The newly elected Penarth Town Council hasn’t met yet – but a new council committee is being set up to consider “migration into Penarth”

At Friday’s inaugural meeting of the newly-elected Labour-controlled Penarth Town Council – a new committee,  called the “Democratic & Civic Services Committee”, – is to be set up to  (amongst other things)  “consider migration into Penarth, establish links and community cohesion“.

It’s thought to be the first time Penarth Town Council has ventured to develop policy in the sensitive area of inward-migration.

The  “Democratic and Civic Services Committee has 12 specific – mostly administrative functions – but amongst them is one   “to consider migration into Penarth , establish links and community cohesion

St Pol de Leon has not replied to correspondence from Penarth Council

The old Town Twinning Committee”,  which was responsible for links with towns in other countries,has now been discontinued . [Under the previous Labour administration (2012-2017) either NO foreign towns wanted to twin with Penarth, or there were problems with those which DID show an interest. The  only town which WAS already twinned with Penarth – St Pol de Leon in France –  wouldn’t respond to emails or letters ] .

Now, the new Democratic and Civic Services Committee is to take on the old ‘Town Twinning Committee’s ‘ role and is – the council says –  to “strive to continue the formal link with Saint Pol de Leon and to introduce new links with homeland and European/international towns as appropriate”.

Awash with refugees: The railway station at Gevgiligia on the Greece/Madedonia border is just 15 miles from the town of Dojran with which  Penarth Town Council wanted to develop links. When the council realised the extent of the immigrant problem there – it pulled out of “friendship” proposals

The immigration remit of this  new committee was not  discussed by councillors when proposals to set it up first emerged in a written report on January 26th – a report which was only partially read-out to members.

Subsequently no  candidates standing for election this month mentioned immigration in any of their election literature . One PDN source  said some people might doubt whether Penarth Council has any democratic mandate from the electorate to adopt any particular view on immigration.

The new initiative is part of a wide-ranging overhaul of the Penarth Council’s committee structure . The committees comprise groups of councillors who meet in public session at regular intervals to discuss specific topics. Their decisions are  then referred to the full council for ratification. The names of all the committees – as used in the last administration – have now been changed.

  • What was previously known as the ‘Policy and Finance Committee’ has become the “Policy, Development and Innovation” Committee. [ The Council’s “Strategic Review Group” – the secretive nature of which has been criticised in the past, will now become a  sub-committee of both the  Policy, Development and Innovation Committee and the new “Democratic and Civic Services Committee”. 
  • The ‘Planning and Transportation Committee’ has become the “Planning and Infrastructure Committee” [ The new name is something of a misnomer as Penarth Town Council isn’t actually responsible for any infrastructure: roads and pavements are the province of the Vale of Glamorgan Council. When it comes to planning , the council only has a consultancy function –  and it is the Vale of  Glamorgan Council which makes all the final decisions on planning applications].
  • The old ‘Leisure and Amenities’ committee – which oversaw the Paget Rooms, the Kymin, the Cemetery and the allotments,  – has now been re-named as the “Venues, Facilities & Events Committee”.
  • Financial matters will now come under a new Finance and HR [Human Resources] committee.

The first meeting of the new council is on Friday May 19th 2o17 when a new Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be elected by members.

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  1. To start with. Please think beyond Europe.

    • Philip Rapier says:

      Does this mean we can repatriate as undesirable aliens the new Conservative controlled, Vale Council’s own imposed migrant workers – the Civil Parking Enforcement Officers?
      My understanding is these, unkempt, monosyllabic, wrist watch watching,Storm Troopers are a leftover from the terrifying days of the discredited previous Vale regimes North Korean Revisionist approach to Community Politics.
      Apparently the CEO’s “migrate” daily from the neighbouring County of Llaregub.
      Time to man up and get rid of this parasitical burden on the Shopper and Council Tax Payer.
      Come on Conservative controlled Vale of Glamorgan start by putting Penarth Business first as you claim to do.

      • Mark Davies says:

        What are you on about? That whole rant literally makes absolutely no sense

    • HRH The Duchess of Penarth says:

      Hopefully Penarth will adopt the UKIP policy of one in one out. Off you go Miss Page, have a lovely life. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  2. penarthblog says:

    Interesting, I will continue to monitor their actions with interest as all voters should.

  3. Anne Greagsby says:

    Will the unelected Martin Gossage, Chris Loyn and mates continue in the momentum/ future projects group making decisions in secret?

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