John Thomas (Conservative St Athan) who now heads the largest party on the Vale Council could become the Leader of the Vale Council

The Labour Party – despite a strong performance in Penarth – has lost control of the Vale of Glamorgan Council and  has held onto only 14 seats 

The Conservatives with 23 seats are now the largest party – but will need to form alliances with other parties.

  • Llantwit First Independents have 4 seats
  • Plaid Cymru has 4 seats
  • Independents have 2 seat

Cllr John Thomas (Conservative St Athan) who is Leader of the Conservative group on the Vale of Glamorgan Council told PDN this morning that there would now be some “horse-trading” to be done.

There is expected to be an internal Conservative Party inquiry into the causes of the party’s  failure to make progress in Penarth – where the party’s performance did not measure up to the rest of the Vale of Glamorgan.  One insider says much of the blame is likely to be laid at the door of the Penarth Conservative Branch.


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  1. Thank god for that. Now …maybe we can at least get our public enquiry for the pavilion fiasco – people v PACL and a start to change in the law affecting the charity act so directors can’t hide. I will take up the matter again with a meeting with the General Manager of the Vale exec and new Leader as priority.

    • Amanda says:


      • Philip Rapier says:

        CONGRATULATIONS to my Coop pal Phil Bale and every Labour-Coop Councillor in Cardiff.

        The only Council in the UK to INCREASE its MAJORITY

        If only we had become part of that exciting proposed wonderful City of Cardiff the Metropolitan Capital of Wales.

        We now have to pay the price for the Vale of Glamorgan’s arrogant selfishness

        Be afraid , be very afraid!
        Now the real fight begins!

        Another win for the “Aga Louts” of the Rural Vale means Llantwit Major staying “clean and green” and more pollution for us as they drive their Diesel 4x4s through the rat runs of the urban Vale and especially Penarth.

        The Tories will get in to bed with any Party and collude with all of them to ensure they bulld the Cog and St. Cyres deliberate overcrowding Housing Estates.

        Sadly our Penarth Councillors will probably give in to the plans to choke the the Roads and our children with Toxic Exhaust Fumes in Cogan and Cardiff Rd. Dinas Powys Schools

        What exactly will the Sully Independents do now I wonder?

        Tory landslide not really, rather weak in fact as as according to the-
        At 09:00 BST, across the 23 English and Welsh counties that had fully declared results, the Tories had control of 10 authorities and 561 seats, a net gain of 155.Labour had control of five authorities and 404 seats, a net loss of 125.

      • Absolutely when we sort the mess we need a people party in the pavilion that’s for sure

      • Frank Evans says:

        Sour grapes Phil.

  2. Marcus says:

    At last sense prevails !

    Let’s make this a positive move to bring much needed changes to the Vale.

    There are many key items so let’s build on this and work to build on a great result

    • Indeed, hence my outreach to HRH Prince of Wales and now waited for response for an immediate meeting with the new Leader and Chief Executive – we will get our public meeting and those that know who they are will be held
      accountable in pacl and the pier.

      It’s a glorious day the pier was great this morning, labour are out but in the pavilion the central area and lobby were dead. Tony Hazel moved boxes with his main man Kevin on the payroll and one woman also paid. He ignored me what’s new: he than told me pointing like some sort of dictator at me to get out I was banned. I asked for the promised golden letter promised by side kick months ago it was in the post he promised
      And still in the post as of today having gone to never never land I guess by mistake

      Kevin when summoned by Mr Hazel stated I’m too busy – too busy to be polite, too busy to stop, too busy to let me know why my promised letter wasn’t with me, too busy with Tony Hazel who told me at this point gettingno internal team support – get out – your banned.

      No Mr Hazel I won’t be spoke to, threatened any longer with this banning nonsense – it’s not South Africa in the1980’s – that was horrific I was there and saw and felt what it meant for friends and colleagues

      I am not banned despite your best intentions and wishes and dreams of wanting me to be.

      I will not be dealt with by you or your operations team in your manner and style any longer.

      I have been very patient with you Mr Hazel for over 7years, when we first met and had what you would call a meeting on the hoof – I would call it something quite different

      As I have a belief that all of us can change some of their spots some of the time and I believed in the charities act and pro bono support for good causes, that’s until I hit reality with PACL and Penarth Pier Ltd and the old fashioned, old men run Taffia .

      I look back and reflect – I was wrong, very wrong to have been so patient and polite for so long.

      I have watched and been on the end of your supposed leadership style and rude, pushy, arrogant attitude at the Washington Gallery when Maggie was around. I watched your strategy Umm unfold with disastrous results and I simply could not sit by one second longer so I did something starting last September 2016 – at that time a lone voice.

      I find in life eventually, you get what you give out Mr Hazel and every dog has its day but you have to be very very considered and patient and be prepared for the long game and to do at your own cost, what it takes to do what’s right.

