“Snug” is tucked away in Albert Road, in easy walking distance of the town centre – but it’s only open from Wednesdays to Saturdays inclusive  .

A new shop offering  a home-makers source of carefully-selected vintage furniture, classic homely curtains and cushions and a range of outdoor plants is already thriving just a few weeks after opening .

Called “Snug”, the new store  – in Albert Road – is the idea of local entrepreneur Jan Wire who has returned to Penarth after living in Suffolk.

Outdoor potted plants add to the country feel of the new shop

For part of each week Jan works as a relief manager for a cancer charity – but from Wednesdays through to Saturdays she’s helping her clients find the kind of contemporary/country/ vintage furniture and soft furnishings that they’re looking for.

The new shop stocks the sort of furniture which previous generations have used and loved, the solidly-made chests and dressers which  never wear out or fall apart and which will just keep on being handed down from one generation to the next.  A classic Dutch 19th century dresser is typical of the items on display.

The store also has a  wide range of soft furnishings designed to complement the character of the furniture – together with lampshades and even a selection of outdoor potted plants. It also  sells locally made craftwork and jewellery and has a Facebook page under development.

Customers need to cross the Plassey St junction to reach the new shop – which is next door to well-known hairdressers Marc Jordan.






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  1. mikeyorke says:

    Great to see another business opening up. Good luck and hope it does well 🙂

  2. 92 and a social butterfly says:

    It’s a lovely shop, please go and take a look.

  3. Louise says:

    Another independent! Yippee welcome to Penarth 😊 And good luck. Sounds like a lovely shop I look forward to visiting.

  4. CelticMan says:


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