The Cardiff Barrage fish pass enables salmon and trout to by-pass the barrage locks

The environmental watchdog Natural Resources Wales says  the number of fish getting up-stream  – from the sea through into Cardiff Bay and up the rivers Ely and Taff  – is declining,  according to the latest figures reported to the Cardiff Bay Advisory Committee.

Natural Resources Wales has told the committee that the numbers of fish going upstream from the sea via the barrage “fish-pass” are declining – but no one knows why.

The fish-pass itself did work quite effectively when Cardiff Bay was first impounded, with stocks of  salmon and other species recovering as they made the challenging swim upstream though the fish pass into Cardiff Bay and up the two rivers .

Now the numbers of fish making the challenging  upstream swim is in decline and a new investigation is being carried out to find out why there’s such a large fall in upstream fish migration.

The situation hasn’t been helped by a  fractured pipe in the fish pass which has forced the temporary closure of the entire system. It still hasn’t been repaired .

Natural Resources Wales has also reported that some local anglers have been arrested for alleged “illegal fishing around the Penarth Sea Fishing Competition“.

Details of the numbers of anglers apprehended, and the offences which they’re alleged to have committed, have not been provided.

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  1. Chris David says:

    The fish pass must be repaired ASAP. Why hasn’t it been done? What us the correlation between these two stories? I’m intrigued as to how you can be angling illegally in seawater if you’re not using illegal tackle?

  2. Chris David says:

    I wish there was the facility to edit one’s own postings after the event. I’m forever spotting typos too late.

  3. sjleworthy says:

    If the anglers know they’re doing it illegaly then no excuses.

  4. Chris David says:

    Well if that’s the case Mr Lewis then fine I’s have them doing a lot community service- regardless of what language they can’t speak. Anyway 6 rods is commercial- not pleasure.

  5. Chris David says:

    PDN are you teasing me? You show a post by a very confused person – Brendon davies (his/her spelling) and now its gone? Anyway Mr davies if you don’t understand what’s being written then ask your mates before making a fool of yourself. Pen Angling Club is a fine body and I doubt has commercial ROD fisherman amongst their members. Those reading between the lines will know who many of the 6 rod brigade are- they invade freshwater too- even taking Chub and Tench home to eat- but its terribly non PC, even illegal to print truth these days!

  6. Brendan davies says:

    If these repairs are not done the river Ely Taff will not have its run of sea trout and salmon which could wipe out those species in those answer about the actual illegal fishing it’s been reported thousands of times about the immigrant poaching at the barrage and the environment agency do nothing about it.i have personally said to immigrate anglers this country has size limits on fish you need to put undersize fish back they simply ignore what you say.The environment agency/defers needs to police the Cardiff bay barrage regular day and night and they will get convictions for illegal fishing.

  7. Chris David says:

    Thank you Mr davies. Its disgraceful the repairs have not already been carried out and that individuals are breaking our angling and conservation rules.

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