Penarth lifeboat tows the cabin cruiser Blue Marlin II past Penarth Pier

Penarth’s big Atlantic 85 lifeboat was called out last night to go to the aid of a disabled motor vessel adrift in the Bristol Channel.

One  of Penarth lifeboat’s crew members  boarded the disabled boat – “Blue Marlin II” –  before she was  towed back to Penarth and then secured alongside the lifeboat for  manouevering into the Cardiff Barrage locks.

Penarth lifeboat comes alongside the disabled cruiser Blue Marlin II to prepare for manouevering her into Cardiff barrage locks

Blue Marlin II with a crew of two on board, was  made fast at the Penarth water taxi pontoon where Penarth coastguard officers interviewed and debriefed the crew.

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