Stephen Doughty (left) with Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones posing for a picture at Doughty’s official adoption as Labour’s candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth in the June 8th General Election

Not withstanding any differences which Stephen Doughty (Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth) may have had with his party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the past, it’s now been confirmed that Doughty has been endorsed as the Labour  candidate for the June 8th General Election.

Both he and Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones posed together with a Labour poster  – and with somewhat strained smiles –  to mark the event.

Stephen Doughty’s Twitter post notified his followers of his endorsement

Later Doughty went on Twitter to tell his followers he was delighted to be standing again  as the Labour candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth.

Doughty’s  re-selection as Labour candidate follows a turbulent period in which he quit the Labour front bench and appeared to criticise the party’s leadership under Jeremy Corbyn – but it appears all is now forgiven. The chronology runs like this:-

In the first Labour leadership election Doughty’s preferred candidate Liz Kendall came fourth and last

May 2015 : In the (first round of ) the Labour leadership elections, Doughty announces he is  backing lightweight Liz Kendall for the Labour Leadership rather than Jeremy Corbyn.  Jeremy Corbyn wins . Kendall comes bottom-of-the-poll out of a field of four.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg cues Stephen Doughty to announce his resignation live on air on the  BBC Daily Politics programme.

January 6th 2016  Doughty is one of three Labour front bench spokesmen who resign in the  wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s much criticised  and prolonged “reshuffle” as Labour leader. [Doughty had been – for a very brief period – a shadow foreign affairs spokesperson]. With the collusion of the BBC, he makes his resignation announcement live on the BBC’s Daily Politics programme – one of the few times he’s ever been invited to appear on the programme. Doughty says of Jeremy Corbyn “Unfortunately there is a tendency amongst those around him and in his team to be conducting some pretty unpleasant operations against people who’ve loyally served the party in government and in opposition”. It is seen as an abortive attempt to trigger an avalanche of other resignations . In the event no one follows Doughty.

Doughty was classified as being amongst the group most hostile to Jeremy Corbyn

March 2016:  Doughty is officially rated as being “hostile” to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The revelation comes from a spreadsheet leaked to the Daily Mirror in which party officials have ranked all the Labour MPs in order of their loyalty to Corbyn.
Doughty is classified – according to Wales on Line – as being in the “Core Group Hostile” category .

June 2016:Doughty is listed as being a vice-chair of Labour’s Blairite “Progress Group” set up as a private company limited by guarantee which takes a prominent role in the campaign to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader.  The Progress Group which  co-ordinates and synchronised the series of resignations from Labour’s front bench  in bid  to de-stabilise Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader . They lose. Corbyn stays put.

Angela Eagle explaining why she withdrew from the Labour Leadership contest

July 2016: Doughty now backs Angela Eagle for the leadership of the Labour Party in preference to the incumbent leader Jeremy Corbyn in Labour’s second leadership contest. A few days later  Eagle drops out of the contest.

Doughty’s third leadership candidate, Owen Smith took on Jeremy Corbyn – and lost. The Cardiff South and Penarth Constituency Labour Party refused to endorse either candidate in the Labour leadership election

July 2016: A former rival of Doughty’s –  Owen Smith (Labour Pontypridd) – declares his candidacy for the Labour Leadership. [When the Labour Party selected a candidate to fight the vacant Pontypridd seat in the 2010 General Election, Doughty was on the shortlist –  but was rejected in favour of Smith.]  Now Doughty is  listed in the Daily Mirror as being one of the 172 Labour MPs who are nominating Owen Smith for the Labour Leadership. [Smith will  turn out to be the third loser in a row whom Doughty has supported.]

 Doughty’s union did not want to see the Navy’s Trident submarines scrapped

July 19th 2016 : Doughty votes with the government in favour of the renewal of Britain’s submarine nuclear deterrent Trident and – in a free vote – does not support Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-nuclear stance.   Doughty is said to be a  member of the  GMB Union [what used to be called the General, Municipal and Boilermaker’s Union] which had already announced that it would “not support the scrapping of Trident”  – too many of the GMB  members’ jobs depend on Trident.

