South Wales’s Labour Police and Crime Commissioner is former Penarth Labour MP Alun Michael. The South Wales Police and Crime Panel – comprising mostly Labour councillors – have now admitted  they haven’t been “robust” enough in challenging him

The Labour-controlled South Wales Police and Crime Panel – the body that’s supposed to oversee the activities of Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael –  has not been “robust” enough with him – its own members have now admitted.

The watchdog body – which is supposed to keep a close eye on Mr Michael and monitor  what he’s up to – has , in effect, publicly admitted it hasn’t done the job it was set up to do 5 years ago.

No less that 7 members of the unelected 12-strong current panel are Labour Party councillors  and there is no Conservative councillor on the panel at all – nor has there been since Labour Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael first took office in 2012.    The current members of the panel are:-

  • Bridgend County Borough Council = Cllr Richard Young (Labour)
  • Cardiff Council = Cllr Kathryn Lloyd (Liberal Dem ) and Cllr Daniel De’Ath (Labour)
  • Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council = Cllr Ernie Galsworthy (Labour)
  • Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council =  Cllr Peter Rees (Labour)
  • Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council= Cllr Shelley Rees-Owen (Plaid) and Cllr Robert Smith (Labour)
  • Swansea Council =  Cllr Paulette Smith (Labour) and Cllr Gareth Sullivan (Independent)
  • Vale of Glamorgan Council =  Cllr Anne Moore (Labour)

The two so-called “independent members” – who are not required to state their political allegiances –  are :

  • Mr Martyn Jones
  • Mr Melvin  Jehu MBE  (a former South Wales police superintendent)

An extract from the South Wales Police and Crime Panel draft  minutes in which the panel resolved to be “more robust“- and in which the so-called  “independent members” wished the mostly Labour councillors “good luck” in this month’s council elections

According to the draft minutes of its most recent meeting ( which Alun Michael didn’t attend)  the Police and Crime Panel admitted that  “The Panel should be more robust and challenging in asking questions and holding to account” [ That means holding Mr Michael to account. The panel’s sole purpose is to oversee his activities] .

The so-called “independent members” also went on record to wish the mostly-Labour councillors on the Panel “Good Luck for the forthcoming elections “.

Critics have pointed out that the panel has done nothing but rubber-stamp all AlunMichael’s decisions – controversially decisions like the successive increases in the Police Precept (charged as part of Council Tax) which Mr Michael has hiked by well- above inflation every single year in which he has been in office.

Vale Council Labour Leader Neil Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward) served on the panel before making way for his wife

Cllr Anne Moore (Labour Cadoc Ward) will lose her seat on the South Wales Police and Crime Panel

Now however, following the local government elections,  Vale of Glamorgan Labour councillor Anne Moore will be kicked out and will lose the fees and expenses associated with the job.

Anne Moore is the wife of former Vale Council Labour  leader Neil Moore who held the job – and reaped the remuneration or claimable expenses –  before making way for his wife)

Now, for the first time ever, at least 1  – and possibly 2 –  Conservative councillors will be appointed to the panel – representing the Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff Council  .

Apart from – somewhat belatedly – aiming to get tougher with Alun Michael, the South Wales Police and Crime Panel is also now planning to:-

  • raise the profile of the panel [ few people have ever heard of it] 
  • select a so-called  “champion” from the panel for each “partner” with whom the police work
  • write to what they call “the Policing Minister[sic]  to ask for more money.

The total South Wales Police Precept to 2017/18 – charged for as part of the local Council Tax Bills  – rose by 5% in April to a record £105,382,518 .

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  1. Mr Michael refused to answer my mails, he refused to engage with me in all Saints church: his church – re pacl and Pavilion and fiasco: re his support and lobby for Sophie the first commissionaire for wellbeing since the Welsh govt 2015 new law, ( I can’t believe that post carries a 100,000 salary – someone tell me I’m wrong ! )
    Sophie, said commissionaire, after months of ignoring me, writes back – sorry – no legal authority re wellbeing act and pacl dereliction of duty and how they are doing nothing to help our wellbeing with a new Hazelesque edict, from the board, banning me from the court! The Pavilion. Shame on you guys really. You could learn from our Art of Wellbeing othe s have

    No problem mr Michael, no hard feelings, do come to third Sos public meeting with Bridgend CID who have the information (and are great ) collected by the I love ❤️ Penarth community group – saying what has to be said
    It will be in Trinity because pastor Phil new and engaging leads by example, by the tenants in his holy book 📚 thank heavens he’s a Nike man: doing it. – he does just that with me a a handful of others at the centre of the community advocacy campaign to save the pavilion

    • RetailGuru says:

      ….what on earth was that about page1worldblog?! You might need a lie down….

    • Local Eye says:

      Someone, anyone, please help me as I don`t have clue
      what this latest diatribe is all about. We`ve gone from the
      waste of space, money etc that this Police Commissioner
      is costing tax payers, Bridgend CID, to Nike trainers and
      then onto the local vicar. I guess you would have to a bit
      potty to stand any chance of keeping up but there appears
      to be few about in the community.

  2. AK says:

    Penarth Pier Pavillion is hardly a matter for the Police and Crime Commissioner (not yet at least!).

    As to the rest – ‘jobs for the boyos’

  3. Paul Fenton says:

    When Mr Michael took the oath to be the Police and Crime Commissioner one of his many pledges was to attend the Police Crime Panel meetings. (Is this the first one he’s missed)I am saddened and disappointed that Mr Michael on this occasion did not attend such an important meeting. Why did he break his pledge? Surely he knew when this meeting was taking place and should have fitted it in his diary and worked around other commitments, annual leave, leaving his cat alone in his home etc. The report didn’t mention whether his deputy attended I certainly hoped she did. How on earth can this toothless panel hold him to account when he didn’t even attend! As for the majority of the panel being Labour councillors it doesn’t surprise me they are not being robust enough I live in hope that at the very least one Tory councillor is selected for this panel because I’m sick of all this nepotism that has been present during this period.

    • Barrie Howell says:

      Absolutely right – 7 out of the panel of 12 are Labour councillors – Alun Michael is also Labour. The panel should be cross party. P&CCs should not be members of a political party.

  4. Grey says:

    So what exactly has mr Michael achieved as his post of PC ? Apart of clues the enormous expense of his salary and his very substantial staff!!!! Surely better to spend the money on actual
    Policing. He surely is living g up to his nickname as an MP of grey shadow as no one seems to know what he does or more worryingly even care

    • david kerslake says:

      Another case of labour looking after their labour colleages look at windbag kinnoch and his mrs now there son is on the gravy train .LORD AND LADY WINDBAG

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