniel says:

      Who said that’s all we’ve got to worry about?
      1. destruction of Penarth’s architectural heritage such as Highlands and St Paul’s, the town’s trees and lamp posts disappearing like billy-o.
      2. the endless development of the town, including the Northcliffe proposals…leading to…
      3. more cars…leading to…
      4. increased demand for parking, and increased congestion…leading to…
      5. escalating pollution…also caused by…
      6. the proposed “health hub” at Cogan
      7. PACL destroying the future of the pier and not being held accountable
      8. the apparent reluctance for an inquiry into where £4.2million of public money went on pier cinema now closed
      9. The lack of respect for wildlife illustrated by constant threat of boorish suggestions such as commercialisation of Cosmeston
      10. The apparent ‘closed shop’ mentality of Labour councillors on Penarth town council.

  21. snoggerdog says:

    just shut it you lot,& pay your council tax on time.

    • PR says:

      I see the vote labour signs have started to appear now in preparation for the election. Pity they are swamped by all the For Sale signs on the houses as people who can afford it move somewhere else and leave the Labour fiefdom to slowly sink. I wonder who is going to pay for all those nonsense schemes when everyone has gone.

  22. Gwilym Davies says:

    Am I the only person who thinks that Penarth has an increasingly serious problem with litter? The last year has seen it grown to absolutely shocking levels in many areas of the town. I moved here six years ago, and the place used to be spotless – but these days it looks increasingly like a favela dump. I believe the primary reason is that many people are still putting their mixed recycling out in the old council-issued green tubs – having lost the (flimsy) lids years ago. These tubs are tiny, usually overflowing, and totally unfit for purpose – especially since mixed recycling now far outweighs black-bin waste for most households. The slightest breeze then just blows the contents all over the place (and Penarth, being on a hill, is a pretty windy place).

    The council needs to enforce serious changes to the way mixed-recycling is left out – and come up with a decent answer to stop it blowing away. Once this is in place, and communicated, they should start issuing fines for people who leave open topped/overflowing recycling on the street.

    • Vicky M says:

      What lids are you talking about? The boxes issued by the council are open and if you want a net to put over the top you have to pay for it. I’ve already had a few green boxes go missing (possibly stolen?) so I am not going to pay for a net only to have that go missing too.

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