A bus is diverted by cones onto the “wrong” side of the road as surveyors work out just what lies buried beneath the Windsor Rd/Plassey St junction

The long-awaited scheme to re-engineer the layout of the Plassey St / Windsor Road junction seems about to get under way at long last.

The scheme was supposed to have started  under the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Labour administration in 2013 – and was due to have been completed in the year 2014/15 – but nothing happened.

Now specialist contractors have –  at last – been called-in to begin preparatory work.

Engineers from
specialist contractors UtiliMap using laser surveying equipment have been brought in to untangle the mystery of Penarth’s buried utility ducts

The initial phase involves finding out exactly where all the water, gas and electricity cables are laid.  Apparently no accurate plan exists of exactly where every pipe runs and there’s no information on how deeply they are buried.

The contractors have had to start from square one – plotting the run of every utility duct including the Virgin cable tv/phone and internet cables which were originally installed in the 1990s by the now defunct American firm CableTel.

The Windsor  Road/Plassey St junction was reduced to single lane working yesterday whilst surveyors  painstakingly plotted all the underground pipes and cables which lie – somewhere – beneath the tarmac surface.

How the roundabout rule (give way to traffic from the right) delays Cardiff-bound traffic in Windsor Road. Car A (red with headlights on) had actually reached the roundabout long before Car C but yielded to Car C (even though Car C is not going around the roundabout but is heading straight into Penarth). Then Car A has to yield to Car B . As a result Car A, the first to arrive, is the last to leave. This roundabout must also be one of the few in the country on which cars are routinely parked.

The current Plassey St/Windsor Road junction is essentially a “Y”  junction which –  unusually – incorporates a roundabout.  Drivers heading towards Cardiff along Windsor Road have to yield to vehicles coming down the “Plassey Street-slope” to their right in order to give them precedence and to traffic coming from Cogan into Penarth Town Centre.

Meanwhile drivers on the Plassey Street-slope, heading to Cardiff, seem, by custom and practice, to yield to Penarth-bound traffic (heading for the town centre) long before that traffic has even reached the roundabout .

If it’s bad for motorists through, it’s even worse for pedestrians. There is precious little help in the current layout for any pedestrians attempting to  cross any of these roads.

The pavement on the right-hand (Cardiff-bound) side of Windsor Road has been blocked off by railings for a number of years because the slope above it is allegedly unstable . Yet there is no means for any pedestrian at this point to cross safely to the other side of the road where there actually is a usable pavement. (See PDN https://penarthnews.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=871&action=edit and https://penarthnews.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=934&action=edit)

The junction re-alignment scheme was originally set to be funded with “Section 106 money” derived from the Penarth Heights development.

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  1. Residents who live close to this roundabout await the day when a fatal accident will be caused by some of those drivers who tear down Plassey Street and Windsor Road towards the roundabout and then decide to beat at speed, often beyond the limit, any traffic coming from the other two directions. These nutters rarely pause, stop seems to be out of the question, and pedestrians, of course, count for nothing. Many of these drivers approach the roundabout, from all directions, rarely indicating as to which way they intend to proceed thus creating an overall recipe for the inevitable. Unless this re-engineering is radical there will be no way of avoiding a fatality.

  2. whatsoccurin says:

    Noticed the symbols on the road this morning as I negotiated the roundabout thankfully without anyone running into the side or back of me-the roundabout as it stands is extremely dangerous for all road users-however even worse is the roundabout leading down to Tesco-pedestrians in particular are at acute risk there.

  3. Philip Rapier says:

    Originally- when I was but a lad in a Parka on a Lambretta Scooter the Junction was normal sane and probably safer.

    What hapened to those clearly defined HALT signs and Road Markings?

    The Vale of Glamorgan Policy of “if somethings not broke we had better ruin it” is what happened as usual.

    Some out of their depth Vale Town Planner who had been on a Traffic Management Course at Night School messed it up for thirty years.
    We now have to pay for being returned to square one.

