Left to right Bill Rees (Conservative candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth), Savid Javid (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) meet a local couple from Lavernock on Penarth Pier who were avid Pavilion cinemagoers  – at least they were until the cinema was closed on March 6th. The tv news cameras eavesdropped on their conversations.

Bill Rees, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth, has been joined on the stump in Penarth today by some of his party’s top guns as campaigning continues for the General Election.

Today Bill Rees he was joined at Penarth Pier by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid and the Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R T Davies as he chatted to locals and gave interviews to the local media.

The Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew R T Davies AM (left)  met up with Bill Rees (right) – Conservative candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth on Penarth Pier today

Commenting on the campaign, Savid Javid told tv news reporters   “On June 9th – the day after the election , only one of two people can stand on the doorstep of 10 Downing St. It’ll either  Teresa May providing strong and stable government in the National interest or it will be Jeremy Corbyn leading a coalition of chaos.”

Javid  said “Other parties can go on to make commitments that they would have no hope of keeping” and went on to  attack the Liberal Democrats saying that “What we do know about the LibDems is that they can’t win this election, but what they can do is do a deal with Labour  – and prop-up Jeremy Corbyn in a coalition of chaos” 

He said that the Labour manifesto – leaked to the media today – showed “More debt, higher spending,  a recipe for disaster for the economy that will hurt millions of families across Wales.”

Let’s shake on it: Conservative candidate Bill Rees with government minister Sajid Javid had an interesting discussion with a Lavernock husband and wife – who confessed they both usually support different parties from each other at General Elections

Amongst the people Bill Rees and his team met on Penarth Pier were a couple from Lavernock who are  regular patrons of Penarth Pavilion Cinema – or, at least were until the cinema was abruptly closed on March 6th. The couple admitted that in the sanctity of the voting booth they both usually support different parties form each other.

Bill Rees – an executive of one of Britain’s largest companies – has already got involved in the Pier Pavilion issue in Penarth and believes he may be able to use his commercial expertise to help resolve the difficulties afflicting the Pavilion’s lessor – Penarth Arts and Crafts Ltd .

The Conservative candidate Bill Rees is now almost unrecognisable from his earlier campaign photos because  he’s opted to grow a beard whilst knocking at the doors of thousands of what may well turn out to be his future constituents.

Ravenous after campaigning in Llanrumney all morning,  there were no Esplanade restaurant lunches for this campaign team  – they all dined on freshly cooked chips from the Decks kiosk on the pier and ate them on the hoof before moving on to knock on hundreds more front doors – this time in the  Penarth’s Plymouth Ward.




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  1. Bill, why so quiet with your ideas until now. Why didn’t you buzz me to help I ❤️ Penarth community lobby for example as you are now using it as a campaign platform . You want something right from us? For a change why don’t people, you even, give first rather than come with hands out stretched or bowl empty ?

    • Philip Rapier says:

      “Utility Bill Rees” Has had his chips then. Labour Coop will see to that but is he man enough to eat a Clark’s Pie* Supper with the OAP’s of Cardiff South and Penarth?
      Cooked with uncapped Certrica- British Gas Fuel Poverty .- er- overpriced -greedy “Bills”
      Come on Utility Bill tell us whose side are you on in this matter your £4 million a year Bonus Boss at Centrica or your Party Leader?

      * Clarks Pie is a 100 year old Cardiff ” haute cuisine” delicacy
      (for the benefit of any parachuted in Tories from Central Office reading this)

  2. Savid, what can you pledge to do on this critical keep issue as Stephen didn’t come up trumps. Didn’t follow through, shame about that.

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Strong and stable! Lol.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    One candidates leader is strong and stable the other is a Marxist who’s driver runs over reporters feet. 😧
    I know who I’m voting for and it won’t be the one whom even our former MP had no trust in!

    • John Smith says:

      You do realise it was a police officer driving the car and not a party member?

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