Avalon Antiques in Victoria Road Penarth, is not only a local mecca for antique collectors but also a frequent  tv and film location. The business is to move out of Penarth in June

Penarth’s largest antique shop – Avalon Antiques – is to close its premises in Victoria Road in June and move to a new location in the Penarth Road Pumping Station.

Avalon has been trading for over 8 years at Victoria Road – next door to the Igam Ogam shoe shop.

Avalon Antiques buys and sells antiques

It’s run by retired mining engineer Mr Stephen Cox and his wife Gitti,who say the shop overheads – including  monthly rental of £1,000 and monthly business rates of £250 make it uneconomical to continue trading in Penarth.

Avalon Antiques is well known in the antiques business and has been a location for several tv programmes ranging from the BBC Antiques Road Show  and an S4C drama series to “Crimewatch” – where it was the stand-in location for the recreation of a London antique-shop robbery.

Avalon will close its doors in Penarth for the last time on June 21st when the current lease expires.

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  1. JTR69 says:

    So sad that business rates are crippling small businesses- or any business for that matter.
    Why tax an entity that creates jobs and wealth?
    They should be scrapped and let businesses thrive.

  2. JTR69 says:

    Before you ask how this is paid for..
    Business rates income = £28bil
    an increase in VAT of 5% replaces this exactly.

  3. RetailGuru says:

    Sadly, business rates ARE crippling businesses in Penarth. And what do the businesses get for their monthly ransoms? Not much I’d say…. A business rates revolution needs to take place, to make it an even playing field for all businesses.

    The last review, conducted by Brian Rees, I think(?), made some wide ranging recommendations – but the Welsh Government were ultimately too scared of the backlash so nothing changed.

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