The Labour Party is back in overall control of Penarth Town Council although minus one councillor .  

Eleven of the 16 councillors on Penarth Town Council are now Labour compared with 12 in the previous administration

The results – of yesterday’s elections – following counting which has gone on throughout today (Friday) until 13:30 has produced the following picture in the four electoral wards.


WINNERS of the Cornerswell Ward  seats on  Penarth Town Council were:-

  • Ian Buckley (Labour) 921 votes
  • Rhiannon Birch (Labour) 860 Votes
  • Laura Rochefort (Labour) 722
  • Ken Lloyd (Conservative) 706 Votes

The runners up in Cornerswell Ward for seats on Penarth Town Council were:-

  • Neil Thomas (Labour) 666
  • Dorothy Turner (Conservative) 650
  • Lewis Greenaway (Plaid) 520
  • Martyn Dranfield (Lib Dem) 308
  • David Rhys Wilton (Plaid ) 460

Neil Thomas failed to hold his seat on Penarth Council – but has been elected for the Vale

Dorothy Turner failed to win a seat on Penarth Council

The drama here is the loss of a council seat by Neil Thomas (Labour) who also stood in St Augustine’s and was elected for the Vale. Thomas was the chairman of the Penarth Town Council planning committee and a former mayor of Penarth .

The result is also a disappointment for Dorothy Turner who is chair of the Cardiff South and Penarth Conservative Association. The Turners were involved in getting three of the Turner family nominated to stand for election –  Cllr Martin Turner, his wife Mrs Dorothy Turner and their daughter Kathryn McCaffer (who was elected for the Vale Council). The resultant row – and the “deselection” of Cllr Clive Williams  – created a split in the Conservative group in the town council leading to two Conservative councillors (Cllr Williams and Cllr Anthony Ernest) standing as independents. Cllr Williams enrolled other independents to stand as “Penarth First Independents” and split the local  Conservative vote. That may have led to the Conservatives’ relatively poor showing in Penarth in comparison to their performance in the rest of the Vale.


Newly elected Vale Plymouth Ward Conservative councillors Ben Gray and Kathryn McCaffer will also now serve together on Penarth Town Council. Mrs McCaffer is the daughter of Cllr Martin Turner.

WINNERS of the Plymouth Ward  seats on  Penarth Town Council were:-

  • Ben Gray (Welsh Conservative Party) 916
  • Kathryn Frances McCaffer (Welsh Conservative Party) 822
  • Martin Turner (Conservative) 760
  • Angela Thomas (Welsh Labour) 739

Runners up in Plymouth Ward were:-

  • Anthony Ernest (Independent) 721
  • Clive Williams (Penarth First Independent)  709
  • Richard Cox (Labour ) 673
  • Ian Courtney (Labour) 660
  • Wendy van den Brom (Conservative) 652
  • Paul Church ( Penarth First Independents) 634
  • Victoria Humphries (Penarth First Independents ) 584
  • Graham Humphries (Penarth First Independents) 476

Anthony Ernest was just 18 votes from winning a seat

Clive Williams founded the Penarth First Independents but didn’t secure a seat

The drama in Plymouth Ward centered around the veteran former Conservative councillors Anthony Ernest and Clive Williams – both of whom were standing as Independents in this election .

Both these veteran councillors, who have been at the heart of public life in Penarth for many years,  have now lost their seats on the Town Council and failed to secure or win seats on the Vale Council.  Anthony Ernest  came within 18 votes of securing a town council seat as an Independent .

Other serving Town Councillors to be defeated are Ian Courtney (Labour) and Wendy van den Brom (Conservative)  .

Former Mayor Cllr Martin Turner (Conservative Plymouth Ward)

Former Mayor Cllr Martin  Turner – who was elected with 760 votes  – now  sees his daughter Kathryn McCaffer ( who has already been elected to the Vale Council for Plymouth Ward ) – elected to the Penarth  Town Council. She has not served on either council before.

Fellow Conservative member Ben Gray – who also now serves on the Vale Council – was also drafted in to stand for the Town Council alnmost at the last minute – and, perhaps to his surprise as a new councillor, has topped the poll – outperforming other better known names.


