Plaid Cymru candidates Anne Greagsby and Aled Thomas ventured onto the front lawn of the Labour-run Penarth Town Council’s HQ to film a tv appeal to save the  healthy Robinia tree in the front of West House that the council wants to have felled .

With just one week of  campaigning to go before the May 4th council elections, candidates have been taking to the streets – and even Penarth Council’s front lawn – to get their message across.

Plaid Cymru candidates Anne Greagsby and Aled Thomas have dared take their metaphorical tanks onto the lawn of Penarth Town Council’s HQ at West House in Stanwell Road – where  the current Labour administration will remain in power until the day after polling day.

The two Plaid candidates wanted to draw attention to Penarth Council’s somewhat rocky track record on tree-preservation in the town  – and specifically the council’s declared intention to fell the picturesque – and annoyingly healthy –  Robinia tree which graces the front portal of West House.

To that end they had the effrontery to setup their camera on the current Labour administration’s home turf and shoot a campaign video pleading for the tree to be spared the socialist axe. [The roots of the Robinia are reported to be playing havoc with the drains of the West Wing of Penarth’s very own ‘White House’]

The video – which has a truly terrible sound track – can be seen on https://vimeo.com/214693068

Cllr Clive Williams (Penarth First Independents) surveys the fly-tipped rubbish – including an old mattress, deposited in a back lane in Stanwell Ward .  The rubbish has been left lying there for 2 years. The Penarth First Independents say if they are elected it’ll be gone in 4 weeks

Meanwhile the Penarth First Independent candidates have been homing in on the graffiti-embellished back-lanes in Stanwell Ward –  between Earl Road and the Victoria Garage – where  fly-tipping is continuing to be a problem .

Cllr Clive Williams – (standing in Plymouth Ward) and his colleague Tony Harris, (who is standing in  Stanwell Ward)  say that some of the accumulated rubbish in the lane has been left there for more that 2 years  – and that local Labour councillor Mark Wilson has done nothing about it. [Cllr Wilson however, has hit back, saying this fly-tipping has already been reported by him to the Vale of Glamorgan Council.]

Mr Harris has pledged that if he is elected for Stanwell Ward – all the fly tipping in the back lanes of Earl Road will be removed within 4 weeks.

Knock-knock: “Hello! Guess who’s come to call?  Can we have your vote please?” . Labour candidates Ruba Sivagnanam, a worried-looking Neil Thomas, Nigel Humphrey and Liz Fahy are accompanied on the campaign stomp by Cardiff South and Penarth Assembly Member Vaughan Gething

Meanwhile – even though politicians on Penarth’s doorsteps are about as welcome these days as Jehovah’s Witnesses  – Labour candidates are continuing to take selfies of each other as they methodically knock on every front door in the town.

The polls open at 07:00 on Thursday May 4th and close at 22.00 hours.



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  1. penarthblog says:

    I’ll vote for a party after extensive on line research, examining the policies. Who knows some of the things they say may even be true!

  2. ARThomas says:

    LOL. Vote Plaid Let’s get it done!
    Tanks all the way!


  4. Dawn French says:

    Who has the mobility scooter? Dreadful, dangerous contraptions. The people that own them think they have the right of way, they damage pavements and property. They should be taxed. Whats wrong with being housebound?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      “Diplaying” or “affixing” of Election Posters on Council Property is not permitted by the Returning Officer of the Vale or the Electoral Commission. This could result in a fine or disqualification of the candidate.

  5. Matt says:

    Labour walked right passed my house and only called on the houses that had Labour posters or placards. Such as shame as I really wanted to tell them how awful Lis and Gwyn had been and how I would never consider voting Labour purely because of them.

    Sadly, I get the feeling that Labour feel all they need to do in St Augustine’s is mobilise the die-hard, life-long Labour voters (and those on the Labour gravy train) to win the ward despite Lis and Gwyn’s arrogance, laziness and contempt for the people here. Worst councillors ever!

    • Local Eye says:

      Well we are just counting our blessings knowing that Ms Burnett is on her way from St. Augustines to Stanwell. We have a week to go for sense to prevail. There are some interesting candidates so why not give the indies a go.

  6. Blue says:

    The video is awful – barely audible – and Anne asks people to vote for “Anne” and “Aled” rather than for Plaid Cymru. Why are none of the other Plaid candidates in Penarth mentioned?

