Bill Rees – the General Election Conservative candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth was campaigning  in Penarth today with his wife –  and two children Jesse and Mirabelle

The General Election campaign got under way in Penarth today with the Conservative candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth  – Bill Rees –  meeting local residents in Windsor Road .

Posing with him for pictures on the pavements of Penarth in the brilliant afternoon sunshine were his wife and their two toddler children Jesse and Mirabelle.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns – who’ll be defending his Vale of Glamorgan seat – captured some [photos of Bill Rees and his family as they met local residents on Penarth

They were accompanied by the Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns – who will be defending his Vale of Glamorgan parliamentary seat in the June 8th election –  and Craig Williams  who is hoping to retain the marginal seat of Cardiff North which he won for the  Conservatives in 2015.

Bill Rees is endeavouring not only to meet as many local residents as he can, but also to chat with members of Penarth’s thriving local business community . Today’s visit is the first of many he is planning to make to Penarth in the course of the month-long campaign.

The future of Penarth Pier Pavilion will be a priority for Conservative Parliamentary candidate Bill Rees,.

Mr Rees says that, if elected,  he will make achieving a “resolution”  of the difficulties of Penarth Pier Pavilion one of his top priorities  – and is keeping a close eye on developments.     He said that when public bodies put public money into such projects they should always negotiate “commercial levers” as part of the deal . In the case of the Penarth Pier Pavilion, he said, that just hadn’t been done. “At the end of the day” – Mr Rees said “it [ the Pavilion]  just can’t go on the way it is”.

Cardiff South and Penarth is the largest constituencies in the country with an electorate [i.e. people registered to vote]  approaching 80,000. It  sprawls northwards from Penarth towards the Rumney area where Mr Rees was campaigning yesterday.

Conservative candidate Bill Rees’s Labour opponent -Stephen Doughty –  was a junior member of Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench until he resigned.

On the doorsteps of Rumney and Cardiff South, Bill Rees said several voters had told him that although  they had voted Labour all their lives – they were not going to vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party [i.e. Stephen Doughty]  on June 8th .Mr Rees believes the result could be close and the contest will go “right down the wire” :Every vote will count” – he says .

So far Mr Rees – a Centrica PLC business executive by profession who contested Merthyr in the 2015 election  – is the only Welsh-speaking candidate in the contest  but nominations don’t close until May 11th.

Colleague Craig Williams said the latest opinion polls seemed to indicate that Bill Rees will have a stronger chance of being elected for Cardiff South and Penarth than he (Craig Williams) had had when fighting the Cardiff North seat -(which he won)  – in 2015.


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  1. Mr Reese: no of course it can’t go on as it has. I simply have had enough of the nonsense after 9 months campaigning. It will stop and those accountable will be brought to account in the end – a public review in the glare of media attention. It’s fair that’s why; happy to chat and brief you Nicki I love ❤️ Penarth commuity actin group

  2. J24 says:

    He has the look of a man spending his first ever day in Penarth!

  3. Ann Other says:

    He seems to know what he is talking about as regards the pier fiasco.

  4. Philip Rapier says:

    Can’t wait for the Hustings debate on energy prices with Bill and Steve.
    According to William Hill and Skybet-Centrica British Gas Executive “Utility” Bill Rees is not the favourite among the voters and not surprisingly the uncapped fuel poverty trapped Pensioners of Cardiff South and Penarth
    Stephen Doughty odds on favourite at 8/13
    “Utility” Bill (uncapped ) Rees 6/5

    • Francis Davies says:

      I’ve got to say, the name calling coming out of the Labour MP and his lackies is pretty poor school ground stuff. That sort of childish negative campaigning shows how little Labour have to offer us.

  5. Anne Greagsby says:

    Does he actually live in Cardiff South or Penarth?

    • HRH The Duchess of Penarth says:

      As its been mentioned before Anne people in glass houses (Bromley Drive). Also you haven’t answered the question on your stance with the Welsh language, independence and the royal family.. Also will you be standing as the Plaid Cymru candidate?

  6. Frank Evans says:

    The latest poll still has the conservatives in the lead in Wales at over 40%
    If people ignore UKIP and then yes we can get a sensible MP elected and not one that checks which way the political wind is blowing before leaving the house in the morning.

  7. snoggerdog says:

    whatever you do mr bill dont let your minder get you to pose for a photoshoot in upper glebe st the vales answer to the alternative “garden by the sea”,alltho i did see a mature lady (that ok?) who i know lives in paget rd,picking an abundance of litter one weekday reasoning is that a lot (but certainly not all )of transients live there & the people on foot have just finished their takeaways & most (not all) use the big bin (floor).

  8. Lord of the Bay says:

    At last we can have a local MP who has had a proper job, and not just a political bag carrier who campaigns for a leader even he doesn’t respect!

  9. Carl K says:

    I am interested to know how someone who works for a FTSE Listed company can represent some of the most deprived areas in Wales, that can be found in Cardiff East.

    • Lord of the Bay says:

      You know that the listing of the company didn’t dictate the salary though?
      Somebody posted indicative salaries from GlassDoor on here a few days ago. I think it suggested that the average salary for Bill’s role at Centrica was around £50-60k. That might sound like a lot, but Mr Doughty is sitting on £74k as an MP. I think it’s commendable that Bill would take a paycut to serve our community.

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