Cllr John Thomas (Conservative St Athan) Leader of the Conservative Group on the Vale of Glamorgan Council (left of picture) has denied an allegation by Cllr Anthony Ernest (Independent Plymouth Ward) that there has been “quiet acquiescence” by the Conservatives to the ruling Labour Group    

Cllr Anthony Ernest is standing for election as an Independent in Plymouth Ward 

A former Mayor of Penarth  Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward – but now standing for election in both the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth Town Council as an Independent) has accused his former party – the Conservatives –  of what he calls “quiet acquiescence” with the Labour Party over the past 5 years in the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Cllr Ernest says  “I think that Penarth has been very poorly treated in the last 5 years of Labour rule in the Vale, and this has not been helped by the quiet  acquiescence of Conservatives in the Vale, who have not put up much resistance to the onwards-march of Socialist inefficiencies, which is all too evident to those who are sufficiently interested“

Cllr John Thomas (Conservative St Athan) Leader of the Conservative Group on the Vale of Glamorgan Council

In response, the Leader of the Conservative Group on the Vale of Glamorgan Council , Cllr John Thomas (Conservative St Athan)  has flatly denied that there has any accommodation between Labour and the Conservative Party in the Vale Council over the last 5 years.

Cllr Thomas says “As far as I am concerned, as Leader of the [Conservative] Group, I’m not going to oppose everything that Labour propose – just because Labour have proposed it.  We oppose, when we see reason to oppose –  and we’ll support, if we think they are doing the right thing”

He went on the say “There has been  absolutely no agreement between us and the Labour Group . We have taken each issue on its merits and have voted accordingly”.

Cllr Thomas says “As I see it, it’s grown-up politics. The days when  issues were opposed, just because another group has proposed it are over . I don’t think the public appreciate that anyway, –  and we want to do the best for them. An awful lot of things that go on in the council, no matter who is in charge, would be the same,  and I can see no point whatsoever in opposing something for the sake of opposing it”.

On the Vale Council elections (taking place this week on Thursday May 4th)  Cllr Thomas said “Obviously we would like to take control. If that’s not possible, then hopefully we’ll be the biggest group and  be able to have a hand in running the council”.



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  1. Shirley Hodges says:

    I think Cllr Ernest makes a fair point. The Tories and Labour voted together to allow a massive incinerator on Barry Dock, they also voted together to make sure the Dinas Powys Bypass was not included in the Local Development Plan. Problem is though, I suspect Cllr Ernest would vote the same way as them given half a chance.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Elected Mayor is then the only way forward for the Vale and a petition for a Referendum may be requested by just 5% of the Electorate. A simple Majority Referendum puts one in place. The Mayor carries the can for the whole County and takes most of the flak

      I fully expect that it is inevitable we will see a Mayoral Petition launched here in the Vale quite soon.

      Selecting just 5 Cabinet Mewmbers instead of the permitted 9 has been most unwise

      This is made worse when one Cabinet Member is from the tiniest Minority Party in the Principality representing disproportionately one of the smallest connurbations in the County.— Llantwit Major the –74th largest– Town in Wales

      ( Downtown Dinas Powys is catching up fast at an already overcrowded 80th)—
      I have no idea whether the Tories or Plaid were invited to join the Cabinet.
      I suspect they were but declined. A real pity if that has been the case whatever the reason.
      The result has been very disappointing both in terms of public confidence and that the Far Left have gained plenty of Momentum in the Vale as a result..

      I am proud to say things were done differently at Penarth Town Council. Cross Party Cooperation was the norm, very constructive and ideas flowed freely with mutual respect..
      Of course all must now be judged on their results and the inevitable Party Political fallings out that hit the Headlines the most. —-and so they should!.

  2. I came to the conclusion very early on after being elected that the Conservatives were no opposition to the Labour administration whatsoever, I must admit to being quite surprised at their lack of holding the administration or it’s senior officers to account, it was left to the rest of us to challenge and question as the Conservatives either backed Labour policy or abstained in votes time after time.

    As just one recent example lets not forget the Conservatives backing the Labour party in voting against my motion for all councillors votes to be automatically recorded and displayed so that the public can examine their voting records, John Thomas of course being one of the most vocal in opposing this attempt at openess and transparency.

    I just got the impression that the Conservative group just felt that they were an adminstration in waiting and weren’t going to rock the boat.

    I do agree that councillors are not there to oppose every single item proposed if there is merit in those proposals but the Conservatives just abdicated any semblence whatsoever of effective intelligent scrutiny or checks and balance opposition in my opinion.

  3. Robert Jones says:

    So does that mean that that as a Conservative councillor Cllr Ernest was also not putting up much resistance as well ?

  4. Chris David says:

    I do wish we could get away from this grand and bogus reference to “cabinet”. Anyway I really do hope the labour lot are ousted so robustly they are completely marginalised in the future. Anti social self serving dictators. Give the independents a go at!

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