The only weddings held at Cosmeston so far  have been fictional – like this “hippie” wedding filmed for BBC TV’s medical soap “Casualty” . If planning approval is given on Thursday there could be real weddings held soon in Cosmeston Mediaeval Village –

The “professional planners” of the Labour-controlled Vale of Glamorgan Council are now recommending that councillors on the Planning Committee should approve the Vale Council’s own plans to host weddings in the mediaeval barns at Cosmeston Country Park.

The planning committee is due to meet for the last time (before the May 4th council elections)  on  Thursday April   27th.

The Cosmeston mediaeval barns have featured in many films and tv productions. Here, they were adapted for use in an episode of the BBC sci-fi series Dr Who

Before members  will be a report from the council’s planning department recommending that they give the Vale Council itself planning permission for the “change of use” of two mediaeval barn buildings to allow private weddings to be held in them.

Critics say the  move is purely another tawdry money-making wheeze by the Labour-run Vale Council – which also wants to set up a commercial wake-boarding centre on one of the lakes – again to help meet the cost of running the council and paying the councillors.

Penarth residents say that commercial actiivies like wakeboarding and weddings will impinge on local wildlife and are not what Cosmeston Country Park is for.

Local residents say such schemes are totally unsuitable for a country park  where the emphasis should be on peaceful relaxation and enjoying nature in quiet natural surroundings.

Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully)

Normally the Vale Council would just have gone ahead and given itself planning permission to do what it wanted – but a spanner has been thrown into the works by Cllr Bob Penrose (Independent Sully) who has  “called in” the planning application for consideration before the full planning committee on Thursday.

The Vale Council admits that Sully Community Council and several local residents have expressed “numerous concerns” about the Mediaeval-Village wedding scheme

Local people say that with 50 parking places allocated to each wedding there won’t be enough parking space s left at Cosmeston for ordinary visitors – let alone tv film crews which often use Cosmeston as a base and the proposed “Park and Ride” bus  service .

They also say that renting-out  the mediaeval barns for weddings will curtail the time these buildings are accessible to ordinary visitors, that the noise generated by the wedding celebrations will disturb local residents and detract from the tranquillity of the park  and that – in any case – the barn buildings aren’t suitable for weddings to be held in them.

This is a last hurrah for Cllr Maureen Kelly-Owen (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Cllr Maureen Kelly-Owen (Conservative Plymouth Ward) –  in what is likely to be the  last planning battle of her council career before she retires next month – has raised the issue of security at Cosmeston.

She is  also querying whether the Labour Vale Council’s wedding venue plans for Cosmeston constitute a proper use of the Country Park .

Cllr Kelly Owen’s point about security will not be lost on Vale planning committee members  who can recall the terrorist organisation ISIS holding a summer cook-out and rally at Cosmeston Country Park in 2014 without being noticed by the police or park wardens.

This photo of ISIS flags being brandished at Cosmeston Country Park in 2014 appeared on Twitter

It’s understood that the ISIS terrorists didn’t even have to pay the Vale of Glamorgan Council the standard  charge for barbecue facilities because they allegedly brought their own equipment and utensils – including knives – with them.

The council officers have brushed-aside Cllr Kelly-Owen’s  concerns about security – saying  that security is  “not a planning matter” .

The council’s own staff planners – not surprisingly – have recommended that the members of the planning committee should agree the proposed “change of use” for the mediaeval barns at Cosmeston .If it is agreed then it’s anticipated that about 10 “marriage events” will take place each year.

Schwing is a top wedding swing band which needs absolutely no amplification

In an attempt to allay fears about noise the council officers are suggesting that “no equipment capable of producing amplified sound shall be allowed into the area where the event is taking place”  – but critics have already pointed out that this means any wedding could hire a 15-piece swing band –  or  even a full-size symphony orchestra –  if it wanted to  – and still be able to get around the rules.

The inside one of  the mediaeval barns at Cosmeston Country Park where weddings would be “hosted”

The Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council made no comment on the application (even though it had been invited to by the Labour Vale Council) on the tenuous grounds that the barns in Cosmeston are situated just a few yards outside the boundaries of Penarth (even though the rest of the Country Park is within the curtilage of Penarth).

Local residents living in neighbouring properties apparently haven’t yet responded to council circulars informing them of the plans, and have yet to submit any objections.






