The store formerly known as Blockbuster-at 38 Windsor Road as it looked last night

The familiar Blockbuster signage above the former video rental premises at the junction of Windsor Road and Hickman Road is being taken down in moves to spruce-up the appearance of the empty  property.

The premises at 38 Windsor Road were let on a 15 year lease to the Swansea-based BrewStone restaurant chain in February 2015 but there’s been a long delay in renovating and re-fitting because the firm is juggling “other priorities”.

Blockbuster as it was before bankruptcy forced the company’s closure

Now BrewStone say they are likely to revise the plans they originally submitted for the new bar/restaurant and are considering submitting a different scheme for the prominent corner premises.

Eva Longoria was delighted to see an iconic Blockbuster branch in Penarth

In its last hurrah, the vintage Blockbuster signage became something of a tourist attraction for  the town – or at least it was for Hollywood star Eva Longoria when she was filming last year in Penarth.

In the USA  Blockbuster signage has long since vanished from America’s town centres – and for Eva , the sight of Penarth’s old Blockbuster logos was such a novelty, she insisted on stopping her limousine for one last look at what was once the icon of 1980s home-entertainment.

Now the Blockbuster signage that she enjoyed seeing has been taken down, and is being replaced with “temporary plain white frontage” to tidy up the premises, pending the revisions to BrewStone’s planned new restaurant  – which are still in gestation.

What the new BrewStone restaurant was intended to look like in the former Blockbuster premises  . Now the plans are being re-considered

No target date is yet available for the opening of the new restaurant.

Domino’s Pizza had earlier applied for – and received – planning permission for a pizza takeaway in the same premises but then changed its corporate mind and pulled out.

BrewStone’s proposals for the site then followed Domino’s and were also approved by the Vale of Glamorgan Council .

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  1. Peter P. says:

    Oops, Eva Longoria’s dress is the wrong way round!

  2. Whilst im sure once finally open they will be great – im always suprised that councils dont put deadlines on developments to stop empty buildings being sat there?
    We enquired about the building as the Dominos deal was done – so it wasnt available then..
    they obvs pull out and its been sat there since.
    Im sure brewstone have best intentions but its been “Years” even if it were white boxed down stairs and rented out short term to pop ups / exhibitions that would be a better use whilst they decide what they are going to do with it?

  3. Louise C says:

    Many businesses are rethinking their investment plans, post brexit referendum.

    • The Goldsmith says:

      Every business worth its salt is constantly reviewing its plans on a short, medium and long term basis ongoing. Brexit will bring some amazing opportunities.
      I don’t quite see what Brexit has to do with a restaurant, anyone trying to book a restaurant on a Saturday or Friday night know’s they are doing well and you have to book early.
      My business’s income has risen and been strong post Brexit.
      The UK is a nation of businesses, the UK business community is strong and vibrant.

      • Vicky M says:

        Good to hear that you business is growing but Brexit hasn’t actually happened yet.

      • RetailGuru says:

        Glad to hear that business has increased for you. I think that it’s too early to really feel the effect of Brexit, hence your increase in business is probably a result of something that you’re doing rather than the Brexit effect.

        Trouble is…. in the short term the prices of imported goods are already rising for most businesses. This is leading to less consumer demand; note the recent overall fall in retail sales reported widely.

        In the long term it’s looking likely that we’ll have a hard Brexit and a major spat with Europe; therefore the likely imposition of tariffs will lead to further uncertainty, increased prices, the restriction of markets and inevitably recession.

        Even the restaurant’s won’t be safe!

    • Windsor in my view says:

      Yep, and mine is expanding 🙂

    • JTR69 says:

      … and the crippling business rates rise.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    Icon of ’90s entertainment maybe, Blockbuster did not open in the UK until 1989…

  5. Peter Church says:

    How about another blingy restaurant, where the food comes with pre installed instagram filters?
    You could call it etc etc.

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