Typical traffic congestion in Plymouth Road, Penarth

Cars and traffic in the town  have emerged as one of the key local issues as the council election campaign in Penarth enters its last 24 hours.

Conservatives Cllr Wendy van den Brom and Cllr Martin Turner are both standing for election in St Augustine’s (Vale) and in Plymouth Ward (Penarth Town)

Former Mayor Cllr Martin Turner and running-mate Cllr Wendy van den Brom are calling for an increase in resident-only permit-controlled parking  in streets near Penarth Town and Dingle Railway Stations  where they allege commuters “inconvenience residents” by parking their cars all day. [The two Conservative candidates are standing for election to Penarth Town Council in Plymouth Ward and in St Augustine’s Ward for the Vale of Glamorgan].

Cllr Wendy van den Brom says “It’s a real inconvenience to residents when they can’t park outside their own home and have to abandon their car several streets away. We need more resident permit parking “. Cllr Turner says “Wendy and I want to be a strong voice for Penarth” [PDN Note: In fact Cllr van den Brom has actually said very little in Penarth council meetings over the last 5 years]

Cllr Anthony Ernest (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Meanwhile their former Conservative colleague Cllr Anthony Ernest [now standing as an Independent in Plymouth Ward for both the Vale Council and Penarth Town Council ] says a survey he has carried out indicates that traffic levels in Plymouth Road “are at saturation point at times” and “is being double parked by commuter and contractors vehicles” . If re-elected, he pledges to seek a formal report on the state of the highways in Plymouth Ward.

In a barb aimed at his former party colleagues he says Unfortunately the current Conservative councillors in the ward have let the situation get worse and worse whilst sitting back and doing nothing”.

Gary Allman who is standing for Penarth Town Council in St Augustine’s Ward

Simon Stranks: standing for Penarth Town Council in St Augustines’s Ward

Two Conservative candidates standing for Penarth Town Council in  St Augustine’s Ward who are not currently councillors,  – Gary Allman and Simon Stranks – have jointly promised to publish a “Five Year Plan for the Town Council within 100 days”  .

They also aim to hold annual public meetings, and will “endeavour to keep any increase in Community Charge” [ presumably, they mean the Penarth Town Precept] to no more than the level of inflation”. 

They are the only candidates PDN has yet been informed about who are proposing to cap the  Penarth Town Precept (part of the Vale of Glamorgan Council Tax Bill)  to the level of inflation  .

Cllr Mark Wilson (Labour Stanwell) (right) is introducing new Labour candidates to the Stanwell constituency Ellie Evans (centre) and wheel-chair user Jon Kenneth Luxton

The Labour Party is continuing to campaign actively or a large and well-organised scale and posting selfies of its campaigning activities on Twitter but  – unlike the other parties –  has to defend its record, –  and so appears to be avoiding raising specific local issues.

Instead, the party is making more generalised, anodyne  and  – critics would say – meaningless poll pledges,  such as that if elected, its councillors will “improve life in Penarth by promoting a vibrant, sustainable community focused town“, “listen to and act on your ideas for improvements” and to  “work in partnership with the Vale Council, Penarth businesses and local charities promoting our town” .

Daylight can be seen through a huge crack running from the top of the wall to the base of the Labour controlled Vale Council “vanity project” – the heavily criticised Penarth Head Viewing Platform

Plaid Cymru meanwhile are hammering away at Labour’s failings in both the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Town Council  – citing the scandals of Labour’s decision to ignore the results of the public consultation on St Paul’s Church; to build – without public consultation or even planning permission – the structurally-faulty Penarth Head Viewing platform; and the massive increases in Council Tax and Penarth Town Precept which the Labour administration has imposed on local residents.

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  1. Plymouth Road Hoe! says:

    I live in Plymouth Ward and got this Labour leaflet through the door.
    The three candidates promise “to look after the Pier Pavilion and will work hard to support its continued existence and development”
    However I have not heard a word from them, instead Labour seem to be told to keep quiet on the subject until after the election.

    This also amused me! Is the Cemetery a thriving community venue?

    • Has the cinema comment been added on in Biro or is it printed that way?

      Going by the phrasing of…… ‘the cemetery and allotments’……. it looks like they’re not very good at counting, and originally only had two thriving community venues despite advertising 3?

  2. Mgg says:

    Come on guys even my council estate education tells me there is no semi colon which would indicate an explanative list to follow . It says three venues
    ( but granted doesnt say which ones )then it adds the cemetery and allotments. I assume the venues are paget , Kymin and must be some community centre but I don’t know which one.?

  3. Chris David says:

    If your in St Augustine’s and against the new attempt to develop Northcliffe beware of prospective Cllr Turner. From an email I have from him I think he could very well vote FOR it. Its in junior waffle no direct answer trainee politician speak but very iffy and suspicious.

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