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  1. Chris David says:

    Elections coming up.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Wild Foul Play and mischief afoot to go with the Rape and Pillage of Headlands by the Vale.
      With Weddings comes alcohol and ant-social behaviour. The doubling of the number of empty ubiquitous Carling Tins and the Ring Pulls which if attempted to digest will kill Wild Fowl. Friends of the Earth and RSPB should be seeking an injunction on these grounds alone.

      • Philip Rapier says:

        To paraphrase Neil Kinnock in the Derek Hatton Conference speech.

        “A Labour Council! – A Labour Council!” ” scuttling around plundering Community Assets in Penarth to plug holes in it’s budget because of overspend on Barry Island and the colossal waste on the Vale Show and endless other vanity projects.”

        I am so glad someone mentioned Vale Stately Home Weddings below.

        Let’s have a look at the £1 per year Peppercorn Rent the Vale receives from the National Trust for Dyffryn Gardens and the thousands it has contributed to the repairs and maintenance.

        These family silver selling asset stripping moves are the policies of “Momentum” a group of “neo- Communist infiltrators” determined to destroy Labour’s Electoral chances. Shame on them!
        They have no place in the Labour Cooperative Movement our forefathers fought in WW2 to defend and returned with a thumping great majority in the first election afterwards.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Thousands signed the petition against labours wake boarding disruptive scheme, people who want to keep Cosmeston country park a peaceful place to walk and enjoy nature. The labour party are presently circulating leaflets boasting that they listen to peoples concerns – obvious bullshit. Not a dickie bird from the town council either. With £millions in reserves there is no need for money making schemes at Cosmeston. Vote them out.

    • Tracey Davies says:

      Thousands that weren’t even from this country signed it

      • Michael says:

        There is no place for racism in our society.

      • Tracey Davies says:

        Racism? What on earth are you on about?! All I have simply pointed out is that Anne has boasted about getting thousands of signatures to stop water activities at Cosmeston, but it’s well known that hundreds if not thousands of those that signed it don’t even live in the U.K. It’s got nothing to do with racism just saying how can their signatures carry any weight when the issue clearly doesn’t affect them?!

      • Michael says:

        No, what on earth are you on about?!
        Why should someone in China or Algeria be denied an opinion and dismissed because they are not on the doorstep of Cosmeston?
        Does that mean that because I’m Welsh and live in Wales I can’t have an opinion or sign a petition against elephants being poached in Thailand, the destruction of coral reef in Fiji or the killing of dolphins in Japan? Because the issue ‘does not affect’ (as you put it) me directly?
        The commercialisation of Cosmeston is symbolic of a wider issue affecting the natural world – i.e. the human destruction of nature for financial gain.
        I wouldn’t think the fact that people ‘who don’t live in the UK’ have signed the petition is something to dismiss, that ‘thousands’ as you say have taken the time and trouble to register their concern about an intrusive facility being imposed on a sanctuary for wildlife in Wales.
        On the contrary, the fact the world knows that the Vale has no respect for nature and wildlife and would happily destroy its habitat for a few quid is a cause for shame and embarrassment but I don’t expect that will stop them.

    • Chris David says:

      Is that mean to be a joke Michael? Very poor whichever way its meant.

  3. P. Grove says:

    Take all this on board and think about it when voting next month. I find it really upsetting what this council is allowing to happen in our beautiful town.

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    You can vote Plaid in Penarth for an opposition that will shake things up. The recently converted independents in Penarth have yet to become independent!

    • The Milkmaid says:

      You can vote for other parties equally as concerned but who aren’t interested in toppling HM Queen from her throne and turning us into a republic.

    • Alistair says:

      That’s the very reason I would vote for Plaid Cymru, ‘Milkmaid’ – to get rid of the ‘royals’ and all their gurgling followers.

  5. As ward councillor along with Bob I’ll be giving a personal representation opposing these plans at Thursdays planning meeting. I’ve no objection to people getting married at a nice venue of their choice, however following the previous Conservative cabinets decision to close down the village activities 5 years go (one Mr Ernest being cabinet member for leisure and tourism) the incoming Labour administration immediately carried out these plans. removing the animals and costumed guided tours for example.

    Bob and myself held a number of meetings with Rob Thomas of the Vale and Gwyn John the new cabinet member for leisure and tourism and were shocked to find that the Vale had allowed the cessation of these activities without having even the most basic of marketing strategy to promote the village as a tourist destination. The Vale didn’t even have a programme of alerting schools in the local area much less further afield of the educational value of school children having a guided tour.

