Trail of destruction: Wreckage littering Queens Road this morning. The parked black BMW had been cannoned forward into a white van immediately ahead of it. They were two of the three vehicles damaged by Fiesta  alleged to have gone out of control when  “speeding” up Paget Road this morning

Police have issued an official caution to the 18-year-old driver of a Ford Fiesta after he collided with two parked vehicles  in the early hours of this morning at the junction of Queen’s Road and Paget Road.

Several local residents heard a squeal of tyres and a loud bang at 02:00 am this morning.

The black BMW had been pushed into the back of a white van

Eyewitnesses reported that a Fiesta car – with three youths on board –  had been driven at speed up Paget Road and had  clipped the corner, spun , hit a silver-coloured Peugeot 206 in Paget Road and then smashed into the back of a black BMW parked near the corner of Queen’s Road.

The impact cannoned the BMW into the back of a white Vauxhall van which was parked immediately ahead of it .

Local residents said the 3 youths in the Fiesta had run away after the crash but later returned to the scene and were  apprehended by the police.

One eyewitness said the driver of the Fiesta – who was aged 18 – had claimed to passers-by that he had “slipped on some oil” and that  the car had been speeding up the hill from Paget Road when the driver lost control .

Local residents say there is an endemic problem on Friday and Saturday nights with “cars screaming up and down” Paget Road  and say it’s surprising that such an accident hasn’t happened before .

None of the three youths in the Fiesta was injured. South Wales Police later issued the a  statement saying  the collision “involved a Ford Fiesta with three parked cars  including a Peugeot,  BMW and a Vauxhall. The 18 year old male driver of a Ford Fiesta has received a police caution”.




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  1. PR says:

    It’s not just Fridays and Saturdays – these idiots are speeding all week long. The roads are so dangerous because of these fools (all ages too). You only have to stand for 10 minutes on any straight bit of road to see them race past. Lets just hope that this 21 year old loses his licence before someone loses their life and he finds insurance out of his reach so he is keep off the road for a lot longer until he has some common sense. No sympathy from me except for the other damaged car owners

    • Queens Road Resident says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath PR, I was at the scene straight after the accident and one of the passengers admitted that they were ‘gunning it’ prior to the accident. When I reported this to the police they seemed not the slightest bit interested.

      • PR says:

        No, and neither are any of our elected representatives. I just hope that people remember this at election time and start sending these people out of office once and for all – start voting for people who actually do something for their communities instead of just printing a few leaflets when they need us. Perhaps Alun Michaels would pay more attention if the racers drove past his house every day at more than 60 mph? Frankly I doubt he would notice, like so many of the politicians we have they live in an expenses fuelled bubble.

      • PR says:

        I’m looking forward to seeing what the current candidates have to say about how they are going to tackle speeding in Penarth. So far, all I’ve heard and read is hot air.

      • Queens Road Resident says:

        Agreed PR. Are the candidates going to have a public debate where we can put forward questions and assess their responses? Hmmm I think not… no they’ll just push leaflets through our doors, avoid us and hope that the sheep vote for labour again.

    • The Milkmaid says:

      Lots of youngsters speeding on Victoria Rd too, especially at night.

      • PR says:

        Yes, and almost every other road as well. But it was a middle aged lady in a range rover who happily overtook me on lavernock road and drove straight through the red light. It was an elderly man who sped through the pedestrian crossing on windsor road in his merc. Yes, the kids think they are in The Fast and The Furious but there are lots of other people doing exactly the same. The only solution I can see is based around speed cameras because nothing else seems to have the necessary effect.

      • Tom B says:

        no PR, it’s exactly the modern-day emphasis on speed cameras, mobile speed traps and traffic calming measures that is causing this problem. More police on the roads – at all hours, not just in the day – is a far more preferable option, believe me.

      • PR says:

        Tom, I agree but Alun Michael’s police force aren’t going to be parked up somewhere visible as a deterrent to speeding. He’s not bothered. So whats left? I don’t think speed cameras encourage the speeding. Idiots driving cars at breakneck speeds thinking they are in a sports car just because they stick a bit of kit on are the cause of this, no one else. Assuming cameras actually work, they might slow down one idiot in an area and prevent a death or cumulatively get the idiots off the road for a few years because they can’t be trusted behind the wheel.

  2. Mgg says:

    The plaid candidate AG has taken to sending me personal abusive political based emails which is a strange and frankly disgusting action by a person standing for office. Do you want me to ask her her views on this when I reply?

    • Joe87 says:

      I hardly think you’ve been holding back on Anne Greagsby, Mgg. It takes two to tango.
      At least she’s communicative, unlike most standing for election.
      I wonder if “Blue” – so-called “member of Plaid Cymru” – has been reprimanded for his/her unnecessarily personal attacks on Anne Greagsby.
      In my opinion, “Blue” did untold damage to Plaid Cymru, not Anne Greagsby.

