The proposed new 1st floor frontage of the Mint & Mustard building – which is to have 5 few apartments created on the upper floors and rear and present a new facade to Windsor Terrace.

A planning application has been made for the development of 5 new apartments at the rear of – and on the two floors above  – the popular Mint & Mustard restaurant at 33-34 Windsor Terrace, Penarth.

The Mint & Mustard restaurant itself, on the ground floor, will remain unchanged.

Four self-contained flats would be created on the upper floors of the building and the rear ground floor would be extended  to “create a single annexe structure consisting of a one-bedroom apartment”.

The two semi-detached houses became merged into Windsor Terrace as the town developed

Numbers 33 and 34 were originally built as two semi-detached houses but “became integrated” into  a larger terrace.

In the 1920s or 1930s the ground floor residential rooms were converted into commercial premises and their front elevations extended. In the 1970s there were further internal adaptations

The rear parking area will no longer be available to commercial premises

The former internal staircases to 34 Windsor Terrace will be removed – with a new atrium staircase being attached to the rear of the building.

The rear car parking space – which is currently used by neighbouring commercial premises – is to be designated parking solely for the use of the new flats.


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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Here we go again. This is a conservation area. The town council and the Vale council should be protecting and enhancing our unique historic environment so I hope they oppose this. Although this building has already been comprised at ground level these alterations are a step too far and will stand out as an aberration on the terrace. Why is there a need to make structural alterations to the building exterior to create a few flats?

    • Conor Llewelyn says:

      Here we go again. Something else that Anne Greagsby doesn’t like. Heaven help us if she were elected, Penarth would be paralysed by negativity. Tell us where you stand on promotion of the Welsh language and an independent Wales Ms. Greagsby. I’m not holding my breath.

  2. penarthblog says:

    I think this development looks ok and fits in and is sympathetic with the other buildings in the area.

  3. The Bookbinder says:

    The building is part of a terrace and the frontage at first floor and second floor levels need to remain the same.
    Altering the buildings frontage is unnecessary. There is no point in having a conservation area if it allowed to be constantly eroded. The proposed alterations do not enhance the area.

  4. Local Eye says:

    Should read I Agree!

  5. sjleworthy says:

    i certainly think it looks completely out of keeping white-washed like that

  6. says:

    This is similar to the development of”Etc” opposite the cons club. Restaurant below and flats upstairs. Although according to the flats’ residents the noise levels coming from the diners downstairs music are very high. I don’t think that will be a problem at the Mint and Mustard premises.

  7. Andrew Worsley says:

    I liked ‘I ag’ better though Local E !that should read Eye.

  8. Andrew Worsley says:

    The town I used to live in was eroded bit by bit by the local Council , it used to have a number of special buildings that it eventually knocked down , one at a time . As my brother pointed out at the time , when the Council wish to remove a building even if its some listed building , they board it up etc wait till it begins to erode from neglect then knock it down as it classed as too expensive to restore and its become a danger to the public . Their was only a small handful of building so iconic they dare not touch but most of the rest was wiped out . The funny or ironic thing was after they had destroyed or removed most of these old building , they erected some signposts around town made to look olde worlde that now were out of place and really a mockery.

  9. Peter says:

    Go for it looks better

  10. Sleeve says:

    Pandora Cafe

  11. Peter Church says:

    This looks fine. If some of you had their way Windsor road shops wouldn’t be there either, just houses with front gardens. or maybe that was too much and you would prefer just open fields.

    • Vincent says:

      It doesn’t look fine at all. It will be totally out of keeping in Windsor Terrace. On top of the conservation issue, this ‘very minor’ development will put another 5-10 cars on Penarth’s already choking roads. But hey-ho, let’s carry on turning the ‘Garden by the Sea’ into an urban jungle.

    • penarthblog says:

      I think it looks fine too.

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