    We managed to get the costumed guides reinstated and worked out and agreed a strategy for promoting the village to schools and other organisations in the local area and extending into the West country for example.

    One problem with having weddings at the venue is that of course there is no way of alerting tourists that the village will not be open as advertised. I’d imagine the first welter of complaints on Trip Adviser pointing out that someone travelled ( possibly a fair distance) to the village only to find a wedding in progress will finish off the site as a viable concern.

    I should point out that I have no objection to people getting married at a nice venue of their choice but also chuck into the mix, parking, music and reception noise plus concerns already highlighted by the Vale’s own highways department and I don’t think that this is the greatest of ideas.

    Lets have sensible, nature sensitive schemes that will enhance the country park as a visiting venue rather than schemes that might well upset the balance of nature and public enjoyment, not idiotic ideas such as the propsed wake boarding for example.

    Why not tune in to the live webcast of the planning meeting on Thursday to see what happens?

    • Justin says:

      Very well said, Cllr Mahoney, fair and balanced, and all points covered, if I may say so.

  6. Jed Huntley says:

    In my experience, a knife can come in quite handy at a barbecue. I can’t wait for the Tories to turn Penarth into a land of milk and honey. Don’t worry Anne, you won’t be involved.

  7. Fishhenge says:

    I was there yesterday afternoon (didn’t pay the afternoon £5 visitor charge, it’s free in the morning) and noticed the noise from the traffic on Lavernock Road is quite intrusive, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to get married within a few metres of one of the major routes into Cardiff unless they are deaf and into fancy dress in a big way. But hey, we’re talking about a Labour dominated council that dumped a pointless pile of rubble on the Head, and those responsible won’t lose their jobs even if this one turns out to be a total money losing folly. Couldn’t figure out why admission should be free in the morning and not in the afternoon though. Any ideas?

    • Christopher Price says:

      Just imagine when all that extra traffic from the inevitable new housing developments gets going and it’ll be a great place for fans of Formula One to tie the knot.
      As for free entry, no idea. Perhaps they want to argue it isn’t paying its way so they can crank up the commercialisation and ship in the bouncy castles.

  8. Cllr Clive Williams MBE Leader Penarth First Independents says:

    It makes no sense that the the medieval village is in Sully ward and the rest of Cosmeston lakes is in the Plymouth ward, except it may be a way of misleading the residents, in order to commercialise “our” wonderful wildlife park. I challenged the Vale Council two months ago to have a vote to leave Cosmeston as a wildlife Park or to commercialise it. “WE” know the answer so they did not take up the challenge as it did not fit their plans. Please delay this planning application until after the elections and then put it to the public to decide. What is the hurry?
    I back Bob and Kevin 100% and regret not being on the planning committee, after being taken off through no fault of my own.

    • Michael says:

      It’s a well-known tactic among the criminal fraternity, Cllr Williams.
      Commit a crime on a police force boundary to split the attention it gets and have both forces running round like headless chickens.
      Plus they’ll be reluctant to commit full-on resources, and hopefully you’ll set one against the other.
      Hence the Vale’s Sully/Plymouth split with the medieval village and park.

    • Michael Garland says:

      The Medieval Village, Rangers Office, Cafe and Carpark have always been within the Lavernock Ward and I am surprised that you have only now become aware of this?
      I also note that you support the application to hold wedding events in the Medieval Village as in your representation you state, ” really good “.

  9. Chris David says:

    Kevin / PDN how about publishing the names here of anyone that votes for weddings or any other commercialisation of Cosmeston. I do hope we can clear out the labour louts and any other anti Vale public wanabees in the elections. Then lets sack the anti democratic planning section down there in the Kremlin.

  10. Bill Barrington says:

    If a wake boarding center is needed then put it somewhere suitable.
    The almost unused Barry dock is the ideal place.

    A wedding ceremony is fine but leave the party/reception for an appropriate place away from our park.

    • Bill I understand that Penarth Water Ski club already offer wakeboarding in the Bay so there is every opportunity for those who wish to take up the sport in the area already.

  11. AK says:

    I can’t see any objection to the mediaeval village being used as a wedding venue, a minor inconvenience to increase income (reduce costs). Exactly the reason why Penarth Pier Pavillion was closed to day – for a wedding. Double standards…..

    • Jonny says:

      Hardly double standards is it?
      I don’t see the Pier as a home to wildlife, do you?
      When you say ‘minor inconvenience’ I presume you’re only thinking of the effect on humans?

