Half a dozen gardeners have been digging-in wildflowers and herbaceous plants on Penarth Town Clock roundabout – which was left as bare earth by the council for most of last year

It’s obviously a pure coincidence, but Vale of Glamorgan parks staff have been out in force in the last 24 hours carrying out planting on the Penarth’s iconic Clock Roundabout – just a week ahead of the council elections on May 4th.

Last year the Vale Council hadn’t bothered about the roundabout at all, and had left it as bare barren ground – despite angry local residents pointing out that the town has always had a time-honoured tradition of attractive floral displays there throughout the summer.

Last year local residents rolled up their sleeves and planted marigolds and primroses on the roundabout in the absence of any council cultivation. The unofficial plants were removed.

Some local residents got so fed-up with the sight of scorched earth – and with the Labour-controlled Vale Council’s limp excuses –  (the limpest being that they had to wait until sockets had been put in place for the December Christmas tree display) –  local amateur gardeners  took matters into their own hands and covertly planted marigolds there.

In no time at all the Vale Council teams came back to mascerate the rogue marigolds and spray weedkiller on the soil to deter any other unauthorised plants which might dare to poke their heads above ground.

However now, with local elections looming ever closer, the climate has evidently changed and no fewer than 6 council gardeners  have been at work getting some urgent planting done.

The policy now is to  move away from installing traditional bedding displays to planting wildflowers and herbaceous plants instead  – which need relatively little attention.

Four successive beds of blue flowers blooming in Alexandra Park have “no political connotations”PDN has been told.

Meanwhile in Alexandra Park there is a striking display of colourful blue flowers in every one of the four main flower beds at the park entrance .

A council staff member , who did not want to be named,  said the colour chosen was “strictly apolitical” .

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    What a surprise! We planted marigolds and the council came and sprayed them with weedkiller. Now maybe they could send the gardeners to Westhouse to repair the damage done by their secret ‘momentum’ group and replace those gaudy chair legs planted in the flower beds. And could they please not chop the beautiful tree in front of Westhouse down…..

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Alexandra Park is the “jewel in the crown”-have sometimes contacted the Council about the risks of not closing the gates overnight-gates are closed now but some of the railings at the Seabank entrance have been removed meaning anyone can walk in day or night!.I also think there are serious safety issues caused by the lack of traffic control, the uneven pavements and particularly the roundabout where Tesco traffic joins Windsor Road-I predict there will be a serious accident involving pedestrians unless this road layout is re-designed.

  3. Conor Llewelyn says:

    Another try Anne. What’s your stance on publicly funding the promotion of the Welsh language? What are your views on Wales independence? Entirely legitimate questions to ask a Plaid Cymru candidate. Why so secret?

    • Mgg says:

      Watch you don’t get an abusive personal email.

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        Shall I publish the content of your email to me in which you told me to f*** off?! As labours unelected chair of the momentum secret group perhaps you can explain what those painted wooden things are doing in the front garden of Westhouse. And when will that dreadful concrete ended bench be moved from our town centre and replaced with a traditional bench?

      • whatsoccurin says:

        must we have these posts just before election times-I know PDN is essential reading for all political firebrands, but it seems like us non-political types are gate crashing a private party. Come on!-play nicely!!

      • penarthblog says:

        (Bercow voice). Do Calm down man, you’ll have a heart attack! Lol!

    • Reece Jones Parry Hughes says:

      Well said there Conor Llewelyn. You a boyo after my own heart.

      I too need to know how Plaid Cymru will spend tax payers money supporting the fine and lovely Welsh Language. We should insist that everyone who enters Penarth (or Pynwrth as it will be known) fully understands Welsh.
      There will be Welsh/Cymru inspectors accompanying everyone in Pynwrth and will help them shop in the medium of Welsh.
      They will translate all conversations into Welsh and write them down.
      This will provide work for over 4 thousand people and will only cost £87.9m/Year for the Vale.
      A moderate Welsh Language precept of 180% is all that is required.

      #Forwards through Welsh.
      #Methu trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

      • Conor Llewelyn says:

        RJPH, your rather offensive mickey take presumes to anticipate my own views on the issues of the Welsh language and Wales independence. I can only assume that you are making a judgement based on my name. If so, that is rather foolish. Mr Moorcraft, my post has as much to do with this article as does Anne Greagsby gripe about a “secret momentum group”. Her candidacy is endorsed by Plaid Cymru which has strong views on the language and independence. It is entirely reasonable to ask her own views on the subjects but that is her own little secret. Could it be that she can’t risk offending members of her own party and, at the same time, the cynics like RJPH? All things to all people.

    • David Moorcraft says:

      C L – What’s your post got to do with the article ? And we need more campaigners like Anne G. !

  4. RetailGuru says:

    Anne Greagsby (and other candidates) – when are you going to have a public “Question Time” debate for all of us to attend and ask questions, rather than trawling door-to-door with stupid leaflets and making pointless videos? Come on, throw down the gauntlet, show your steel and have a public debate with US, THE VOTERS.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    A vote for Plaid Cymru is a wasted vote. They poll less than 10% in any ward.

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