In a BBC interview the LibDem leader Tim Farron demonstrated his lack of local knowledge when he said he wanted an immediate go-ahead for a tidal barrage to be built “in Cardiff Bay“…..In fact it would be built in front of Penarth.

The Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, has said he supports the controversial scheme to build a massive tidal lagoon for South East Wales but seems to believe it will be “in Cardiff Bay” – as opposed to the actual location, which is off the sea-front of Penarth.

The scheme will draw 80 foot high concrete curtain across the sea front of Penarth from Cardiff Bay , and in front of Penarth Pier extending as far as a point due east of Whitcliffe Drive

The Tidal Lagoon would be built not in Cardiff Bay – as the LibDem leader seems to think – but directly in front of Penarth

The tidal barrage would close off the views of the Somerset Coast and the Severn Estuary from Penarth Esplanade and Penarth Pier and totally change the ambience of the sea front – and Penarth itself .

Ninety noisy power- generating turbines buried in the lagoon wall would operate night and day, killing thousands of fish  and would create a considerable navigational hazard to boats and shipping coming in and out of Cardiff Docks, Cardiff Bay and Penarth Marina.

Lib Dem Leader Farron appeared to be ignorant of the actual details of the scheme and said the barrage would be “in Cardiff Bay”. [ In fact it will be NOT  be in “Cardiff Bay” but will be off-shore in the Bristol Channel – and directly  in front of Penarth Pier and Penarth Esplanade.]

Speaking in Cardiff Farron told BBC News “It’s not just a matter of pressing the Go-Button on the Tidal Lagoon in Swansea, but also on  the Tidal Lagoon in Cardiff Bay here”.



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  1. Why don’t these politicians take time to research and get their briefings correct before opening their mouths? tut tut –

    • Philip Rapier says:

      .Here is the “Research” that the Lib Dems hoped you wouldn’t see.!
      They are quite clearly Anti Devolutionist want Wales to remain in 100% Colonial status ruled entirely by the EU and Westminster Gravy Train of Civil Servants. Shame on them!.
      Below according to the” Public Whips Office” is Farron’s record on Wales and our self respect.
      Key votes about transferring more powers to the Welsh Assembly
      On 15 May 2013:
      Tim Farron voted against devolving tax raising, and borrowing, powers to the Welsh Government. On 6 Jan 2014:
      Tim Farron voted against giving the National Assembly for Wales full powers in relation to water in Wales up to the English border.
      On 30 Apr 2014:
      Tim Farron voted against allowing the National Assembly for Wales to set the number of members of the National Assembly for Wales.
      On 24 Jun 2014:
      Tim Farron voted against enabling the Welsh Government to underwrite borrowing by private organisations for the purpose of promoting investment in infrastructure.

      Source ” They Work for” via “Public Whips Office”

  2. Chris David says:

    He is a struggling mixed up fantasist – perhaps he thinks one of the many gods on offer will build the lagoon he prefers. Small project for some!

  3. JTR69 says:

    Why not go the whole hog and have a proper cross channel barrage with rail and motorway link.?

    • JTR69 says:

      The Qatari sovereign wealth fund will stump up the wonga for this. They are dripping with cash.

    • Local Eye says:

      Now you are talking. Linking South Wales with north Somerset/Devon
      would be a game changer. The Chinese would have designed and built
      this in under 3 years 5 years ago and would now be reaping the rewards.
      This is what the UK has to do post-Brexit otherwise we will be a third rate
      nation with out dated infrastructure, terrible roads and a clapped out railway.
      Spend the money on projects like this not nuclear power stations and HS2
      which we only benefit those who live in the midlands and want to work in

      • Big Davey says:

        Yep link one under performing economic region with another one is really going to transform the prospects of both.

        Get real, if there was a sound commercial reason for doing this, Brunel would have done it 130 years ago.

      • Ian Perry says:

        This would ignore the science that has show many problems with the idea of a cross channel barrage.

      • Tim Hughes says:

        All large new infrastructure projects have “problems”, in many cases the main problem is that they represent a change in the environment. But over time many of these changes lead to a new much loved “natural” environment, like some consider the Elan Valley. I always remember a group of engineering students looking at a devon landscape, full of arable farming and cows, and saying how it would be a pity to disturb this “natural” environment. The current Servern Estuary tidal advance creates a large water mass with little light penetration and little sea bed life. A cross channel barrage would create a different tidal cycle but in a different estuary with a different geology such a cycle might be natural. The question is whether the effect of a barrage it is overall better not the same.

      • JTR69 says:

        Good point, it has got to be cheaper that building and decommissioning a nuclear power plant. Whilst we are at it it, we could chuck in a new Severn Estuary Airport with a proper high speed connection to London.

    • Matt says:

      I know it’ll never happen but it would be fantastic. Would need the M4 bypass anymore.

  4. Frank Evans says:

    Yes but when asked he ignored the fact he would need the license from Natural Resources Wales.
    Typical lib Dems ignore the the facts.

  5. aledrobertt says:

    Good idea. About time they used the barage for renewable energy.
    The power this tide would generate would be incredible and create power for the whole of South Wales. Why not put some windmills on it too?

    We don’t need to buy this energy from another country. We own our tide and our wind.
    It doesn’t need to come from the middle east!

  6. snoggerdog says:


  7. penarthblog says:

    I will vote LibDem.

  8. Chris David says:

    I still think a solar farm in the Sahara would be Better Mr Hughes et al. I’ve worked it and c 1.5% of the north African dessert can power Europe. Havant worked out going South and East yet. Just got the distribution and terrorist problems to sort.

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