Patrick’s Newsagents’ and Off-licence in Plassey St, Penarth – as it looked before it was closed in 2014

A planning application has been made to change a vacant former convenience store on the corner of Plassey St and High St Penarth into a launderette.

The premises are the former “Patrick’s” newsagents  and off-licence which the applicant,  Mr Petr Kolar,  states has been empty for 5 years. [ In fact the premises have been closed since 2014 following a robbery by a man armed with an iron bar ].

There would be no major changes to the exterior of the premises but there would be an internal re-fit to create the new laundromat.

The application has yet to be considered by Penarth Town Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council


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  1. Windsor in my view says:

    It’s great that another business will be filling the empty site.

    I’m just not sure where people will park when dropping off/picking up washing though.

    As there is a crossing outside I’m sure we’ll see cars parked across that or double parked blocking pedestrians view. Bit like the people wanting chips up the road. It’ll be an acident waiting to happen.

    Good luck to the shop bringing jobs to the area

  2. Mgg says:

    Sorry officer my drying was up. That excuse just won’t wash lad. !

  3. BigPooPski says:

    It’s a launderette, not laundry I think you have to stay there and use the machines yourself

  4. H Gusset says:

    Oh how common. What on earth is the Eastern European au pair for if not keeping one’s laundry arrangements in order? Penarth really is on a downward slope. I blame the council.

    • Maggie says:

      How common? Im really sorry but people like you whos got it in their head penarth is for the posh only is really disturbing. You look down on people and thats the reason penarth is on the down!

  5. Dave says:

    With the laundrette that we have in penarth (which i will never use again) this i would welcome very much

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