Penarth Town Council’s HQ at West House in Stanwell Road, Penarth

The 12 newly-elected Penarth town councillors have been undergoing an “induction” day following their election in last week’s local poll.

The induction day is held every time there is a significant intake of new members of Penarth Town Council and is organised in conjunction with the local authorities’ umbrella organisation “One Voice Wales”.

The course is designed to bring new councillors up to speed with current legislation affecting local authorities and councillors, the council’s code of conduct and the basic rules of etiquette in the council chamber.

The Register of Members’ Interests form which councillors have to fill in – and which is open to inspection by members of the public

Councillors are also required to fill in a “Member’s Interest Form” – which is subsequently open to public inspection –  stating

  • who their employers are,
  • details of any  businesses that they have,
  • the names of any organisations which  pay them money,
  • where they live,
  • whether they have any beneficial interest in any corporate body which has a place of business or land in the council’s area and if they have shares worth more than £25,000 in such a body or own more that 1% of the equity
  • any council contracts their business may have
  • what organisations – including trade unions – they belong to.
  • on what organisations  they represent the council
  • whether they belong to a “body whose principle purpose includes the influence of public opinion or policy [ i.e. a political party] – and if so, what party it is .
  • any private clubs, societies or associations they belong to

The council however does not subsequently check whether councillors are withholding information (as some do) nor does it verify whether what is stated is accurate

The 12 new councillors will be joining the 4 re-elected Penarth councillors who  managed to hold onto to their  seats in last Thursday’s election.

The balance of the new council will be 11 Labour and 5 Conservative. There are no Independents or members of other parties.

The new Penarth Town Council will be meeting for the first time next week to elect a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

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  1. Anne Greagsby says:

    Shouldn’t their secret committees membership have to answer the same questions and declare their interests? Otherwise the councillors are complicit. The voters are unaware of this corruption.

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