Police have been called in to investigate an apparent attempt at voter intimidation in an incident in the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth

Police are investigating a serious incident in the St Augustine’s Ward of Penarth in which a “verbally aggressive”  man rang the doorbell of a house objecting to a  Plaid Cymru poster displayed outside and allegedly raised his fist in a threatening gesture at a female voter who answered the door.

The man allegedly objected to the  poster displayed outside the house and – according to the householder – shouted “Labour are going to lose this ward… You should seriously rethink!”and raised his fist at the woman .

The account of the encounter with the threatening pro-Labour supporter in Penarth last night – as posted on Facebook

The householder said the threatening man had allegedly claimed that his father used to live in the property and had allegedly said that  it had “sickened him” to see a Plaid Cymru sign outside the house  – especially when it was likely that the Labour Party might lose the election in the  ward.

The woman told him the house was now her property and she could vote in any way she wished. The man then allegedly raised his fist  at the woman and shouted “You need to seriously re-think that!”.

The householder told him to leave, slammed the door on him and called the police. The incident is understood to have occurred at around 19:30 in the evening.

When the householder subsequently raised the matter with the Labour Party – its officials denied point-blank that the aggressive man had anything to do with them – although it’s not clear how they would know whether he was or not.

The Labour-supporting thug is described as being white male, just under 6ft tall, of very heavy stocky build, blue eyes (wide-set), grey closely shaved head, grey stubble/ beard, wearing distinctive dark navy blue polo shirt bearing the white dragon emblem of Labour-controlled Cardiff Council, and dark trousers.

South Wales Police said today that “Officers conducted a search of the area for the man described, but he has not yet been located.”

The entire story has been made public on Facebook.

This is not the only incident involving Plaid election posters. In nearby Wordsworth Avenue,  in the Cornerswell Ward of  Penarth, a Plaid Cymru garden poster was deliberately cut down  and its supporting stays cut –  as if with a knife.


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  1. andrewsketty says:

    I hope people will spare a moment to think when they put their cross tomorrow that Penarth residents have been deprived of a fantastic much loved publicly funded cultural asset in our community -the Pavilion Cinema. Lost entirely due to mismanagement. I sincerely hope that whoever is voted in tomorrow will tackle this shameful cover up in our town and get our cinema back open as a priority. Its outrageous what has happened over the past few months

    • Philip Rapier says:

      How terrible my sympathys are entirely with the electorr who had done nothing to justify being treated so badly..
      Please read the article below.
      I decline to comment other than to say i once met and discussed an issue with Mr Alun Ffred Jones and believe him to be a great asset to Welsh Politics.

      PDN missed this article from the BBC website 3 MARCH 2017
      “A Plaid Cymru AM has been suspended from being a councillor for one month after a tribunal found a comment he made amounted to “bullying behaviour”.

      The Adjudication Panel for Wales found that Neil McEvoy broke Cardiff council’s code of conduct but did not bring the council into disrepute.

      Plaid chairman Alun Ffred Jones said the matter was serious and that bullying could not be condoned.

      Mr McEvoy called the proceedings a “farce”.

      He has claimed the complaint was politically motivated.

      The tribunal was considering whether Mr McEvoy had made a comment to a council officer in a threatening way following a court hearing at Cardiff Civil Justice Centre in July 2015.

      Mr McEvoy, who is a city councillor for the ward of Fairwater, had been assisting a council tenant in an application to suspend a warrant of eviction.

      His lawyer had said the South Wales Central AM was “a conscientious councillor”………………Ends

      • Peter Church says:

        He is the Plaid Cymru Councillor for Cardiff Fairwater Philip, what’s this got to do with Penarth or even this story of thuggery?
        He was re-admitted back in to Plaid after an apology on March 21st.
        You seem to be last with the breaking news!!

      • Anne Greagsby says:

        A good old fashioned Labour stitch up by the (labour) ombudsman to a panel which has an almost 100% guilty record usually for a comment someone thinks is offence. Even Martin Shipton defended Neil. Look how Rapier exaggerates and misleads. He was NOT found guilty of bullying.They found he had made a single comment that the recipient overheard that she felt was bullying! The labour Councillor Curtis got a very short suspension for his crime. Shall we talk about that?

      • hopenotnasty says:

        Wholly appropriate. He also represents Penarth as a South Wales central assembly member.

      • Blue says:

        Martin Shipton has been mates with McEvoy for years as McEvoy is his source in Plaid and on Cardiff council. Ask McEvoy’s sister, Lisa Ford (also a Cardiff Plaid councillor for Fairwater ward), what she thinks of her brother being found guilty of bullying behaviour. Despite your flunmery, Anne, that is what the ombudsman found him guilty of.

        You should ask Lisa – I know that you know her – because (as far as I know) she has been silent on the matter of McEvoy’s bullying. I wonder why quiet, unassuming Lisa Ford has been silent on the subject of her brother, the combative, forceful Neil McEvoy being found guilty of bullying behaviour?

