The election count for both the Vale of Glamorgan Council and Penarth Council is being carried out at the Vale Council’s Leisure Centre in Barry – and is still in progress with Dinas Powys Vale results and Penarth Town Council results  yet to come

In the results so far declared for the Vale of Glamorgan Council , the Labour Party has held on to three of the four Penarth electoral wards – Stanwell and Cornerswell.


In the contest for seats on the Vale of Glamorgan Council here’s how the Penarth Wards went:-


WINNERS : Cornerswell Ward was retained  for Labour by:

  • Rhiannon Birch (829 votes )
  • Peter King (705 votes)


  • Ken Lloyd (Conservative) 671
  • Dorothy Turner (Conservative) 583
  • Lewis Greenaway (Plaid) 319
  • David Rhys Wilton (Plaid) 267
  • Martin Dranfield ( Lib Dem )  148
  • Tom Blenkinsop (Green) 122


WINNERS : Plymouth Ward was retained  by the Conservatives by:

Ben Gray   (894)
Kathryn McCaffer (796)


  • Angela Thomas (Labour) 643
  • Anthony Ernest (Independent) 505
  • Clive Williams (Penarth First Independents) 443 . Mr Williams’s vote appears incorrectly on the Vale Council website as 4,443)
  • Victoria Humphries (Penarth First Independents) 302
  • Tony Cooke (Green) 288
  • Geraint Wyn Jones (Liberal Democrats) 256
  • Gareth Clubb (Plaid ) 240
  • Roger Pinkham (Lib Dems) 169


WINNERS :Stanwell Ward was retained for Labour by

  • Lis Burnett (704 votes )
  • Mark Wilson (631 votes) .


  • Natalie Williams (Conservative) 402 votes
  • Ben Driscoll (Conservative) 388 votes.
  • Tony Harris (Penarth First Independent) 198
  • Paul Beswick (Green) 178
  • Sandy Clubb (Plaid Cymru) 139


WINNERS : St Augustine’s Ward was retained  for Labour by:

Ruba Sivagnanam  (967)
Neil Thomas (827)


  • Martin Turner ( Conservative) 737
  • Wendy van den Brom (Conservative) 633
  • Anthony Slaughter (Green) 436
  • Anne Greagsby (Plaid Cymru) 288
  • Aled Thomas (Plaid ) 217
  • Graham Humphries (Penarth First Independents) 186
  • Gareth Snaith (Green) 157
  • Robin Lynn (Lib Dem) 138
  • Heath John Marshall (Lib Dem) 121


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  1. Mark Foster says:

    Does anybody trust the Vale of Glamorgan Labour Party doing the counting in the Barry Leisure Centre? We need an independent audit and we cannot have Alun Michael doing it.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      So much for Professor Silly of UCW Llaregub and his opinion poll
      Brilliant news UKIP wiped out all over the… er ..UK

  2. aledrobertt says:

    No changes.
    Political affiliation is very deep rooted here in Penarth as it is in many places across the country.
    It will never change.
    I could campaign everyday until I die.

    • It will and can change. One just has to go about matters in a different way think differently, act differently and the outcome will be different in Penarth positively different following an open public enquiry

  3. Factual reporter says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Little or nothing on the BBC website !

  4. Burt reynolds says:

    5 more years of doom, Poor descisions and wasted money

  5. Mike talbot says:

    Good work PDN very sharp reporting. However our roads and lack of parking will continue.

  6. Andy says:

    Unbelievable given the track record of these people!

  7. Chris David says:

    Liz Burnett back. Penarth truly has a least 704 fools. That woman will now run amok. Lets hope the Cons can now curtail Labour but I fear they may be fans of commercialising Cosmeston and supporting aggressive developments. On the plus side they may be able to produce budgets- remember the meals on wheels debacle.

    • NewsNet says:

      The Conservatives – as the largest party – will be in effective control of the Vale of Glamorgan Council. Burnett will just be a councillor.

    • PR says:

      It’s quite amazing that Labour who have done so little keep being voted in by people. I can only assume that despite all the evidence they still somehow think that Labour represents the workers and not themselves. Wales is one of the poorest parts of Europe and Labour have done nothing to change that, not locally or nationally. It’s not in their interests to have an educated and affluent electorate in case they vote for someone else. Labour’s track record is appalling in Wales. Are people really so easily taken in?

    • We have the advantage – her thinking is flawed and she can’t change that it’s her DNA and the nature of said beast
      704 fools are insignificant in the bigger picture

  8. Factual writer says:

    It is unbelievable that thousands of Penarthians have voted for people standing for Labour who most people have never even heard of! Shows how stupid some people really are! Penarth is full of Corbyn supporters. Very worrying….

    • Frank Evans says:

      Plymouth ward should break away from the rest of penarth. The only place with any money and now it appears common sense.

  9. Johnm says:

    Okay, so the usual commentators here might need a new tune to dance to!
    No fan of Labour,and had hoped Greens might break through, but not sure that first comment here isn’t actionable – and also a bit too Trump for me 🙂

  10. Chris David says:

    A bit contradictory Johnm but yes- Independents or Greens would have been nice- pity the latter cant deliver on the big scale.

  11. Happy Voter says:

    As with all elections, some people win and some people lose. The magic of democracy! I’m very pleased with the result in the Plymouth Ward.

  12. Jayflan says:

    Delighted to see that Mr. Turner’s underhanded tactics with long-serving Penarth stalwarts have come back and bitten him on the bum.

  13. Peter Church says:

    I have just worked out the % votes for each party across Penarth as a whole.

    Labour 34.0% (5,306)
    Conservative 32.8% (5,104)
    Independents 10.5% (1,634)
    Plaid Cymru 9.4% (1,470)
    Greens 7.6% (1,181)
    Lib Dems 5.3% (832)

    And this is how the seats were shared out!

    Labour 75% (6)
    Conservative 25% (2)
    Other 0%

    A great system here NOT I think the electoral commission needs to redraw some of the ward boundaries.

  14. Matthew says:

    Quite mind boggling how Labour managed to gain so much support in Penarth when you look at the things they have cocked up over the years! Penarth needed a change opportunity missed.

  15. Dizzydeb says:

    Depressing! R.I.P. ST PAULS..bring on ugly social housing with black bin liners strewn all over the street…great!

  16. CelticMan says:

    A missed opportunity for Penarth but can only hope that the changes at VoG will be positive for us.

  17. We will make it so starting with the pacl pavilion 5 million of our money fiasco and a public enquiry

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