The garage in Windsor Terrace Lane which it’s proposed to convert into an apartment.

A planning application has been made to convert a recently-built single storey garage in Windsor Terrace Lane (the lane which links Church Road with Albert Road) into a single-storey “flat”.

The garage is at the rear of a recently extended semi-detached house at No. 24  Albert Road and is within the architectually sensitive Penarth Conservation Area,

The application is due to be considered by the Vale of Glamorgan Planning Officers  as a “delegated” submission and will not be considered by the full Vale Planning ciommittee unless it is “called in” by a councillor.

It will also be considered by the newly-elected Penarth Town Council which has yet to appoint the councillors who will serve on its planning committee.

The application is likely to raise again the contentious issue of  so-called “back-lane development” in Penarth .

However Windsor Terrace Lane – although a back lane – does already have some single-storey houses in it, even though it comprises, in the main, garages serving the rear of homes in Windsor Terrace  itself.

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  1. JTR69 says:

    Good idea, I hope it gets the nod. There is a housing shortage after all.

    • AK says:

      There is also a parking shortage.

      They obviously had this in mind when they built the ‘garage’, presumably it complies with building regs for habitation already. Clever plot

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