Penarth in 1935 – when there was so little traffic it was safe to push a pram along Windsor Road

A fascinating movie of the South Wales Coast – which shows Penarth as it was in 1935 –  has been put on line by the British Film Institute.

The film – curated by the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales – was shot by brothers  George and Maurice Holley who worked as pharmacists in Cardiff  with George processing the films in his North Road shop.

Glebe St hasn’t changed very much since 1935. Longstaff’s “The Noted Bazaar” is where  Bruton’s Bakery is now  – and G Pugsley has the premises which are now the Image Boutique

The movie starts in Cardiff and then the brothers shoot a sequence in and around Penarth in the uncrowded, halcyon days before the Second World War.

We see Windsor Road, Glebe St , the Pier , the Esplanade, and the shore with scores of children bathing in the sea and enjoying the sunshine.

There’s parking outside the Pier in 1935 -and in the shadows on the right is the Esplanade Hotel

In 1935 the Pier Pavilion was only 5 years old

Bathers enjoying the sunshine on the Penarth beach slipway in 1935

National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales is an organisation charged with preserving the “moving image heritage of Wales”

You can see the whole movie by clicking on this link :-

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3 Responses to PRE-WAR PENARTH ON FILM – IN 1935

  1. Philip Rapier says:

    Thank you so much PDN for reproducing this most excellent Archive material from the British Film Institute.
    You are doing PACL ‘s job for them as usual- it is so sad because so much could be achieved if only they would adhere to the Mission Statement they promised the Charity Commission-

    “To enhance the cultural life of the People of Penarth”

    P.S.Is that my Grandads Model T Ford being booked for being illegally parked in Windsor Road

    • Frank Evans says:

      Is that you in the photo in the swimming costume in your younger days. If not its either Anthony Earnest or Sir Clive Williams KBE OBE Knight Commander Day Ranger (off peak only)

  2. BigPooPski says:

    Penarth looks so nice back then no pot holes no litter What happened?

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