        Face it, he is despised by most top people in Plaid because they recognise where his loyalties lie. He (like you) has spent most of his political life in a party other than Plaid. He (like you) was turfed out his first party.

        People who flit from party to party all have two things in common – an inability to get on with their fellow travellers and a narcissistic streak. Plaid Cymru is better off without these opportunistic gravy trainers.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Are you standing Blue? On a ticket of talking up Plaid. Good luck tomorrow but I guess it will be either Labour or the Tories in Penarth and lib Dems or plaid no where to be seen.
        PS was that your plaid cymru bike in the high street ☺

  2. penarthblog says:

    So much for tolerzance or the lack of it.

  3. sjleworthy says:

    we had 4 candidates (in small groups) from the various parties all passing each other by at the same time on the street canvasing on saturday afternoon. most jovial and polite to each other they were too. strange sight to see.

    it’s a joy to know they love my garden and dogs all of a sudden when year round they couldnt care less 🙂

  4. sjleworthy says:

    i also think putting voting banners on your property is a pretty stupid thing to do whatever your views.

  5. Frank Evans says:

    This really does not surprise me. Labour lefty types can get very nasty when they are on the losing side.
    Too many years they assume a vote based on history. This is like Kinnock’s speech coming true for the entire party, sutleing around in taxis handing out left wing posters and intimidating ordinary decent people

  6. This is obviously out of order. All political parties have had their fair share of nutters be it left, right or centre. Neil mcevoy Plaid Cymru was found guilty by an independent panel of bullying a lady employee of Cardiff city council. He is a Councillor and AM. Suspended by Plaid but now re-instated. This sort of behaviour should not be tolerated.

  7. Robin Walters says:

    If the story, as reported, is true it is reprehensible. Equally, if the story is politically motivated it is also reprehensible. Presumably the victim can identify a neighbour without the detailed description. The truth is that a thug is a thug is a thug in any walk of life and whatever the motivation.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I volunteered to help Labour with canvasing but sadly I’m having second thoughts about it.
    While walking between houses I was chatting to a long standing member and candidate and what he said shocked me. He said the CLP are very worried about how the national situation would affect voting behavior locally and they are desperate to get more garden signs up but not just now and even take some of the opposition down, particularly Plaid one’s as this he says is the where the Labour vote might crumble. I was a little confused and he really didn’t want to expand on it but after a lot more door step conversations where Corbyn was mentioned again and again he sort of let slip.
    He said the word has been passed on by telephone conversation only to the BLP, as they don’t want a leak, that internal polling suggests this parliamentary seat is at real risk and efforts should be directed toward that rather than the Council elections. The word was that they should “play dirty” as it was put to him and try and destroy any nationalist opposition. This I presume is where Plaid signs come in. He wasn’t happy that they have manufactured hundreds more Labour signs but won’t give them out until after the Council elections, to give the appearance of a rush of support back to Labour and to keep SD in at all cost.

  9. vince driscoll says:

    Interesting comment from anon,as Dinas Powys Conservatives had almost 20 signs destroyed along the bus lane between Dinas and the harriers.

  10. Dizzydeb says:

    Why no put a few labour posters on St Pauls Church so the people can see what labour stand for! Oh an another on the huge lump of concrete on the cliff edge, and another on the rubbish left in the streets every week, the list could go on & on! Where is the opposition?

  11. Mgg says:

    DONT forget the plaid candidate who sent me an unsolicited abusive email to my private email address . I have complained to the Penarth chairman but no reply., what do you think of that ?
    And as for ” you are unemployed so you are worthless ” …words fail me .

    • Anne Greagsby says:

      Well, it’s obvious Martin Gossage lives in a fantasy word. This quote is made up. I just pointed out he was unemployed and kindly didn’t mention his being stuck off for abusive behaviour. He has threatened and sworn at me in emails to my ‘private’ email! I hope you get the help you need. I am amazed that the labour party has this person as chair of their momentum group.


      • Mgg says:

        More lies . No. The private communication you refer to was within Friends of Belle Vue .and thus not in the private context . After you accused Penarth freemasons of being paedophiles.I did tell you where to go. I then resigned .What did you do? Oh yeah still then went outside that process and used my email for abusive email.
        The threat you refer to was to expose this if you didn’t stop sending me private emails .it wasnt a threat of violence as you have allowed to be intimated here.Again please issue all these emails into the public domain and the truth will be out.
        Where was abusive behaviour in my nhs hearing? Care full with your accusations .
        What was the point of mentioning I was unemployed if not as a slur.

  12. Edward says:

    Oh for goodness sake! If you’re going to put a poster in your house then you can expect to be challenged. Did he really raise a fist? So what! It isn’t an act of violence.

    • paulmroberts says:

      So ringing someone’s doorbell to have a go at them about their political views is acceptable is it?

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