It looks like deja-vu all over again for Doughty: Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty will have a built-in advantage in the June 8th General Election because the new constituency boundaries will not have been introduced in time.

A Labour candidate – probably Stephen Doughty – is virtually certain to be re-elected for Cardiff South and Penarth in June –  as the poll will take place on the existing constituency boundaries.

Under changes which had been proposed by the Boundary Commission, the total number of MPs was to have been  cut from the present 650 to 600 and the Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency would have been scrapped.

Now there’s no time to bring in those changes before the General Election – which means the status-quo continues.

The present UK Parliamentary boundaries have Penarth within the Labour-dominated Cardiff South and Penarth constituency. The Boundary Commission had proposed placing Penarth in a new “Vale of Glamorgan East” constituency – but that change can’t be made before the June 8th election.

.The  Cardiff South and Penarth constituency was to have been got rid-of  to make way for a new “Cardiff South” constituency  – and Penarth was to have been be placed in a new constituency of “Vale of Glamorgan East”. 

PDN political sources say that can’t now happen before the June 8th General Election – meaning that the over-populated Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency – with its lop-sided built-in Labour majority  – will continue to exist – and Penarth will still be a part of it



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  1. I can only comment he has done nothing to help with the pavilion project despite me trying to simply get a meeting. He earns a lot through salary and expenses and should have acted

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    I hope not. Doughty has no record of doing anything positive for Penarth. He is vice president of the civic society yet never challenged their lack of commitment to conservation. He has been silent about the town councils use of secret committees to make decisions behind closed doors. Labour is split over Corbyn and down in the polls, Cardiff South is turning to Plaid so his chances may not be as great as you think!.

    • Blue says:

      This is a serious blow for the McEvoy faction. Many of his new supporters are pro-Brexit and Plaid’s pro-EU stance will alienate them from voting for him. The LibDems will hoover up a lot of the pro-EU votes as they get more media coverage than Plaid does. By the time May 4th arrives voters will be focused on the June 8th election and will have plumped for LIbDems, UKIP, Lab or Cons in the latter vote, and will likely cast their council vote for the same party.
      The last thing that’s McEvoy needs is Leanne Wood talking up the EU, but that is what he is going to get for the next fortnight. “Cardiff Plaid” are panicking right now – check out McEvoy’s Twitter – and I’d imagine that “unified” “Penarth Plaid” will be similarly flummoxed.
      It couldn’t have happened to a flakier bunch of bullying enthusiasts!

  3. RetailGuru says:

    Let’s have all of the candidates appear in a public meeting and have a Question Time. I’d attend.

  4. Geraint Jones (Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Plymouth ward) says:

    The General Election on 8 June is the perfect opportunity for the people of Penarth to send a loud and clear message to the government. The Welsh Liberal Democrats are the only party that will be campaigning on the basis of opposing a so-called hard Brexit and keeping our country open, tolerant and united. We are also standing candidates in the Cornerswell, Plymouth and St Augustines wards for the Vale of Glamorgan Council elections on 4 May, where we are campaigning on local issues such as traffic congestion, lack of available parking and the numerous potholes around town. If you, like us, believe that now is the time for positive change in Penarth, then vote for the Welsh Liberal Democrats on 4 May and 8 June.

    • PR says:

      So Mr Jones, you do support Brexit then just not a hard Brexit? Can you explain therefore what your actual policy is? I mean it’s all a bit vague isn’t it? I assume keeping the country open means an immigration policy, so what is it? United? So you oppose Scotland having the opportunity to leave the uk? How are you campaigning on those local issues? I haven’t seen much impact of your campaign though, unless you roam the streets painting yellow circles around pot holes? Positive Change is a lovely phrase, can you explain exactly what it means? The biggest change is that the electorate now is not willing to put up with wishy washy, say what you actually stand for and will actually do and you will win support (or not) Just opposing the other candidates isn’t going to cut it anymore.

      • Geraint Jones says:

        Hi PR, thanks for your question. Firstly, we campaigned hard to remain in the EU during the referendum but the British people voted to leave. We are now campaigning to remain in the single market and maintain close relations with the EU, as we believe this is vital for jobs in this country. We are also in favour of giving the British people a second referendum on the terms of any deal struck during the Brexit negotiations.

        With regards to local campaigning, we have been out and about speaking to Penarth residents over the last few weeks in order to establish what the local issues are. It is clear that people are eager for change and have been let down by both Labour and the Conservatives over many years. All of our candidates are local residents who want to make Penarth a better place to work, live and raise a family, and ensure that residents’ views and concerns are heard on the council.

  5. Tony Harris says:

    So are we to conclude that Welsh Conservatives are so useless that they can’t find a decent candidate to fight a General Election despite being 20 points ahead nationally. If that’s the case then we will have to put up with an even more inept Labour administration

    • PR says:

      Tony, probably yes. The other parties just don’t try too hard in Wales because no matter what we keep returning Labour to power instead of really examining what they have achieved. Wales is one on the poorest regions, why? Doughty hasn’t much for Penarth, why should we be surprised? Another Labour man of the working people who gets a nice salary and all the perks but doesn’t do much in return from what I can see. Like Vain Gething, I’m sure Mr Doughty will publish some selfies on twitter and in the Penarth Times showing us how he works “tirelessly” for the community but just ask for too many details.

  6. BluesMan says:

    I really hope this doesn’t happen! This is the chance for a change he has had his time and achieved very little.

  7. I hate everything to do with elections and referendums. I’m retiring from PDN and other news media until it’s all over.

  8. Peter Church says:

    Yes I will be voting for him and his inspiring leader 🙂

  9. Penarth Psephologist says:

    At the last general Election in 2015 Labour got 42.8%
    While the Conservative and UKIP combined got 40.6%
    Less than 1,000 votes in it.

    Plaid was in a very poor 4th place with 7%
    Libdems struggled to keep their deposit.

    It is not conceivable that UKIP’s role now will be taken over by Mrs May.
    Some of the many Labour Brexit supporters who find Doughty’s attitude to them condescending in the extreme may well Labour.

    Conservatives could just win the seat without any boundary changes.

    Let see what a fool of himself Corbyn can make in the next few weeks?

    Bacon sandwich, visiting more toilets……

    • Penarth Psephologist says:

      should read “Leave Labour” at the end of para #3

    • Ann Other says:

      He won’t need to rely on weird mastication or public inconvenience visits. Each policy he states is ludicrous enough to achieve self-destruction on its own: turning Trident into a militarily pointless job-creation scheme, vowing to pay for middle class children’s lunches, on and on it goes. The silliest old anachronism ever produced by British politics. No reasonable person could ever vote for a party led by this clown.

  10. Ford Prefect says:

    Anything that takes a seat of a Tory is a good thing IMO

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