      Your day and your teams day in the sunshine of transparency and accountability will come as it does to all and all the I love ❤️ Penarth pavilion and town and pier supporters – old Penarthians or new Penarthians, here london or abroad will be there to be part of it

      To hear and listen to an open public enquiry and I on behalf of the I love ❤️ campaign will , as I’m now in touch with Clarence House and his HRH Prince of Charles, the Ombudsman in Wales and others who look forward to a change in the law in Wales re how charities are set up and held to account -my update

      I will be keeping them informed of matters in our democratic little kingdom I promise you

      I always do what I promise and I promise you will hear from me again.

      On behalf of I love Penarth community campaign
      A resident

  3. Factual writer says:

    Labour fear not you will be held to account in Penarth particularly in relation to the pier and council tax rises.

  4. J24 says:

    Well it seems that people really hate their country so much they are willing to vote in the desctructors to come and legally dismantle it. Look out for :
    – Rich getting richer
    – everyone else getting poorer
    – motorways and roads tearing up the countryside
    – foreigners not welcome

    • PR says:

      Really? Do you honestly believe that? You think that the local tories hate their country and are bring in “destructors” (whatever that means) to break it up whilst meanwhile everyone gets poor plus motorways everywhere and beating foreign people in the streets? Who knew a council had such power?

      Lets just flip it on it’s head and see if the Labour lot managed your criticisms of the tories
      Labour loves this country
      There is no privatisation
      Everyone gets richer
      The rich get poorer
      no more roads
      Foreigners welcomed

      Nope, it doesn’t stack up overall does it? Look at the extra housing in this area, look at the planned M4 changes, look at the welsh economy vs the rest of europe. Not much redistribution of wealth has happened under Labour in Wales from what I can see. Pretty much no one hates foreigners (apart from small very small minded people), they might not agree with open immigration though but thats not the same as hating them. Privatisation is rife across the public sector under a labour government and has always been the case.

      So apart from your opinion where have you got your facts from? Plucked out of the air like so many people do.

  5. Sleeve says:

    I look forward to land of milk & honey that will undoubtably follow now that the Tories are in the majority.

    • Richie says:

      Whatever the future holds, in Penarth it was anything but a land of milk and honey under the previous regime…more a land of tarmac and viewing platforms

  6. DRT Andrews says:

    Ok, so that’s the end of the ever so popular phrase “the Labour-run Vale of Glamorgan Council”. That must be a huge disappointment to the regulars here. What on earth is there left to complain about? I can’t wait to be led to the land of milk and honey by the Tory-run Vale of Glamorgan Council. No more potholes, viewing platform demolished, spanking new benches (with backs), Cosmeston a rural idyll, car parks everywhere, St Paul’s full of happy young boxers and gymnasts, Barry downgraded as Penarth becomes the Vale capital, no social housing, all planning applications refused. PDN regulars, hang up your keyboards, all is just going to be dinky poo (but not in Dinky Poo of course).

  7. Frank Evans says:

    Excellent news. I look forward to reading tweets from lis Burnett back bench councillor 😅

  8. Happy Voter says:

    Elections are fun. Democracy is fun. Listening to/reading people’s comments after elections are fun. If you have run out of hope, just look around until you find some more!

    • PR says:

      Exactly right, some people will never be happy. I just wish people who look at who they are voting for a little more closely instead of which party they represent, if thats how people want to vote then let each party put out a manifesto and we can vote for the party, then they can nominate their councillors based on their share of the vote. Most of the candidates have never been heard of anyway and some people don’t care who they are just what party they represent.

      • Happy Voter says:

        My favourite idea is when people want to bring back proportional representation into modern polictics. It reminds me of high school history classes on how dangerous it can be and what has happened in the past. It’s seems not all took GCSE history.

  9. Blue says:

    Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the losers. Given that Plaid have surged across the rest of Wales, blame for Plaid’s collapse in Cardiff and Dinas Powys can be laid squarely at the feet of one man: proven bully Neil McEvoy. Plaid’s abysmal performance in Penarth may be down to him too, but with assistance from his most eager female disciple.
    Hopefully the party will do the right thing when their investigation concludes and boot him out.

    • Peter Church says:

      Plaid surged across the rest of Wales??
      Out of nearly 500 seats across Wales, Plaid have managed 72 this up only 16 seats.
      Not exactly a ringing endorsement of Plaid as there are far more independents.
      Maybe the reason Plaid did so badly in Penarth is not down to the candidates but rather the whining and whinging Yak-it-de-Da Welsh signs everywhere message.

      Leanne Wood was on QT last night and she comes out with some right tosh.
      Asked about the Brexit bill for the UK to the EU and whether it would be nearer £30bn or £100bn she said:
      “I think like any divorce settlement, the lawyers will get the most of the money!
      She makes Diane Abbot sound sensible.

