An computer simulation of the proposed new signage for the new Ice Cream Parlour  at Cosmeston Country Park (right) and the  existing cafe (left) . The symbolic Cosmeston “Swan”  logo on the front of the existing building would be junked.

The Vale of Glamorgan planning department is now considering the proposed new signage to be installed at the front and rear of the existing cafe at Cosmeston Country Park.

A new ice cream parlour is to be installed within the existing cafe building with the aim of increasing revenue for the Vale of Glamorgan Council from visitors to the country park

The present and future look of the rear entrance of the cafe at Cosmeston Country Park

The signage will be mounted on  “wooden shiplap wood backing board” . At the front entrance two round pillars below the  main sign will be clad half-way around with black powder coated aluminium panels and two black lockable non illuminated poster boxes will be installed.

Sully Community Council will be consulted about the application as the building is in its area  – and is not within the borders of Penarth .

The planning application is to be decided by council officers and will not be discussed by the full Vale of Glamrogan Council planning committee unless it is “called-in” by a councillor.



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  1. The Dairy Farmer says:

    That’s great isn’t it – and guess Nicola still not able sell ice cream on the Pier!

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Old McDonald’s ruined Cosmeston Farm!
      Ee i Ee i – Woe

      With a Drive thru here.
      A Wedding there.

      A lager can here.
      A Burger box there

      An overcrowded Vale Estate here
      A Vale Park and Ride there.

      Nowhere a quack quack
      Everywhere Vale Tarmac

      Old McDonald’s ruined Cosmeston Farm.
      Ee I Ee I Woe

  2. mikeyorke says:

    That looks much improved to the old sign.

    I just hope that they use Accoya timber which will last 10’s of years over standard boards available on the market. A bit more expensive but tested to over 50 years outside with no added “finish”. Perfect for this application.

  3. Chris David says:

    I have to ask what’s the point? Why the expense? And why the waste of council time talking about it? Why not a face lift- few hours work- this isn’t some huge corporate marketing exercise and if they wanted to replace the swan, which is a bit naff- maybe a bittern?

  4. Anne Greagsby says:

    I was there yesterday. The outside eating area behind the cafe was dirty and covered in fag ends. Remember both the cafe and the ice cream area are run by a Bradford company. This is the first step changing Cosmeston from a country park to a funfair.

    • mikeyorke says:

      Urm, changing a sign is the start of making it a funfair.

      I’ve not commented on your posts before but that’s just daft. The newer sign is much more appealing. Hopefully the start of many improvements

    • It’s an ice cream parlour not a Thorpe park style funfair for goodness sake. Whats the problem with an existing ice cream outlet having a tasteful sign advertising the fact that it sells ice creams which many of the public enjoy on a sunny day during a stroll around the park?

      I had one myself this morning whilst taking the dog for a stroll and very nice and welcome it was too.

      Lets not have a total overeaction over something as innocuous as this.

      • Chris David says:

        Yes indeed- an ice cream parlour. Only that’s its a waste of taxpayers money this expensive and pointless “re brand” .

    • The Milkmaid says:

      Anne… Please get real, you’re not helping Cosmeston’s cause… its a sign change replacing something very 1980s and public sector with something more modern. Green plastic isn’t very country park…. The wood is… you don’t have to fight every issue, some progress is good.

      • Guido says:

        Well I did design it back in 1977 when working for the then South Glamorgan County Council !!

    • The Tax payer says:

      Hi Anne
      You just reminded me about litter and rubbish around the area. Noticed some of your flyers left around Penarth on lamp posts and so on so hope you are going to go round and remove them and not expect the Vale to pay to collect and remove your rubbish from the area ???

    • AK says:

      Dirty and covered in fag ends – cigarette smokers are the dirtiest and most thoughtless people on the planet, closely followed by gum chewers.

  5. 249ers says:

    I think they are selling the most expensive ice cream in the Vale. Two small cones nearly £5.

    • mikeyorke says:

      That would just about buy you a ticket for parking in London so we’d best count ourselves lucky 😉

      • 249ers says:

        For £10, I can park for 2 hours in central London or up to 3 hours in Cardiff. Our ice creams lasted less than 10 minutes. So you do have a valid point – but I do hope that you, like me, wouldn’t be taking your car into either city!

  6. mikeyorke says:

    @ 249ers

    That all depends on how much ice cream I need to carry home 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • 249ers says:

      One of my favourite venues for ice-cream is Joe’s in Mumbles, so load up the cold box and make room in the freezer.

  7. Penarthal says:

    I understood that the Country Park is in Penarth, but the Medieval Village is in Sully. Am I wrong?

    • Michael Garland says:

      No you are not wrong.
      The front part of the Country Park including the Main Entrance, Car Parking areas, Rangers Office, Café and the Medieval Village are in the electoral ward of Lavernock.
      The rest of the Country Park is in Penarth.

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