    • Alistair says:

      First it will be weddings, then it will be stag parties, then it will be an open air venue for rock concerts, then ….
      Where do you draw the line on what is a ‘minor inconvenience’ to the wildlife?

  12. Cllr Mark Wilson says:

    Lots of stately homes, National Trust properties and Cadw owned places have weddings. Why is Cosmeston any different? We need to maximum income from lots of sources in order to reduce the burden on the Council Tax payer. Surely the council taxpayer would support such a pragmatic approach.

    • Jonny says:

      With respect, Cllr Wilson, how on earth is Cosmeston – trumpeted on the Vale’s very own website as having rare and diverse plant and animal species, and a location with Local Nature Reserve Status – remotely comparable with the ‘stately homes, National Trust properties and Cadw owned places’ you mention?
      National Trust properties in Wales such as Penrhyn Castle in Gwynedd, Caerphilly Castle and Plas Mawr Elizabethan Townhouse are NOT home to Reed Mace, Yellow Flag Iris, Purple Loosestrife and Greater Spearwort, Emperor and Migrant Hawker Dragonfly, Common Blue Damselfly, Bittern, Sedge Warbler and Reed Bunting.
      The four Cadw sites licensed for civil ceremonies are:
      Caerphilly Castle (the Great Hall)
      Castell Coch (the Drawing Room)
      Plas Mawr Elizabethan Townhouse (the Great Chamber)
      Tretower Court and Castle (the Great Hall, Upper Hall and the Apartments)
      Hardly Sites of Special Scientific Interest are they?
      As Philip Rapier has pointed out, weddings bring with them a host of threats to wildlife, such as spreading litter, noise and disruption to their environment-sensitive habits.
      How dare you put words in my mouth as a council taxpayer and assume that I would fall for your talk of ‘maximising income from lots of sources in order to reduce the burden on the council tax payer’.
      Why do you suppose everyone thinks like you, and is so cheap they would be ready to sell the precious wildlife sanctuary of Cosmeston down the river?
      Pragmatic isn’t the word I’d use to describe intruding on a treasured haven for wildlife with crass commercial ideas though ignorant, thoughtless and barbaric immediately spring to mind.
      You lot, with your slippery, patronising talk, make me sick. Not only do you appear to think we’re easily bought, you seem to think we’re thick as two short planks too.
      Our children should grow up in an environment which protects wildlife, not sees it as a throwaway commodity to ignore.
      We should hand on such values to future generations, not destroy nature (with disingenuous and insulting talk of a reduced tariff).
      Has the penny not dropped yet that the ‘council tax payer’ might put a high value on Cosmeston as one of the few remaining refuges for wildlife untouched by the creeping, greedy hand of the Vale?
      On the subject of budgets, the council could have saved a few bob not building that crass fort on the crumbling headland, for example, so don’t talk to me about maximising sources of income when the money raised is so shockingly wasted.

  13. Cllr Mark Wilson says:

    Lots of stately homes, National Trust properties and Cadw owned places has weddings. Why is Cosmeston any different? We need to maximise income from lots of sources in order to reduce the burden on the Council Taxpayer. Surely the council taxpayer would support such a prgamtic approach.

    • Mark Foster says:

      No, you’ve got it all wrong Councillor Wilson. The honourable thing you need to do is to reduce the ridiculous salaries you pay to your managers. The absolute tops should be about £80,000. Its not as though you have to operate in a real market place where it is necessary to pay £200,000 to snare the talent. Its a fake market place, created by people like you, for your own benefit.

    • Chris David says:

      This is why we need change M Wilson. You’re clearly not fit to hold office. The onward march of Selfish Sapiens so you’ll have a few quid more to spend in Peacocks, oh and a few more chairs in the joke cabinet office at £440+ a go. If you don’t understand the difference between a park developed and set up for conservation and contemplation and a grand country hold held in trust to show of it’s architecture and art then you are indeed a fool. I sincerely hope the likes of you and Burnet get a swift boot up the derriere in the elections.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Perhaps you should now delete your Facebook post accusing PDN of not publishing your amazing comments!? Lol

  14. Robert says:

    Having seen what has happened to the Tythe barn. I wouldn’t want to get married there. It looks likes a very poor pathetic, poor man’s idea of what a Disneyworlds idea of a medieval barn would look like!