WINNERS of the St Augustines  seats on  Penarth Town Council were:-

  • Yvonne Clare Murphy (Labour) 1134
  • Liz Fahy (Labour) 1126
  • Mike Cuddy (Labour) 1119
  • Nigel Humphrey (Labour) 1003
  • Gary Allman (Conservative) 943

Labour’s Gwyn Roberts has been defeated

The runners-up were:-

  • Gwyn Roberts (Labour) 940
  • Anthony Slaughter (Green) 916
  • Simon Stranks (Conservative) 903
  • Anne Greagsby (Plaid Cymru ) 667
  • Aled Thomas (Plaid)  620

The major blow to Labour in St Augustine’s was the defeat of former Mayor of Penarth  Gwyn Roberts, the garrolous, and often outspoken, figure who occupied the role some recognised as being the “father of the council”.  He was – in effect – taken out by three  Labour newcomers contesting Penarth Town Council seats for the first time. All of them polled far more strongly than he did.

Gary Allman’s victory means that there is a Conservative presence in St Augustine’s once again after 5 years of all-Labour governance.

Green candidate Anthony Slaughter polled strongly – delivering a strong performance and Plaid Cymru duo Anne Greagsby and Aled Thomas – who ran a lively campaign – captured the allegiance of a significant number of voters. All the runners-up had respectable polling numbers.


WINNERS of the Stanwell Ward seats on  Penarth Town Council were:-

  • Ellie Evans (Labour) 774 votes
  • Mark Wilson (Labour) 752 votes
  • Jon Kenneth Luxton (Labour) 706 votes

The runners up in Stanwell Ward for seats on Penarth Town Council were:-

  • Michael John Dale (Conservative) 394
  • James Jenkins (Conservative) 348
  • Ben Driscoll (Conservative) 317
  • Tony Harris (Penarth First Indepepdent) 258
  • Natalie Williams (Conservative) 273




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  1. Ann Other says:

    Thank you for providing these Vale and Penarth election results. Though I gave up looking a couple of years ago, I have never seen them in the local paper and they were never published by Penarth Town Council either, as far as I could make out. PDN is filling a historic hole in local democracy. Well done.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      CONGRATULATIONS to all at the Labour Controlled Penarth Town Council
      Follows a pattern here in Penarth that mrrors the massive vote of confidence in the Victorious Labour Controlled Cardiff Council.
      Obviously the Vale- Barry- Llantwit Major (74th largest town in Wales ) Marriage in haste -repent at leisure coalition and Aga Saga has come to an end. If only they HAD cared as much and put the people before politics as Penarth Town Council did.
      Hopefully Momentum and the hard Left have been flushed out of power in the Vale Council Chamber for good.

    • daft o"dull says:

      I had to laugh when I saw Councillor Courtney was defeated, he can barely hold on to a pint let alone a council seat 🙂

  2. Peter Church says:

    Congratulations to Kevin Mahoney being re-elected in Sully!

    May he give his support to the new Conservations administration and in return they can make him responsible for clearing up the many Labour money wasting schemes across the Vale.

    PS he can also oversee a special audit into the conduct Lis Burnett during her time in office.

  3. Factual reporter says:

    Is that Kevin Mahoney who stated he would get rid of the ‘ traveller’ site in sully, If he was elected.
    Oops it’s still there after 4 years!……

    • Thank you Factual reporter

      This is actually the Kevin Mahoney who promised to not give up the fight to evict the travellers at the former waste site in Sully having inherited the situation from two Conservative councillors. One Mr A Ernest and one Sarah Sharpe

      You and others seem to conveniently forget that it was in fact the Conservative led Vale adminstration who allowed the occupation of the site in 2012 and gave the travellers legal ‘Tolerated status’ making it much more difficult to remove the occupiers. The Conservative and incoming Labour administrations both declined to request that the police remove the travellers which was within their powers at the time.

      Myself and fellow Sully councillor Bob Penrose inherited the situation and our efforts have led to the site being declared unsafe and unfit for human occupation by Welsh Assembly planning Inspector Mr Richard Jenkins. The Vale are currently assessing two alternative sites to relocate travellers to.

      I hope for a resolution in the not to distant future to the mess caused by the Conservative and Labours parties conferring Tolerated status to the current occupiers.

      Thank you for your enquiry, If I am able to help you any further please do not hesitate to let me know.

  4. Factual reporter says:

    Mr Mahoney
    Don’t blame the previous administration.
    You’ve had 4 years to get a ‘ resolution’ to the traveller site issue, but still haven’t achieved this, much to the dismay of many Sully residents. You promised the earth and failed to deliver.
    Stand by your actions and face up to the facts.

    • Dewi says:

      Sounds like Kevin is well on his way to delivering to me. These things takes years unfortunately. Why can’t he blame previous administration?

      • Cheers Dewi and Sully resident

        Both myself and Bob are aware of the time issue and is why we pressing on a continual basis for the vacation of the bottom site.

