The Royal Navy “River-class” offshore patrol vessel HMS Severn passing Penarth Head last night on her way to Cardiff Docks

The Royal Navy’s River-class offshore patrol vessel HMS Severn was passing Penarth Esplanade and Pier last night on her way in to dock at Cardiff.

HMS Severn is the 9th of the class to have entered service – and the first warship in 56 years to be named after the River Severn .

With Steepholm in the background, the two tugs Tradesman and Trueman met HMS Severn off Penarth and had the honour of bringing the Royal Navy patrol vessel into port at Cardiff.

As the lead-tug ,“Tradesman” was on HMS Severn’s bow – but going in reverse – stern-first

As is standard practice entering port these days – a marine armed with a sub-machine gun stood guard on the bridge

In time-honoured tradition a detachment of crew was on the foredeck as Severn entered the Wrach Channel. It’s a warship’s way of indicating she has no hostile intent

The ship carries out fishery protection duties around the UK coast – working with two sister ship HMS Mersey and HMS  Tyne but she has also carried out Atlantic Patrol Tasking – an assignment usually allocated to frigates  or destroyers

Apart from catching trawlers fishing illegally,  Severn has also apprehended the M.V. Carib Palm off the south coast of the England .The Carib Palm was  found to have an illicit cargo of cocaine on board – valued at  £350,000,000.

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  1. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Interesting facts, thanks PDN

  2. AK says:

    Always a pleasure to see vessels of our Royal Navy in Cardiff.

    When I was in Uni in a class full of overseas students, they were amazed to be allowed to see the vessels at close quarters, and even be allowed to take photographs. When they were waved aboard, they could not believe it.

    But a sad refelction of the times that the police are today inspecting and sealing manholes around Mermaid Quay. We must be expecting someone of importance in town, other than the Royal Navy, who can doubtless take care of themselves.

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