There was a brisk westerly wind as Lord Nelson headed out into the Bristol Channel today.

Outward bound and passing Penarth this morning was the square-rigged sail training barque Lord Nelson,

After a weekend call at Cardiff the ship,  operated by the Jubilee Sailing Trust was on her way across the channel to call at Avonmouth

A chilly breeze and grey skies prevailed as Lord Nelson with her crew of disabled sailors set out from Cardiff

Although she may look like something out of the 19th century, Lord Nelson was built in Wivenhoe Essex in the mid 1980s and completed by Vosper Thorneycroft. She is specially adapted to enable her to be crewed by up to 40 disabled people.

The Lord Nelson caters for a wide range if disabilities. She has “speaking compass” for the visually handicapped and also has  “tactile alarms” located around the ship to supplement audio emergency announcements so that those with hearing impairment can hear the commands of the officers.

Lord Nelson plots a course to take her down-channel on the ebb tide before turning North East for Avonmouth on the flood tide

There are diagrams and displays all with Braille text and wheelchair lifts are strategically located around the ship.

All the sailors are expected to take a trick at the ship’s wheel – but, again with disabled seafarers in mind, she’s one of the few sailing ships afloat with power-steering.


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