        One major fact to remember is that through our efforts both the top paddock and bottom site have been deemed “unfit for Human habitation and housing, especially for vulnerable groups such as the travelling ( or non travelling in this case) community”

        This statement and judgement having been made by the Welsh Assembly planning inspector Mr Richard Jenkins to the Vale planning department and administration during his public examination of their presented LDP.

        I’m afraid that despite Factual Reporters disingenuous and incorrect analysis of the situation this is what happens when others such as myself and my fellow current Sully councillor have to step in and clear up the legal mess left by the Conservatives and Labour parties.

    • Thank you for your response, you clearly know nothing of the legal protection given to the unauthorised occupation by both the Conservative and Labour administrations.

      Both myself and my fellow independent councillor in Sully of course quite rightly have to act within the constraint of the law whether we agree with the law or not.

      We are making progress, whereby the Conservatives and Labour were quite happy dumping an unauthorised site plus of course a Rover Way style full blown 18 berth Gypsy and traveller site on Sully at Hayes Rd.

      Our representations of course have already resulted in the Permanent site being thrown out and deleted from the Vale’s LDP and we are making progress on the bottom site.

      It’s slow going but then the actions of the two parties mentioned have ensured that this must be the case I’m afraid.

      Left with Conservative or Labour councillors representing Sully the whole scenario would still be being pushed through.

      I feel that residents in Sully prefer us keeping the pressure up rather than the meek complance of councillors from other political parties.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries on this or any other subject.

      • Sully resident says:

        Keep up the good work Kevin, but now need to ensure that the traveller site doesn’t get ‘deemed permission’ through the passage of time, have a look at this web site for detail “” or contact me. They can apply for a certificate of lawful use after 10 years of occupation regardless of the LDP outcome so need to get them off well before then …. the clock is ticking

  5. Lucie says:

    What a shame Labour is still running our town😑

    • Tony Harris says:

      Well the five of us gave it our best but to little purpose in the end. Close but no cigar.
      Some winners but Penarth the poorer and we now have to get through another five years of a Labour Town Council. At least some semblance of order in the Vale.
      Thanks to all who supported us. We could but dream

      • Frank Evans says:

        30 odd % and labour take virtually all the seats. Maybe we need a better voting system.

  6. BigPooPski says:

    Labour still running Penarth ?.Oh no bye bye Penarth it was nice knowing you

  7. Arthur King says:

    Very good of Kevin Mahoney to represent Sully when he lives in Barry, but why no home grown independent to represent the village? Why isn’t Cllr Mahoney standing in his own patch, surely the whole reason for independents is to represent their home patch.

    • Thank you for your comments Arthur, I choose to represent Sully as I was brought up in the village and am determined that the Conservative and Labour parties will not continue to damage the lovely area that I was lucky enough to have lived, played and gone to school in and of which I continue to play a full and active part in the village organisations, sports clubs, volunteer library and other activities that I always have.

      I don’t really feel that I need to apologise for the fact that I simply can’t afford to buy a house in the village that I grew up in. However one of the things that I am most proud of achieving during my first term of representing Sully is, in conjunction with Bob Penrose discovering that £300,000 of 106 money from the Hayes point development earmarked for social housing for local people in the Sully area was being purloined for Barry ( £60,000 had already been taken and the rest about to be).

      We immediately halted this, acquired further funds to add to the total, and due to our actions, 1 family house and two single person properties have recently been bought and allocated to one family and two single people with an attached caveat that they have family or existing ties to the Sully area,

      I am delighted that my own and Bob’s actions have ensured that that others have been able to remain in the area that they would have otherwise had to leave and that they do not find themselves in the position that I find myself in.

      I will continue to work for the benefit of all residents of the Sully Lavernock and Cosmeston area who have voted once again to put their trust in me during the next council term and I trust that this explanation has cleared up your confusion and angst over my accommodation status.

      And may I take this opportunity to thank you for your enquiry and please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have anything else that you feel that I may be able to help you with.

  8. Arthur King says:

    I have no ‘confusion or angst’ but do have an enquiry. Now that The vale council is ‘hung’ who are you going to support to run the council?

  9. Thank you for your further enquiry Arthur, any decision that I make in regards to anything to do with the Vale of Glamorgan council will be whatever I feel will most benefit the residents and area that I represent.

    That is what I have always promised those residents who have twice voted me in to represent them and their families, and that is what I will continue to do.

    Thank you once again for your continued dialogue.

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