On June 8th/9th Stephen Doughty could be cracking open a bottle of bubbly from the Co-op to celebrate holding on to Cardiff South and Penarth

The latest ITV News / Cardiff University opinion poll forecasts that Labour candidate Stephen Doughty is now likely to hold-on  the constituency of Cardiff South and Penarth.

An earlier poll on April 24th (also carried out for ITV News and Cardiff University)  had forecast that the Conservatives could win Cardiff South and Penarth seat – but since that earlier poll has been carried out there appears to have been a  5%  increase in the numbers of people who say they intend to vote Labour, and want to see  Jeremy Corbyn as Britain’s next Prime Minister.

The latest opinion poll shows a recovery in support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party which could put Stephen Doughty back into the Commons

On May 5/7th the  YouGov ‘Welsh Political Barometer’ poll, again asked a scientifically selected sample of people in Wales how they would vote in a General Election . The results are  as below with the previous poll results for April alongside: –

  • Conservatives: 41% ( up 1%)
  • Labour: 35% ( up 5% )
  • Plaid Cymru: 11% ( down 2% )
  • Liberal Democrats: 7% ( down 1%)
  • UKIP: 4% (down 2%)
  • Others: 2% (down 2% )

Labour did badly on the previous poll – but this latest one shows a 5% recovery in support. The Corbyn led  party is almost back to the share of the vote it had at the 2015  General Election  – but the growth in pro-Labour support is coming from Plaid Cymru voters and Liberal Democrats. Both of these smaller parties are being squeezed

If the new poll is correct, the Conservatives would win 20 seats in Wales and become the largest party. Labour would be left with just 16 seats

The Conservatives are still forecast to take the following 9 Westminster seats from Labour – but the list no longer includes Cardiff South and Penarth  .

  • Alyn & Deeside
  • Bridgend
  • Cardiff West
  • Clwyd South
  • Delyn
  • Newport East
  • Newport West
  • Wrexham
  • Ynys Môn


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  1. Lord of the Bay says:

    How can people possibly consider supporting a Labour party led by IRA supporting Marxists? Doughty tries the “vote for me, not the leader” line, but if Corbyn won’t resign even if he loses, then what state will the county be in if he wins??!

    • hopenotnasty says:

      I am increasingly concerned and disgusted at the way Jeremy Corbyn continues to be portrayed by the media.
      At this time with the election looming why is it that the most vulnerable in our society are not being asked for their views on how they have suffered during the last six years. Homelessness doubled , food banks doubled, social care for the elderly in crisis and you can go on and on.
      Jeremy Corbyn is a man of integrity a man with decent values a compassionate man who understands and can empathise.
      Teresa May hides behind ticket only Tory events all dressed up for the occasion.
      Corbyn invites everyone and is attracting very large crowds with his new brand of politics.

      • Frank Evans says:

        Maybe it’s because Corbyn can’t answer a straight question and has idiots in the front bench. The man is a joke and MPs in his party should expect that people think the same of them as they do of the Dear leader… Red Jeremy Kim dull the first.

      • Ralf says:

        It’s actually the way he portrays himself.

      • Lord of the Bay says:

        Doughty himself said on BBC that the leader’s office lies. How can anyone with any self respect stand up and on one hand say his party leader is a liar, and on the other promote him policies and campaign for him to get into Number 10?

        Corbyn is a demonstrable disaster and I’m certainly not going to give my vote for him to enter Number 10.

  2. Philip Rapier says:

    UKIP Councillors and MPs since last week are equally as rare as accurate predictions from Professor Scilly of University College of Wales Llaregub.
    “Utility” Bill Rees will ensure Stephen Doughty is returned with a mega- increased Majority
    Bill Rees is still silent as ever on whether he agrees with his Boss at British Gas Centrica that Pensioner’s “Gas “Utility Bills ” should not be capped.
    ” Labour are looking vulnerable in Cardiff to Lib Dem/Coalition revival in Cardiff ” said the Poll at ITV
    Has Prof Scilly read the Llaregub edition of the Western Mail?
    Labour increased the number of seats on Cardiff Council remain in control and also romped home in Swansea , Newport. AND PENARTH
    Get over it!

  3. Fed up with Labour says:

    Boy does Stephen Doughty look smug in that Photo!
    Also, all that champagne reminds me of his privileged past, being friends with Labour’s Champagne socialists set, has provided all his steps up in life that he needed.
    His father was friends with Alun Michael so this allowed many doors to be opened.
    Connections to Denmark? Labours very own failed Neil Kinnock’s son Stephen Kinnock was married to the Dannish PM enabled a plum job to be lined up for him there too.
    And how did he get selected to become the Labour candidate you ask when Alun Michael decided that a new 100K job was better than retirement?
    Well you have to ask Alun that, but hint hint remember who his father is friends with.
    His Labour connections also provided a gateway to Oxford including signing in the All Male Capella group “Out of the Blue” rather than learning about limited liability companies.
    I wonder does the single mother in Butetown realise what a privileged upbringing our Stephen has had?
    They might then decide not to buy tickets for the next concert with the wonderful “Out of the Blue”!

  4. Lucie says:

    He is an idoit when he knocked my door a few years ago,He has not got a clue what is going on in the working peoples world!When asking him questions about our failing NHS ,He did not have a reply!Labour is distroyed our NHS,in Wales I will never vote Labour again in my life time.

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