      • Mgg says:

        Sending personal emails is a disgrace.yes I have replied on here for her to stop moaning and give some ideas. There are limits

      • Blue says:

        I haven’t made any personal attacks on Greagsby. I’ve just told the truth. People should know as much as possible about candidates, especially loud mouthed, obnoxious, bully supporters parachuted into a town with which they have no prior connection at the behest of a man despised by most people in his own party. Ooh that was a bit of a personal attack, but nothing compared to those that Greagsby regularly makes.

    • PR says:

      Or you could stay on topic instead of trying to score political points perhaps?

  3. Dizzydeb says:

    Once the council install the expensive, over the top, bus stop and change St Pauls into social housing this area will become a car park. This together with the fact nothing has been done to stop people parking way too close to the corners of junctions, it’s an accident waiting to happen!

    • Joe blow says:

      Yes, parking right on the corner is a real problem. Try turning right out of Church Road onto Clive Place. Not easy, thanks to the idiots who think they can just fit another car in.

    • Matt says:

      Totally agree. There’s no enforcement here at all so people just do what they want without consequence. Penarth is like the Wild West when it comes to driving and parking.

  4. Peter Church says:

    Too much money in Penarth, where do these kids get the money from to pay for the car and the insurance (if it is insured)
    This time I really do blame the parents.

    • PR says:

      Look at some of the deals being offered, free insurance crops up again and again with low monthly payments. That how some of the people who couldn’t normally afford it end up racing around our streets like idiots

    • Queens Road Resident says:

      A bizarre comment, Peter. 18 year old kids across the country, regardless of wealth, are driving up and down our roads. I myself bought my first car at 18 and afforded the insurance too.

      The young driver of this particular car works as a delivery driver, so presumably earned the money to buy the car and the insurance himself.

      Regrettably, he will have learned a harsh lesson from last night’s antics – and presumably will no longer be able to get insurance and will lose his job as a delivery driver.

      A harsh lesson for him. Certainly NOT the parent’s fault.

  5. AK says:

    Speeding in Penarth ?

    Last week we were moaning about traffic queues and being unable to get along Westbourne Road.


  6. Jacquie o says:

    This unfortunately doesn’t surprise me. The way some drivers scream up and down Salop street Day and night is ridiculous!! The parking in the daybon glebe street with drivers parking right on the corners is a danger to itself… I asked a traffic warden a few weeks ago as a mobile wheelchair user couldn’t get across can he Goan do something his reply was that’s a police matter!!!

  7. St Augustine says:

    South Wales Police later issued the a statement saying the collision “involved a Ford Fiesta with three parked cars including a Peugeot, BMW and a Vauxhall. The 18 year old male driver of a Ford Fiesta has received a police caution”.

    A caution for speeding, dangerous driving, driving without due care and attention – that’s ridiculous.

    To quote a former police officer on another forum:
    “I gave thousands of cautions for motoring offences during my service, it was and still is standard practice. These cautions are officially filed! In the bin”

    • PR says:

      It’s criminal in fact. If this was the US I am sure the damaged car owners will sue. Why can’t we?

      • PR says:

        Personally I’m in favour of any accident like this which within 3 years of passing the driving test meaning an automatic retake of the test. I mean hitting a parked car on an empty street, what a fool. Should stick to pedal cars with that level of competence

  8. Moreton Vallance says:

    A caution? Yes, that will sort it. How about 3months jail, a five year ban and a £5000 fine…

    • PR says:

      Obviously has no impact on behaviour. I saw a grey renault clio driven by a young lady with a personalised number plate CIEO something accelerate this afternoon along the bottom of Westbourne Road towards the town centre at a lady crossing with a pram and beeping the horn.It’s hilarious fun isn’t it scaring people like that? If you know the young lady involved then point out that she is an idiot who will kill someone one day with that attitude and the sooner she loses her licence the better.

  9. Terry healey says:

    Why wasn’t the driver arrested for leaving the scene of the accident??

  10. PR says:

    Here’s a prime example of idiots driving at speed and the outcome. Anyone walking by could have been killed.

    Cleethorpes car crash captured on CCTV

  11. Fabio says:

    The driver of the car had hit a bump in the road which should not be there. Then he lost control of his car at the speed limit and clipped a Peugeot before hitting into the bmw.

    • PR says:


      There’s a bump in the road so severe that someone could lose control of a car. Driving at 30 mph?

      If that’s true then I’d expect everyone involved to sue the council.

      Be honest, he was driving too fast for his very limited ability.

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