Penarth Town AFC in training on their pitch at the Cwrt-y-Vil Playing Fields , Penarth. The pitch desperately needs re-surfacing – but the Labour-run Vale Council refused to do so

The Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council has cut spending on sport to one of the lowest levels anywhere in Wales according to a report compiled by Media Wales.

Most councils in Wales have reduced expenditure spending on sport but few councils have reduced budgets to the levels plumbed by the Vale of Glamorgan Council

The average amount spent on sport by Welsh councils per-person last year  was £26.33

  • In Cardiff the average spend per person per year is £26
  • The Vale of Glamorgan Council’s sports spending per person last year however was only  £5.97

The Cwrt-y-Vil football pitch is on a filled-in former quarry. The neighbouring rugby pitch is also in dire need of resurfacing

The Vale Council has already been heavily criticised for refusing to resurface Penarth Association Football Club’s pitch at Cwrt- y-Vil, Penarth whilst spending considerable sums on football facilities in Barry.

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “How local authorities decide to spend their budget is a matter for them.”

Penarth Amateur Boxing Club had to set up  equipment in an old warehouse in Station Approach when the Labour-controlled Vale Council refused to heed the results of a public consultation (which it had organised)  and refused to allow the Boxing Club and the Penarth Gym Club to resume use of St Paul’s Church, Arcot St. Against the will of Penarth’s population – expressed in a public referendum –  the former church is now to be re-developed for “mixed use” social housing.

The Labour run Vale Council is also refusing to allow Penarth Amateur Boxing Club and Penarth Gym Club to resume use of the former St Paul’s Church building in Arcot Street  – despite a massive majority of local people voting in a council “consultation” for the clubs to be re-admitted to the premises.

The Vale of Council says “We aim to increase the number of people taking part in sports and play opportunities to increase their health and wellbeing. Working with a range of partners we create new and further develop existing activities for children and teenagers in the Vale of Glamorgan.”

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  1. Chris David says:

    A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “How local authorities decide to spend their budget is a matter for them.” So what is the point of the Welsh “Government”?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      We were denied a Referendum by the Vale of Glamorgan Council on whether we could become part of a Greater Cardiff Metropolitan Authority. Now through no fault of their own our children are have to suffer the consequences of under investment in sport.

      Here is what happens if a school invests in athleticism,

      attrib -wiki and the Whitchurch HS Website

      Whitchurch HS sporting Alumni.

      Sam Warburton, captain of the Wales national rugby union team

      Gareth Bale, football player for Wales and Real Madrid

      Matt Elias, athlete who represented Wales and Great Britain

      Lloyd Jones, Ice Dancer, who represented France at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

      Elliot Kear, London Broncos rugby league player and Wales international

      Tom Maynard, Wales cricketer[

      Geraint Thomas, cyclist, gold medallist at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.

      Lucky intakes perhaps – a good year or maybe this is the reason.
      (from wiki)
      A large, floodlit astroturf pitch on the lower school site used mainly for hockey and football (1997)
      A sports recreational hall, located on the lower school site, opened by HRH The Duke of York, Prince Andrew. (2004)
      A sports recreational hall with a fitness suite, changing rooms and classrooms located on the upper school site. (2006)
      The school has 10 floodlit, five a side football pitches with clubhouse and parking located on the lower school site. The facility is run by the private company Powerleague, and is available for community use outside of school hours. (2007)
      Extensive, well drained playing fields on both the upper and lower school sites which are used for home matches by the schools rugby and football teams.
      Traditional school gyms with climbing equipment, ropes, gymnastic apparatus and crash mats on both the upper and lower school sites.

      • Chris David says:

        In deed Mr Rapier- not to mention the general better mental and physical health of our populace. I really do struggle to see what the point of the Welsh Government is. I’m aghast at the stranglehold Labour has on Wales although whether the alternatives would of any better I don’t know.

      • DRT Andrews says:

        It’s called local democracy Mr David

      • Chris David says:

        And your point Mr Andrews? Some might call it Loco Mediocrity.

      • DRT Andrews says:

        No profound point Mr David just a reminder what “the point of the Welsh Government is”, although I wouldn’t normally end a sentence with a preposition. The joke isn’t up to much either.

  2. With the new law 2015 the wellbeing of future generations act the Vale is not doing a good enough job – sport budget being slashed, no current wellbeing event on the calendar despite us putting forward a second year art of wellbeing event to them for the Vale held in Penarth which was hosted at st davids hotel and spa and tested in 2012. We are asking for a review but have been told by department Officer who doesn’t feel the need of a meeting, to bring the issue up in a meeting with the General Manager at the Vale re the pavilion and this matter – I’m trying to forge relationships public/private/community interest but it takes two to tango! Angela Bobbet his PA is very helpful, is trying her best to sort me a meeting asap

    • LJS says:

      Dear Nicki,
      Are you using the royal ‘we’? (‘We are asking for a review….,)
      Who do you represent? 30 people at the All Saints meeting… and very few of those who were present were on board with you.
      If you wish to engage in politics, you should stand for election… Mrs May has provided you with an ideal opportunity. Personally, I don’t think your chances of success are very high.
      Questions of transparency in your fundraising still not answered.

  3. Dan says:

    I genuinely think that another five years of Labour running the Vale Council and Penarth Town Council will be ruinous for the area and population. Their representatives at all levels have proved themselves amateur at best.

    • DRT Andrews says:

      It’s easy for one lot of amateurs to call another lot of people amateurs. Get out there, do something, don’t just carp from the sidelines.

  4. Chris David says:

    Mr Drat Andrews “No profound pointer Mr David just a reminder”. Hah and your preposition? (sic) Cmon- you’re a jobsworth aren’t you? Or…. a non carping pro?

  5. Chris David says:

    Oh with you. “In and out”. “Point to point”. A bit like Mr Drat Andrews political profundity 🙂

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