Mending Fences: As a Labour and Co-operative MP Doughty publicises a denial that the Co-operative Movement  will form a party-within-a party to unseat Jeremy Corbyn.

August 23, 2016:  Doughty publicises a statement from the Co-operative Party ‘denying’ that it  could become an anti-Corbyn “party-within-a-party” inside Labour.
[Doughty – like his predecessor Alun Michael – is a member of both the Labour Party and the shadowy and largely-unknown Co-operative Party.]  The Sunday Times had reported that plans were afoot to increase the size of the Co-operative Party in the House of Commons and make that main opposition party instead of Labour.

Stephen Doughty backed three Corbyn rivals for the leadership and resigned as a Corbyn shadow foreign affairs spokesman – but more recently has modified his stance towards the Labour Leader.

September 2016: There are further signs that Doughty is perhaps seeking to restore his fractured relationship with the Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. In a
Twitter posting, Doughty appears to be holding out an olive-branch and adjusting his position – publicly praising Corbyn’s performance at Prime Minister’s Questions for what he described as “excellent Qs from Jeremy today”.

Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty who had criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the party, and resigned as a Corbyn shadow spokesman on live tv, now appears to be praising “Jeremy” and manoeuvering his way back into the Corbyn camp.

Significantly Doughty’s name did not appear on the so-called “deselection list”  of 13 Labour MPs who were adjudged by the Corbyn team to have “abused the leader and his allies” even though Doughty had criticised the conduct of  Corbyn colleagues on network tv back in January when he had publicly resigned from the Labour front bench.

As the wind-shear alarms sound on a British Airways airliner, the captain rams the throttles forward and aborts a landing at the “too-dangerous-for passengers” £202,000,000 St Helena Airport

October 25th 2016: Doughty makes a short contribution to a debate on overseas territories. He praises the Blair and Brown  Labour Government’s construction of the £202,000,000 St Helena Airport . Doughty  tells MPs “we have been able to move ahead with building an airport in St Helena”. He  fails to mention that the St Helena Airport  has been found to be  too dangerous to use for scheduled commercial passenger flights . Afterwards he claims he had been speaking “ironically”.

February 2017:  Doughty defies party leader Corbyn – and a substantial proportion of his own constituents – and votes against the Brexit Bill which triggers Article 50 to commence the process of leaving the European Union.

Doughty trumpets his stand against what he called “a reckless hard Brexit” on Twitter  – but then runs into a fusilade of tweets from Labour Party members – some supporting him, but many criticising his position.

In response one Twitter poster – Maria G – told Doughty he had no right to overturn the referendum and called his stance “a shameful abuse of power “

One Twitter poster – Maria G – tells  Doughty he has “no right to overturn the referendum” and called his stance “a shameful abuse of power ” – but Doughty claims he is  “voting in accordance with his constituents”.

This message accused Doughty of having “no integrity”

Other Twitter posters claimed that Penarth had not voted to remain in the EU – but some others supported Doughty’s vote.

April 20th 2012 : Doughty is endorsed as the Labour candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth  for the General Election on June 8th.



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  1. PR says:

    He didn’t care what people thought when it came to the referendum and did what he wanted to instead. I won’t vote for any politician who publicly ignored the result of the biggest democratic event this country has ever seen. Voting for an MP who doesn’t feel bound by the views of the electorate is what I call reckless.

    • Louise C says:

      Cardiff and the Vale both voted Remain. He’s representing his constituents on Brexit, if not on anything else.

