An Arriva Trains unit changing its destination board at Penarth’s Dingle Rd Station before continuing the climb to Penarth Town . One in ten trains runs late.

Fewer Arriva trains were operated on time in 2016 than in the year before – according to the annual report of the German-owned company which operates all the rail services from Penarth Station

Broadly speaking,  one in every ten journeys made on Arriva trains does not operate on time .

The actual punctuality figures show time-keeping got worse in 2016 –  with only 91.3% of services running to time – compared with 92.8% of services in 2015.

The Arriva directors put the further decline in punctuality down to reduction down to “the challenges of extensive Network Rail engineering and re-signalling works”, together with what they call  “a more impactful leaf fall season”.

Meanwhile pre-tax profit has grown to almost £28,200,000 at Arriva Trains Wales following a further growth in passenger numbers. Turnover in 2016 was £278,500,000.

Arriva Trains Wales’s franchise ends next year but is bidding again for the right to run trains in Wales against Abellio Rail Cymru, KeolisAmey and MTR Corporation (Cymru).

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  1. Steve says:

    ‘German owned’ eh? I sense some degree of disapproval there.

    Never mind, vote properly at the next election and you can have ‘Labour Controlled’ trains!

    Choices, choices…..

  2. GRR says:

    Oh for God sakes !!!!!!!!….that old chestnut …Might they consider getting a 21st rolling stock to carry us from Penarth , instead of a train that looks and feels as if its from a third World country !!!!!! we’re always short changed by Arriva trains wales

  3. ATWs benchmark for functionally is 88% which they have comfortably exceeded.

    ATW have done a remarkable job in providing the service they do with no help from the London government or DfT.


  4. Tim Hughes says:

    I think I prefer monopolistic activities to be in state ownership. Given the high prices of uk train tickets, the existing large government subsidy, the poor state of the rail infrastructure I would enjoy reading a fact based defence of the current privatised approach. I could do with a good laugh.

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