    Looking back over the coverage of the Robinia tree by PDN it seems that the tree is damaging the drains of West House and might damage the foundations and/or walls. If that happened would Anne be moaning about the loss of a building in Penarth? It could be very expensive to remedy; Anne would then be moaning about the cost to ratepayers.

    The notion that there is a Labour plot against the trees in Penarth is laughable and to present the argument in a video as amateurish as “Penarth Plaid’ have done takes bathos to a new low. If they can’t make a decent 30 second video outlining their case or policies are they really capable of “saving Penarth”?

    • aledrobertt says:

      Hello Blue.
      Thanks for criticising my phone’s video camera. Sorry that I don’t have expensive filming equipment. I am only a student and cannot afford to hire/buy BBC style cameras.
      The other Plaid candidates aren’t mentioned because they are not there.
      The other Plaid candidates are campaigning for issues that effect their ward so this is why they are not mentioned in this particular post.
      They are working tirelessly for the interests of the people living in the ward they are standing.
      Penarth Daily News does an excellent job of facilitating news across Penarth and would probably be willing to report on their campaigns as well.

      Aled Thomas.
      Plaid Cymru Vice Chairman

      • Blue says:

        Your video will not appeal to voters or inspire confidence in you as candidates. You have shown poor judgement in making it and releasing it. All smartphones come with basic video editing apps; learn how to use one before embarrassing yourselves and Plaid Cymru again.

      • Mgg says:

        Save the tree . Rebuild the sewers at extradinary cost . Oh and trample on the other plants while you are there. Whats your views on independance and the Welsh language. .

      • aledrobertt says:

        No good being Anti-Welsh, Mgg.
        I see no harm in supporting a stronger voice for Wales as well as supporting the Welsh Language. I am proud of being bilingual. The Welsh Language shouldn’t be a political issue anyway. Remember that the Welsh language has been part of this country for centuries and it is the native language of Wales. Plaid Cymru protects the interests of the Welsh Language but don’t believe in forcing it – only encouraging it. I don’t understand why people should feel ashamed of being Welsh speakers.

  7. Cllr Mark Wilson says:

    Cllr Clive Williams I have reported this. I have a transaction number with Contact One Vale. Always happy to talk and work for the community. Kind regards Mark Wilson. For those who want help or information please contact me via the Vale of Glamorgan website.

  8. HRH The Duchess of Penarth says:

    One would like to know Anne Greagsby views on the Royal Family. Also where dose the Irish woman stand on Welsh independents?

    • LJS says:

      Difficult to pin Annie down as you know… she won’t answer questions on the Welsh language, or on the fact that she was on the electoral roll in Ely within the last year. Presumably she wants Her Majesty to lose her head as do the rest of Plaid Cymru. PC moan on about Brexit but would be happy to lose the revenue the Royal Family bring to the UK.
      In the picture, Aled appears to be trying to push the tree onto Annie.

    • 92 and a social butterfly says:

      Have we met dear?

  9. Peter Church says:

    This is the funniest videos that I have ever seen!

    It is truly shocking quality. I have no idea what is being said, but it looks ridiculous.
    Has the PR for this tree campaign been organised by Page1WorldBlog and filmed by Fritz O’Skennick productions.

  10. The Tax payer says:

    What can you say to a pair like this ? Can I walk you home as it’s getting late 😎

  11. RetailGuru says:

    Anne Greagsby (and other candidates) – when are you going to have a public “Question Time” debate for all of us to attend and ask questions, rather than trawling door-to-door with stupid leaflets and making pointless videos? Come on, throw down the gauntlet, show your steel and have a public debate with US, THE VOTERS.

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Yes. Bring it on!

      • RetailGuru says:

        Great! Come on other candidates, show your courage like Anne. Or are you falling silent when the pressure is really on?

      • Mgg says:

        Let’s have the debate by email

      • Mgg says:

        Save the tree . Rebuild the sewers at extradinary cost . Oh and trample on the other plants while you are there. Whats your views on independance and the Welsh language. .-

      • Mgg says:

        I assume you have set up such a debate ? Where and when?

  12. The Tax payer says:

    Just seen the video and this has made my day. 😎 Please don’t tell us this is an example of both your skills which will resolve the problems in Penarth ??? 😎😎

  13. Lm says:

    Go for it
    I also love people who are trying to protect trees
    I have already voted Plaid and Green
    We need an alternative to this useless Labour council!
    And we need people who care about our environment
    Penarth is a disgrace on entry all you can see is those hideous flats on the hill!

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