David Rhys Wilton (Plaid Cymru Candidate for Cornerswell Ward) points out the vandalism and graffiti at Penarth Leisure Centre – owned by the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council

With only four days to go before new Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town councils are elected, campaigning in Penarth is continuing apace with some candidates now homing-in on specific ward issues.


The condition of the Penarth Leisure Centre  – for which the Vale Council  is  responsible  has come in for criticism from Plaid Cymru.

Plaid Cymru candidate for Cornerswell Lewis Greenaway

Cornerwell Ward candidates David Rhys Wilton and Lewis Greenaway have drawn attention to graffiti-daubed walls and to the epidemic of antisocial behaviour in the area in a  campaign video. The video can be seen on YouTube by clicking on  http://tinyurl.com/mejwhym

The Leisure Centre is owned by the Vale of Glamorgan Council but is operated under contract by Legacy Leisure – a subsidiary of Parkwood Leisure.

The Labour-run Vale Council is  to spend  £1,022,000 installing politically-correct “mixed gender”  or “all gender” wet and dry changing rooms at the Leisure Centre – replacing the deteriorating gender-specific changing facilities which had been there since the Centre first opened. A PDN poster has informed us that this work has still not begun .

The council had also promised to improve the vandalised skateboard facilities outside the centre.


Cllr Anthony Ernest (Standing as an Independent Plymouth Ward for the Vale and Penarth Town Council) is concerned about the state of Penarth’s pavements

Meanwhile the state of Penarth’s pavements has come under scrutiny by former Penarth Mayor Cllr Anthony Ernest who is standing in this election as an Independent candidate in Plymouth Ward for both the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town Council.  

Cllr Ernest says over the last few weeks he has “walked Plymouth Ward from end to end meeting hundreds of residents on the way, I have been appalled at the state of many of the pavements, which in some cases have risen as a direct result of tree root action by as much as 2 feet above a level surface”.

He’s also noted similar problems in  Archer Road, Plymouth Road and Park Road. Cllr. Ernest says that one of his top priorities if re-elected, would be to rectify the state of the pavements in Plymouth Ward.


Today’s Welsh Liberal Democrat propaganda sheet “Focus on Penarth” says the Labour Vale Council has had to pay out £200,000 in compensation for poor roads and pavements.

The Welsh Liberal Democrats are also homing in on the state of the roads and pavements in Penarth.

Their campaign newsletter – issued today – says the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council has spent £200,000 in compensation in respect of claims made against the council for poor road and pavement maintenance – but isn’t specific about exactly where, and over what period the payments have been made .


Conservative candidates in Cornerswell Ward  are Ken Lloyd – who used to work for the Royal Mint at Llantrisant and Dorothy Turner, who  previously served on both South Glamorgan Council and the Vale of Glamorgan Council. She is married to former Penarth Mayor Cllr Martin Turner and their  daughter -Mrs Kathryn McCaffer – is a candidate in Plymouth Ward

The Conservative Party says its local election candidates in Penarth are “out knocking doors in their respective wards and talking to voters about their concerns” and reports that “response that our canvassers on the doorsteps is good ;  many are impressed with our candidates, and many more say they will be using their vote to get Labour out.”

As was perhaps inevitable the local election campaign is already becoming conflated with the campaign for the General Election [ due on June 8th].

A party spokesman says  “Local people are not only unimpressed with the Labour town and county council, but with their local MP too. Stephen Doughty’s poor constituency performance is raised on the doorsteps unprompted.”



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  1. Marcus says:

    Interesting item however no change in the dire changing rooms at Penarth leisure centre unless l have missed something!

    • NewsNet says:

      Marcus : I’m afraid PDN staff do not regularly attend the leisure centre – so we didn’t know that this much-vaunted work has evidently not started yet

    • Philip Rapier says:

      I understand this reprieve for the “Banksy” at the Penarth Leisure Centre Olympic Standard International Euro Skateboard Park is the responsibility of the ” Cabinet Member for Llantwit Major.”

      Apparently because this rare piece of townscape Art is not listed as a County Treasure the Vale’s Arts and Culture Spokesperson has said it cannot be demolished.

      “Unfortunately it is not on the County Treasure List so we cannot demolish the Penarth Banksy Wall”.

      “Of course were the Cogan Banksy a County Treasure we would in accordance with the Vale Council’s Policy consider it our duty and indeed a pleasure to destroy it immediately”

      “We stand by our culture record which is an endless loop of an analogue version of Nigel Kennedy playing Vivaldi’s Four Season when you are waiting to be put through to the non existent Arts Dept ” (Closed due to the Vale’s only Arts Centre on Penath Pier awaiting Lottery Funding)

  2. Craig howell says:

    The vog own penarth leisure centre but it’s run by someone else, sounds like another way out of responsibility if it falls on bad times.

  3. Mark Foster says:

    The male changing rooms at the Penarth Leisure Centre are the responsibility of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and are a disgrace, so bad that it puts you off wanting to go there to swim. I’ve used swimming pool changing rooms in better condition and healthier in third world places in Indonesia and Africa.

  4. Chris Williamson says:

    The tree problem is caused by pollarding the trees, the trees go into stress and expand their root systems to what you see now.

  5. aledrobertt says:

    Excellent work. Well done.

  6. Ella says:

    The company running the leisure centre should be responsible for cleaning the graffiti and maintaining areas. I think it’s disgusting that council money is being used to fund the changing room project too. Perhaps more information and clarity should’ve been given and made public on what exactly was included in the contract in the first place, particularly as I understand that they didn’t even go in with the highest bid to run the facility. When Parkwood took over the leisure centre they literally ripped things out and threw it all in a skip a complete waste of perfectly useable items.

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