Bill Rees has been named as the Conservative candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth Parliamentary Constituency in the June 8th General Election

The Conservative Party has named a Welsh business executive –  Bill Rees –  as its 2017 General Election candidate for the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency.

Mr Rees who “grew up milking cows in West Wales” is of head of commercial, UK and Ireland distributed energy at Centrica – the parent company of British Gas.

He graduated with a BSc in economics at Warwick University and then took a Master of Philosophy degree at Selwyn College, Cambridge.Mr Rees comes from the Pembrey area of Carmarthenshire and is a married man with children.

In the 2015 General Election the Conservative Party had fielded Emma Warman as candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth. She was a councillor, primary school governor,  compliance officer for a multi-national insurance broker in the City of London and deputy chairman of LGBTory.

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  1. Lynne Price-Haskins says:

    We need to do our very best and keep the selfservitive Tories out of Cardiff South and Penarth. Stephen Doughty has my full support. He is local and not someone drafted in from other parts of the country. Let’s keep our MP’s local.

    • snoggerdog says:

      loco ?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Wow !! Brilliant own goal by the Tories!!
      Stephen Doughty must be delighted!

      I would be equally delighted to see Mr. Rees challenged to a live Public Debate in Penarth with Stephen Doughty on the subject of ENERGY BILLS

      This will assure Stephen Doughty’s safe return to Westminster for Labour Coop with

      CENTRICA -BRITISH GAS opposing capping the energy Bills of the OAP’S in Cardiff South and Penarth and elsewhere, potentially keeping them in fuel poverty is a very serious matter and one on which the shrewd electorate will ultimately decide .that they vote for Stephren Doughty

      Perhaps Bill Rees will write to PDN tell us which of his supervisors he supports in this matter

      or TORY PM TERESA MAY and the Barry Dock boy himself DAMIAN GREEN who do?

      Come on Mr. Rees how about that ENERGY debate with Mr. Doughty!

      Consider the statements below from the Independent.

      From the Independent 25 April 2017

      “The chief executive of Centrica has said that the proposed price cap on energy bills would have the potential to turn the owner of British Gas into a loss-making business.
      Speaking to the BBC’s Today Programme, Iain Conn said that the company’s average margin after tax is just £52 per customer, meaning that Centrica would “absolutely be losing money” if the proposed cap comes into effect and would have to “address” its costs and “look at service”.

      “Over the weekend, Damian Green, the Work and Pensions Secretary, confirmed that the Government would cap energy prices if it wins the general election in June. It’s believed that the plans could cut gas and electricity costs by £100 a year for as many as 17 million families.”

      ” Theresa May proposes to slash £100 off energy bills UK households face billion pound energy bill Ministers have in recent months toughened their stance on energy suppliers after five of the big six energy providers announced price increases of up to 10 per cent.Theresa May last month vowed to crack down on spiralling energy prices saying that “the market is not working as it should”.

    • Ann Other says:

      !. I have no evidence that the gentleman in question is ‘selfservitive’, whatever that may mean, and nor, I suspect, do you.
      2. Does Mr Doughty have any local interests? Can you think of any consistent ones? He seems mainly motivated by a desire to parade himself as a jolly virtuous chap by (ludicrously, for a common-or-garden MP) opposing the democratically elected president of the USA, Mr Trump, and by other similar means.
      3. Since I am sure you, as a sensible person, could not imagine or wish to inhabit a country led by the Neanderthal and regressive socialist Corbyn, you would not be able to advocate voting for any of his underlings unless you knew in your heart of hearts that you would not be irresponsibly and immorally inflicting Corbyn as prime minister on the public of this country.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    Wasn’t Doughty drafted in from ‘outside’ himself after being a spad? Only had a convenient, quasi real job with Oxfam for a few months before he was ‘selected’ as a candidate by pressure from mentor Alun Michael on the labour senior hierarchy. So hardly a fair selection process, more a fix ignoring the local party. The real local candidate is the plaid candidate who lives and works in Cardiff.

  3. John64 says:

    What is important here, is not where any candidate lives but does he or she have knowledge of the constituency and where he or she intends to live if elected. I understand that Mr Rees was only selected yesterday afternoon and so it’s hardly fair to attack him on these grounds. I’m sure, as with all candidates, he will make his intentions clear over the coming days / weeks.

  4. BigPooPski says:

    lol that’s the best joke I heard in ages vote for Doughty lololol

    • Lynne Price-Haskins says:

      Anyone is better than a Tory. That is why I am proud to be voting Labour. I am disabled and the Tories have never done anything for likes of me, they have degraded us and put us out on the street., caused suicides with their disastrous welfare reforms. No person with a heart a soul can vote for the selfservitive.
      I joined the Labour Party because their policies cater for all and not just the elitist.

  5. Chris David says:

    All I know is we need a change from Labour in Wales. For now I’d settle with a change in the VoG, independents should be given a go and then see what’s on offer in the general.

  6. Arthur King says:

    Smacks of selection from an imposed list. Were there no local candidates?

  7. The Dairy Farmer says:

    Come on is someone having a laugh ?…. if we are ever going to get rid of DeDeDeDoughty the Tories need to select a realistic opponent who will appeal to our dear neighbour’s in Llanrumney
    This chap they have picked is going nowhere fast except back to Centrica. Which shower of Tories picked Mr Rees – they obviously should get out more and see what is happening in the streets. This is a golden opportunity lost even
    before the election.

  8. Matthew says:

    Anyone would get my vote over Doughty! He isn’t interested in any local issues, I cant think of anything he has actually done for this area?

    Mr Doughty isn’t local either he grew up in Llantwit Major I went to school with him! He should be going for Vale of Glamorgan constituency but he would have no chance of winning that!

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