  4. Collin teague says:

    Surely the best and cheapest way to solve the traffic problem could be to make Plassey Street one way and Windsor Road one way as far as the Windsor public house. This would give traffic an easier flow towards Cogan with no traffic coming down Plassey St. Worth a try anyway

  5. mikeyorke says:

    Any ideas as to what the new lay-out will be?

    Let’s also hope speed humps will be installed on the zebra crossings as drivers seem oblivious to them.

  6. AK says:

    It’s a roundabout.

    “Give way to traffic from the right”

    And there is a pedestrian refuge halfway across on two out of the three roads.

    What’s so difficult ?

  7. Jimbo says:

    Looking forward to the certain enduring nightmare when they start playing around with this junction.

  8. Scribsie says:

    Really is this a major problem? Let’s sort out the potholes and open up the barrage for traffic in the morning (7-9) and in the evening (4-6) this would solve a lot of problems leaving Penarth as there are only two routes.

    • snoggerdog says:

      please leave the barrage (almost)exhaust fume free,when the little ones are banged up in skool,we the walkers,runners,sitters,texters & dreamers can have some fume free exercise.

      • Scribsie says:

        Ok for a compromise then have a battery powered bus leave Penarth for the City Centre every 15mins along the barrage.

      • Tom Dick and Harry says:

        Yes it belongs to starva for speed trails and buggy dodging.

      • mikeyorke says:

        Agree with snogger.

        Maybe an electric tram or just use the kiddies railway ride at peek times 🙂

  9. Lex79 says:

    The main issue is the roundabout at Cogan Railway station. Any plans to sort this nightmare out?

  10. sjleworthy says:

    PDN – any news on when this will officially kick in and how long it’s projected to take? Cant imagine how this will further effect already stationary traffic trying to get out of Penarth.
    (Glad i left that rat race and now work from home!!!)

  11. Fishhenge says:

    Anyone know where to get a copy of the proposals from?

  12. Max Wallis says:

    The original proposal was in the Penarth Heights planning documents http://vogonline.planning-register.co.uk/PlaRecord.aspx?AppNo=2007/00295/FUL. Then £95k was reserved as contribution from Crest Nicholson to ‘works’ at the Windsor Rd & Plassey St junction. As I remember, that was to pay for traffic lights. On past practice, the Council engineers would take that 10-yr old decision as carte blanche to spend the money on traffic lights without going through any further public process. Maybe they accept that they must change the plans in accord with the priority now given to ‘active travel’ by foot and bike..They might even recognise that cyclists have difficulty coming up to the town through this junction – a forced stop on the hill is stupid, when a left filter is possible.. So let’s hope they do go public before spending Crest’s money on some ill-consulted scheme.

  13. Ian Perry says:

    It appears that this ‘traffic circle’ will be replaced with expensive traffic signals. There is never a shortage of money when it comes to installing, operating and maintaining traffic signals.

  14. penarthblog says:

    I would like to see the advantages and disadvantages of roundabouts and traffic lights. Is there any research on this.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Lots of research out there. New towns only had roundabouts. On a roundabout something moves all the time, but lights have red traffic phases and often longish pedestrian phases regardless of whether required, so traffic does get slowed down. Also traffic waiting at Red lights emits polluting fumes.

  15. Louise says:

    Why not slightly enlarge the existing roundabout so that cars can’t travel so fast? And plant up the centre of said new roundabout with some attractive shrubs and flowers as part of the Penarth in Bloom project? It would provide a much more attractive entrance into Penarth and slow the traffic down without going to all the unnecessary hassle and expense of installing lights which are going to inconvenience both drivers and nearby residents. Simples.

  16. David Moorcraft says:

    Oh ! Not more traffic lights ! Traffic Engineers will tell you that they reduce traffic flow considerably, but that they are “necessary in the interests of Safety”.
    I wonder if the new Tory-controlled Vale Council will look at the lane alignment over the Railway bridge up to the Barons Court lights, for out-bound traffic.
    There IS room for improvement – if only by shifting the white line over.

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