The chairman of Penarth Civic Society James Long (centre) with Anne Evans (left) and Society Treasurer Chris Wyatt

There have been more developments in the crisis involving Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – (a.k.a. PACL) which leases Penarth Pier Pavilion from the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council .

Professor Anthony Hazell, chairman of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd

Penarth Civic Society – the non-political voluntary organisation which seeks to safeguard Penarth’s architectural and cultural heritage – has now written to Professor Anthony Hazell, chairman of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd.

[PDN Note: Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd has apparently run into a cash crisis –  and at the end of February took the controversial decision to close the Pavilion’s integral cinema entirely and close the Pavilion itself on three days a week].

The Civic Society’s letter aims to “establish a meaningful dialogue with PACL in which real, positive action is taken” and is said to suggest ways in which the current situation can be resolved and the long-term future of the Pavilion and its integral cinema secured.

So far, Professor Hazell has not replied to the Civic Society’s letter . The Society is now considering setting a deadline of Friday May 5th for a reply.

Penarth Pier Pavilion was once described as Penarth’s “Jewel in the Crown”

Meanwhile the Civic Society is also considering sending a copy of its letter to the Heritage Lottery Fund – which has largely bankrolled the Pavilion’s £4,200,000 renovation scheme and has just agreed a further £126,000 grant to Penarth Arts and Crafts to enable the ailing company to hire-in some professional advisors over the next 18 months.

It’s also understood that the chairman and secretary of the National Piers Society are prepared to come to Penarth to meet Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd  – although so far it doesn’t seem as though PACL has yet agreed to any such meeting .


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  1. As committed I wrote to HRH Prince Charles re the awful situation we face here re lack of accountability and use of public funding – more money now committed to help the same team who have led the pavilion with 50 trustees into near bankruptcy I suggest.
    His assistant has responded and advises in this situation HRH can’t get involved. I actually understand why he can’t although disappointing. Please publish your letter for all to see Civic Society with your suggestions as to the way forward. Old Chinese saying. If you smell a rat cut off the head not the tail. This cannot be left to be pushed under the carpet even if the cinema reopens. It’s too important an issue.

  2. Anne Greagsby says:

    The deadline for a reply from Prof Hazell should be before the election on the 4th May. Chris Wyatt, a labour party member, wrote the letter which as a committee member of the civic society I haven’t seen. We need more than a meaningful dialogue, we need them to disclose the true financial position and call for new management.

    • Exactly I asked for this in November 2016. Talking and writing reasonably won’t sort this. We have to get the lease exposed to review the break clause which the Vale has in there

  3. daft o"dull says:

    It certainly would appear that the lack of response by PACL would place PP in jeopardy commercially speaking.

    I would suggest that the Vale petition for a winding up order of PACL as it would appear they are unable to meet their obligations over the next 12 months. If they can then they should be made to prove they can.

    This is a perfectly normal procedure in the real commercial world.

    If there is any doubt over their ability to trade and meet their obligations re the 125 yr lease then it would be better to find out now rather than in 9 months time and stop further loses of cash from the lottery heritage fund.

    • Exactly, however we need to get a lawyer to bring the case: the people of Penarth v pacl to get this into the legal arena. However wellmeaning we all are, this is beyond polite letters and offers to meet. This now has to be a legal battle to get meaningful long term change and accountability.

  4. Chris Wyatt says:

    Anne Greagsby does not speak for the Penarth Civic Society and most of her views are completely at odds with those of her colleagues on the Society’s Executive Committee. I wrote to Professor Tony Hazell on behalf of the Civic Society on 26th April following an indication from Stephen Doughty MP after he had met with Professor Hazell that PACL was open to offers of help and advice. This letter was read out to Society members at the AGM on 27th April, including Ms Greagsby, and there were some proposals from the floor, including from Ms Greagsby, that the letter should be published immediately in the local media. I subsequently wrote via email to colleagues on our Executive Committee that I did not feel it would be fair to publish the letter until we had given PACL time to respond and asked for the other committee members views on this. This email was leaked to PDN and, since it was only sent to Executive Committee members, the inevitable conclusion is that it was a member of the committee who leaked the email. We are now investigating the source of the leak and will be taking appropriate action.
    I have never been a member of the Labour Party, to the best of my recollection I have never voted for the Labour Party and I do not see any circumstances in which I will ever vote for the Labour Party. However, the Civic Society is a non-political organisation and members of all parties are welcome provided they do not bring the Society into disrepute or act in a way contrary to the aims and objectives of the Society. Ms Greagsby’s assertion that I am a Labour Party member is typical of her repeated attempts to discredit her colleagues on the Executive Committee for reasons best known to herself.

  5. Chris. I empathise with your position however I don’t believe the civic society is the answer to the problem. It’s got to go to a barristers chamber

  6. Can we get a list of all those with outstanding invoices with PACL – if PACL owes you money please step forward and advise us

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