      • Mgg says:

        I rather think blue was ironicically using the sort of wording that the party might use.certainly Plaid appear to have moved forward this time round except as noted here in Penarth. If ALED wants to get elected I would recommend going it alone , independent or another party. Meanwhile as Bjork would sing , ” it’s quiet , oh so quiet and peacefull you know”

  10. Peter Church says:

    Labour are out in the Vale. Great news, I just can’t figure out why so many in Penarth voted for Labour, when they have sucked the life blood and money out of this once great town.

    • Lucie says:

      Well said 😆

      • All you have to do is analyse the approach and behaviour mr rapier and his merry pub band exhibited: as example take our sos public meetings and his refusal to engage in meaningful dialogue with strategic insights or come along, and you have your answer.

        I think it might have something to do with dragons that go into caves to sleep or sulk or what ever dragons do. Doing things on the cheap and not putting oneself out. Putting politics above the people’s need, all people regardless of which party, demanding transparency and bringing into the open, people who will be held accountable. Simply not seeing the big picture
        what’s right and what’s wrong actions. Simple


  12. I invite DW and Doctor Sandy,Keith James, Jamie Baulch, Anthony Lewis J Jones, to the highly strategic meeting I have requested to record openly the agenda and outcome promises, with the chief executive of the vale council and the new Leader re tourism wellbeing in Wales to drive economic prosperity and emotional health benefits in the Vale and address once and for all our pavilion pier fiasco with the lack of transparency and mystical use of 5 plus million pounds of our money.
    We have called for an open, transparent public meeting urgently, overseen by the institute of arbitrations members which they can do for me no problem. This is a watershed moment in the Vale and Penarth building, in a dire situation which has been demonstrated through policies procedures and people at the heart ❤️ of the matter to be untrustworthy: broken promises, broken pledges, broken laws? – this is a time for working and acting all together better, with a new trusted leadership which will take demonstrating and well thought through wellbeing and tourism strategies which are a little lacking currently! Please rsvp. Nicki

    • snoggerdog says:

      page 1, i read all(well not all,1 or 2) & they all sound like stanley unwin!

  13. andrewsketty says:

    As a resident of St Augustine’s Ward I have today written the following to my two new councillors:-

    Dear Ruba & Neil

    First of all many congratulations on your election to the Vale of Glamorgan Council. As my local councillors I was wondering if it would be possible to meet in the near future to discuss the closure of the Pavilion cinema

    You may be aware that I am the person that set up the online petition to keep the cinema open which has so far received more than 1700 signatures and include a large number of extremely useful and insightful comments for the future

    There is no doubt that our state of the art unique community cinema has been lost to the people of Penarth due to total mismanagement on the part of PACL and not in any way due to lack of support. We have been fed a cocktail of lies and deceit over the reasons for the closure and the wall of silence from previously elected local councillors is both astonishing and undemocratic.

    I understand from a number of reliable sources that the reason why Penarth has lost its cinema is due to failure on the part of PACL to pay the Independent Cinema Office for film distribution charges and failure to adhere to the licensing requirements. This is totally unacceptable.

    Myself and others do not believe that PACL intend to reopen the cinema and even if they did have no faith in them to manage it effectively.

    Therefore I would be grateful for the opportunity to meet with you both and any of your other Penarth elected councillors to get some clarity over the matter and to ascertain what you will be able to proactively do in order to get this valuable publicly funded community asset back open as a matter of urgency

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Yours Sincerely

    Andrew Jones

    • St Augustine says:

      Well done Andrew! We can only engage with the councillors we’ve got. They may be from the same party, but at least they’re not Lis and Gwyn.

      • andrewsketty says:

        I can only but try – new faces – new approach – but still determined we need answers AND the reopeining of the cinema asap. Nothing less

      • DRT Andrews says:

        Ok, I’ll say what I’ve been thinking for a while. I’m ready for the abuse! I’m sick to death of hearing about the cinema. Did anybody go there in any great numbers? Far more important issues for our new councils to address.

      • Matt says:

        I think you may be missing the bigger picture here DRT. PACL’s inability to run the cinema and pavilion, without any accountability, will have serious consequences for the whole of Penarth.

  14. Daft o dul says:

    Does the portico in the photo look very much like a masonic image?

    Or is it just me.

    • Andrew, it’s bigger than that- it’s a change in the charity law in Wales, its bringing people to account for 5 million spend and trusted trustees who didn’t do their job, it’s a sustainable future for the pavilion and the cinema and facilities within it, it’s a new strategy for Penarth to use the pavilion to drive economic benefit and pleasure for all in th community
      I have written this morning to the chief exec Vale and new Leader for a meeting with a key group of action orientated, outcome specific, professionals urgently. I have advised the Ombudsman and Clarence House who replied to me, I would keep them posted on progress naturally
      It’s a very good day for I love ❤️ Penarth campaigners hope is there

      • I have been asked to organise a third sos I love Penarth meeting. I will certainly do this with help this time from many more I lovers, following the meeting with the Vale executive and new leader, so outcomes can be reported and next actions agreed by when by whom, to get the public accountability we needed sorted – either through the law or more reasonably through our new leaders support as they hold the lease for pacl which we need to review pdq

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