Road Sign Fail: A luxuriant road sign fails to tell motorists how to get to Penarth. ….Even worse, if they carry straight on, they could end up in Barry – or anywhere.

Motorists struggling to navigate the local roads leading to Penarth aren’t exactly being helped by the failure of the former Labour administration in Barry to keep local road signs clear of overgrowth.

PDN reader “Keen Gardener “ has spotted this particularly indecipherable Vale road-sign and challenges fellow-readers to guess where it might be.

The luxuriant nature of the vegetation is the only clue that it’s anywhere near the   “Garden by the Sea” .

K G ” says ” This is not the first time this particular sign has become so green, but the next question is just how many councillors and highways inspectors , and others concerned with maintaining signs and highways, have passed this excellence in greenery as nature takes its inevitable course? “


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  1. Chris David says:

    This maybe a good thing in the greater Vale where certain areas are concerned 🙂

  2. Margaret Mason says:

    Coming down the hill from Llandough Hospital towards the Merrie Harrier lights I believe.

  3. AK says:

    Management by opening your eyes stopped a long time ago.

    If it’s not on the checklist (or in the contract) it doesn’t get done.

    Management just checks the checlist now

  4. Grechla says:

    Where is the ‘greenery’ emanating from. If it’s a private garden or the pub car park perhaps the homeowner/licensee should be responsible for its removal!

  5. Jayflan says:

    It looks like Penlan Rd, just above the Merrie Harrier. Very poor upkeep. Perhaps with a change of control at the Vale council things may improve. Not holding my breath though.

  6. Johnabutt says:

    By the entrance to the car park at the Merrie Harrier. The ivy is on the pub’s property.

  7. Grechla says:

    If that’s the case then, perhaps in this particular circumstance, criticism and responsibility for removing the greenery should fall at the feet of S A Brains and not the Council!

  8. ColaniXL says:

    Perhaps the covered up sign includes the Dinas bypass junction and they’re just waiting for the right moment to make the big reveal?

  9. snoggerdog says:

    ivy st ?

  10. Dr Sick and tired of the hospital workers filling the roads in Llandough says:

    Its just across the road from where the personnel from Llandough hospital park and block the hill.

  11. Grechla says:

    Thought I’d be a bit proactive and have tweeted SA Brains about the offending ivy!

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