  15. David Moorcraft says:

    Well said Bill Barrington !
    There is already a Water-Sport base at the far end of Barry Dock (near Morrisons) , and the dock itself would be a vastly more suitable place to put wake-boarding – if in fact it is needed- than the tranquil wild-life lakes that are Cosmeston.

    Why our Labour Governors – (including, I believe, the Arch-despoiler Cllr Lis Burnett )- are hell-bent on ruining the decent places we have in Penarth just beats me.
    Are we going to Vote these people back in Again in May !?

    • Craig howell says:

      Will it make a difference who gets in David? “We will do this, we will do that”, once in they won’t care (fact). I’ve always been a labour supporter like you but for how much longer ???. I think it’s set in concrete (not on the cliff top) that they will get back in.

  16. Millie84 says:

    Labour REALLY don’t like being challenged, do they?
    I suppose it comes of being in “power” for so long – a nauseating and dangerous mix of complacency and arrogance.
    I hope Cllrs Penrose and Mahoney give them a run for their money on Thursday.
    Will they listen to the objections?
    Of course not.

  17. Max Wallis says:

    Good on Labour’s Mark Wilson for engaging in this discussion. To “We need to maximise income from lots of sources in order to reduce the burden on the Council Taxpayer. Why is Cosmeston any different?”, he got one answer – that it’s a wildlife site. There’s a second answer to “maximise income” from public assets/services: Lis Burnett proposed mountain-biking – a non-starter. And was uninterested in a BMX-track for youngsters (eg. in the northern quarry), because that couldn’t make money. Facilities and services for Penarth and Vale people should be the primary function of the Council – and pre-Blair, this was Labour’s position.

  18. Chris David says:

    Well Mr Wallis M Wilson demonstrates quite clearly why we need big change. He’s clearly not fit to hold office. I’ll say again the onward march of Selfish Sapiens to have a few quid more to spend in Peacocks and £440 chairs in the ha ha cabinet office is not the be all and end all. If you don’t understand the difference between a park developed and set up for conservation and contemplation and a grand country hold held to show of it’s architecture and art then you are as foolish as Wilson. Lets hope the likes of Wilson and Burnett get a swift boot up the derriere in the elections. I’m not sure who “he got one answer” is but you and “he” have one thing in common. You both believe facilities and services are a prime function, Cosmeston is a special facility with a prime function, not to be wrecked by feckless Philistines

  19. Councillor Michael garland says:

    Cosmeston Medieval Village forms a heritage attraction that is unique in Britain and is of historical, educational and recreational importance, and, is not only visited and used by local residents but by many visitors to the area from the United Kingdom as well as from overseas.
    It will be case that many of these ‘wedding events’ will be held when on days when high visitor numbers are expected at the Country Park and Medieval Village, weekends and Bank Holiday Saturdays. With many disappointed visitors turning up to find that Medieval Village is closed for such an event, then turning to social media sites to vent their disappointment. It will soon have a reputation of, “don’t bother going there, it will be closed. Perhaps this is what the Council wants.
    Car parking at the Country Park will be severely constrained, with 25% of the main car park places allocated to ‘event guests’. Overflow car parks are located in a flood zone and are unusable during and after a period of wet weather. Where they will fit a 500 space Bus Park and Ride is any bodies guess. Parking on the nearby housing estates is regularly experience causing access problems throughout the estate not only to residents but emergency vehicles.
    The Vale of Glamorgan Council Highways Department state that the access points to the Medieval Village off Lavernock Road (for droping off guests and event organisers) are grossly substandard in terms of visibility along the adjacent highway and are not wide enough to allow vehicles to pass side by side when entering or exiting the site, and the resulting intensification of their use plus the high traffic speed along Lavernock Road, and lack of street lighting at night, will be to the detriment of highway safety.
    Local residents will also be affected from the noise from the events which may not finish until midnight, but also from guests and organisers leaving in the early hours of the morning.

    Please keep the Medieval Village and the Country Park as they were intended to be.

  20. Chris David says:

    Great Mr Garland, very well put- a councillor with a brain and a heart. Not many of you. An independent of course. I hope you get voted back.

  21. BigPooPski says:

    Maybe we can have a burger king and McDonald’s down there.

  22. Mr Armstrong says:

    Check out DB Big Band, excellent repertoire , an enjoyable function is guaranteed 🎷🎺🎼

  23. Sue@56 says:

    wish we had an Independent candidate in Cornerswell ward to vote for.!!

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