      • PR says:

        But the referendum wasn’t about constituencies. One vote per person, incredibly democratic. And look at the result, one side just scraped ahead. If all our elections were fought like that it wouldnt matter how many times boundaries are fixed to favour one party over another. Doughty decided to ignore that and vote against the majority, effectively he got to decide on our behalf. He just dressed it up as representing some of his constituents who happened to agree with him. His vote was no more important than yours or mine, and the honourable thing to do would be to either abstain or uphold the referendum result. As many others did. Hypocrite now talks about democracy and about Corbyn like he has always supported him when it’s plainly not true. He resigned a little bit but wouldn’t leave the safety of the party that gifted him the job. So hardly a man of principles, if he were he’d be standing as an independent instead of relying on the “I always vote labour” vote. He plainly doesn’t believe in Corbyn as labour leader no matter what he says over the next few weeks

      • Ian Perry says:

        If all our elections were fought like the referendum, the MP’s within the House of Commons would all be from the winning party.

        16 million people voted for the UK to remain within the European Union, many of them better informed than those voting to leave… 11m people voted for the Conservative government that has grasped absolute power and is trampling over the wishes of many millions of people.

        Leadership requires compromise and consensus. Theresa May is not a leader…

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Sure Doubty is happy to remain on labours gravy train. Even his staff member Ruba SIVAGNANAM has so much spare time she can stand for the Vale Council for an extra few £.

  3. Andrew Worsley says:

    Doughty is an utter joke, a three times loser in voting for anyone but Corbyn , I loved the twitter from Doughty NOW praising Corbyn at PMs questions , what a despicable creep this man is , he has no backbone , no conscience and no loyalty to party or people. Although I hate the Tories especially awful forked tongued May who changes her mind as often as the weather . We need another decent Labour MP for Penarth , not this ‘joke on legs’ who is only in it for the money , as he has proved , shameful behaviour and as genuine as a £9 note.

    • Ann Other says:

      You’ll never get a ‘decent’ Labour candidate as long as the Labour party is led by an inadequate man who is capable only of compulsively repeating regressive socialist slogans he learned in the 1970s. In fact, is the Labour party itself not an anachronism in a post-industrial society … there really isn’t a battle between capital and labour in the old form is there?

  4. LJS says:

    Mr Doughty has ongoing problems with accurately reporting figures of any kind. He is prone to exaggeration. He lacks the gravitas of his predecessors holding the office of Member for Cardiff South and Penarth. He is someone who attempts to run with the hare and hounds, someone happy to walk alongside ISIS supporters. A lightweight, well politically anyway.

  5. Peter Church says:

    Have you heard some of the Labour front bench being interviewed on the radio, the likes of Dawn Butler, Diane Abbott and John O’Donnell. They are sound utterly thick, they can’t even put into words the absolute dribble they are thinking. They make our sad man Doughty sound well educated. At least they spout off left wing clap trap all the time, rather than seeing which way the wind is blowing, as Stephen does.
    I do feel sorry for the grass root Welsh Labour activists but they should wake up and smell the coffee (not Costa as stupid Dawn Butler said!!)
    I hope Labour get a right good kicking at this and the council elections, it might shake the party and the jobs for the boyo’s attitude up in Wales.

  6. BigPooPski says:

    Doughty is like a **** you can’t flush

  7. Frank Evans says:

    As Carwyn says it’s an uphill struggle especially if it’s Stephen you supporting.😅

  8. Peter Church says:

    I feel sorry for those on St Helena, not only do they not have an airport that works, now the RMS St Helena ship is out of action to a leaking prop shaft. The only ship that serves the island!!
    As if that wasn’t bad enough Ascension Island runway is full of cracks and pot holes and the MOD has suspended flight until further notice.
    Time to sell off these dependencies and clear the UK budget deficit.

  9. All I know is he did not respond to a call via his office PA to meet a group of residents in Penarth recently, re the pavilion fiasco and PACL – no action.
    Anthony Ernest seems the only candidate – independant – to be listening and doing something. The new IPP party candidates: sorry to say, all talk, no action that I have seen.

  10. aledrobertt says:

    This news feed isn’t fake news. It is a news source with some bias but no more bias than many news papers that aren’t regarded as fake.
    A lot of the news on here is a bit of fun, local gossip and often factual.
    Stephen Doughty is annoyed that people are realising how useless he is and the Labour Party in general.

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