Waste bins outside Penarth Pier Pavilion: The firm that actually runs the pavilion,  Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd,  is so rubbish at filing its Confirmation Statements to the Government’s companies watchdog – Companies House – that it could be forced to shut down

Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd – the trading company which actually operates Penarth Pier Pavilion –  could be soon “on the way to being struck off” according to the UK Government’s companies regulator Companies House .

Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd [ a.k.a. PPP Ltd] is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd [a.k.a. PACL] – the “not-for-profit” company and registered charity – which holds the 125-year lease on Penarth Pier Pavilion  granted by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Cllr Mike Cuddy (Labour St Augustines) , Mayor of Penarth and Leader of Penarth Town Council is a director Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd – the parent company of Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd

The Mayor of Penarth, Cllr Mike Cuddy sits on the board of Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd as a director, a trustee and the nominated representative of the town but is not a director of Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd.

Both Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd and Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd failed to submit their Annual Return (what’s now called a “Confirmation Statement“)  to Companies House in Cardiff by the date on which the two respective statements were due. Companies House eventually received the required Confirmation Statement from Penarth Arts and Crafts late – on April 18th .  

If any company fails to submit its Confirmation Statement on time, it can affect the firm’s credit rating . If the Confirmation Statement is not received within a month of the due date then Companies House can – as they put it – “begin the process of having the company shut-down”. 

April 2nd 2017:   This was deadline for Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd to submit its Confirmation Statement to Companies House.  It missed the deadline.

April 20th 2017:  Companies House wrote to Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd with a formal warning – telling the firm that its Confirmation Statement was overdue and giving it 14 days to respond. Three weeks on – and Companies House has still  heard nothing from the the firm.

May 9 2017 : Companies House said yesterday afternoon that it had still not received   the Confirmation Statement now long overdue from Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd. 

Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd is now being sent a second formal warning letter giving another 14 days to respond. If Penarth Pier Pavilion fails to meet that deadline then a proposal to “Strike-Off” the company will be published in the London Gazette – a process which , as Companies House says, means that the firm is well on the way to being struck-off”.

The Companies House website shows a red warning for Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd

If Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd is struck off , it would no longer be able to trade – meaning that the Pier Pavilion itself would have to be totally shut down or that a new commercial company would have to be set up to operate it.

A copy of the notice of striking-off would  be placed on the company’s public record and in two months time Penarth Pier Pavilion Ltd would be officially dissolved – with further confirmation of this appearing in a second entry in the London Gazette.


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  1. andrewsketty says:

    ….and therefore it beggers belief that the Heritage Lottery Fund still gave a £126k public bail out to an organisation with such a poor financial and management record.

    Yesterday I had to write again to HLF as they failed to respond to my original complaint concerning PACL further to my e mail dated 21/4/17 regarding PACL within the HLF’s published timescale for responding to a ‘raising a concern’ issue. I have still not even received an acknowledgement.

    There are very real and serious concerns around PACL and their mismanagement of the Pavilion so and the complete wall of silence and non engagement so it is of further concern to not receive a response to my e mail.

    According to Stephen Doughty’s Facebook page

    he met with Richard Bellamy HLF Head of Wales last week regarding PACL and is waiting to hear back. We meed andwers NOW. I genuinely fear that Penarth has lost its cinema

    • Peter Church says:

      Yes, this is what he tweeted!!
      “Managed multi-million pound contracts and international teams, had my own small business consultancy, was Shadow Trade and Industry Minister and regularly have held local business breakfasts and business surgeries for local SMEs as well as regular engagement with our local multinationals.”
      He had to resign as Shadow Trade and Industry Minister he found Corbyn so bad, so why isn’t still running a multi million pound business and not trying to become a back bencher again?

      • Frank Evans says:

        He managed multi million pound contracts and international teams. Yes he was in the charity sector spending mine and your international aid budget, which mostly goes down big black holes. The man talks rubbish don’t vote for him.

  2. Chris David says:

    Is this a PACL strategy?

  3. Frank Bird says:

    I smell a rodent!

  4. Taffy says:

    If you make contributions, make sure they are up to date!!

  5. Ann Other says:

    If neither the parent organisation nor the trading company have submitted accounts, the directors will know why so can anyone think of a reason why the residents of Penarth are not informed?

  6. I smelt that 5 years ago – nope: no reaction then.

    I and others have been yelling about all the above since September 2016 until today, to some people’s frustration which has spilt out in very unpleasant ways against me personally by a few.

    We hate to say it …. We told you so, as have all those in the recent sos meetings, the media, those on the petition who have also told “you” decision makers, so.

    Bad news doesn’t just go away or magically turn into good. It usually gets a whole lot worse before it gets better. It has to be confronted and dealt with properly and professionally.

    If PACL and Penarth Pier Ltd go into bankruptcy, all trusted trustees and directors should still in our view be held to public account; so just pushing the companies into liquidation doesn’t get individuals off the hook – this may not be the right and best answer either for the Vale: again lawyers need to have input and we need to see the 125 year lease of the management of the pavilion to pacl and the break clauses, penalties etc

    This won’t stop our community need for a post disaster name and shame and who is to blame sessions.

    Meanwhile and looking forward we can and will find a way through to save the pavilion – get the cinema and all area and cafe functioning properly for the use and delight and wellbeing of future generations along with those of us who love it now.

    So how about this:

    Pacl out – the people , Penarth Pier Ltd out – the people, Trustees, one by one reviewed against objective professional criteria by professionals and community reps.
    Those associated with the above in any shape or form in the current Penarth council resign and those in the Vale are called to account before a specially convened review committee with the new Leader, council chief executive, representatives of the I love Penarth community group, the media, legal representatives others as relevant tba
    The new vale leader and team, who have picked up the “debit” of 1 million pounds plus of our money which went into Pacl’s account as voted through, have to do just that, but find a way to claw back monies from those that have caused the problem.
    Immediately critical operational, marketing, HR and financial forensic audits are carried out independent arbitrators who over see the matter. Paid by the Vale
    The pavilion moves into public/ private sector hands – a community trust company for example accountable to the people – is appointed
    Those with proper DNA and qualifications are appointed
    Fines are levied personally on those that did the damage with other people’s money: compensation in part to the public purse and for doing nothing to stop the rot – but that’s for others to do and oversee who know the law.
    The heritage and lottery funds make a decision how they want to manage their contributed 4 million plus affairs, as the audit will throw up any anomalies re tendering, salaries, expenses etc

    Meanwhile I await the rsvp re the meeting with the chief exec of the Vale and the new Leader with the SOS nominated representatives and the editor of this news blog who will accurately report the meeting content
    I can then report status to Clarence House, the Charity Commission, the Ombudsman, the media and other personal donators to the pavilion who wait with baited breath at home in Penarth or overseas.

    We will organise an inclusive sos public meeting which will be pulled together, this time in Trinity church or hall 😌 With reps from the Vale, Penarth, the assembly etc and lawyers and the media present all will understand RSVP and do just that one would hope

    All above without prejudice of course – just some thoughts to share

  7. Chris David says:

    I outlined the root of the problem in a former post. It appears ex Cllr Ian Courtney may be in agreement. Why on earth did the VoG give money, support and a lease to a business they didn’t sign up as accountable? The transfer of assets model must be overhauled immediately. PACL should have been legally obliged to share all records and report back monthly and on demand. As I stated before this is dereliction and amateurish- in fact grossly incompetent. Lets hope the new lot are more professional but the councillors responsible for this should be called to account.

  8. Peter P. says:

    I thought the Pier Pavilion was in financial trouble. So why did they buy brand new tables and chairs for the café?

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