Police issued CCTV images of a graffiti gang defacing property in Penarth – but have yet to catch the most prolific culprit.

South Wales Police have admitted they have drawn a blank in their search for Penarth’s most prolific graffiti vandal.

Although the police had 3 people in custody, and have identified certain “tags” which they were responsible for,  they still haven’t tracked down the main culprit.

Graffiti on a newly whitewashed garage wall in a rear lane alongside Victoria Garage has now been removed. The same “tag” has recently appeared on a front-garden wall in Windsor Road

Inspector Gary Smart has written to Penarth Council saying “We are still trying to ID the person responsible for the largest amount of graffiti”

He says in his message to councillors -“We have collated and created occurences for all the graffiti, and where CCTV was available, we put this out in the public domain to assist red ID of the culprits. We have had 3 opersons in custor and have beebn able to identify certain tags and graffiti they were responsible for.

New graffiti – bearing the same “tag” has appeared on a freshly-painted white wall on Windsor Road, Cogan , near Penarth Leisure Centre

Inspector Smart says “We are still trying to ID the person  responsible for the largest amount of graffiti. As it stands the ones we have spoken to are over 18 years of age. They live in the Vale of Glamorgan, one received a caution and the other two had not come to police notice before and were dealt with under the 18-25 scheme” [The “18-25 Scheme” aims to “divert” young offenders away crtiminal activity and deals with some of them outside the court system. ]

Fomer councillor Clive Williams (Independent Plymouth Ward)

Former Plymouth Ward councillor Clive Williams had asked in the final Penarth Council meeting before the local elections if  the graffiti incidents were linked to damage to Penarth cricket pitch , the Station Approach attack  and to cars being vandalised in Westbourne Road

Inspector Smart has replied in writing “There is no current evidence available to link the persons we have spoken to in relation to the graffiti, to the incidents mentioned”.

This month local residents  began paying the new 5%-higher police precept as part of the Council Tax.

South Wales Police now has more officers than ever-before in its history and will cost  taxpayers  £263,792,715  to run in 2017/18.




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  1. Dan says:

    The Police covering Penarth couldn’t catch a cold !

  2. Frank Bird says:

    “Police have drawn a blank” love it, well done !!!!

  3. RosyB says:

    I would suggest that Inspector Gary Smart reads his message through one last time before he sends it to the councillors. It doesn’t look good as it is.

  4. Brickie says:

    A bit more artistry, please, graffiti non-artists?

  5. Mark Foster says:

    “They live in the Vale of Glamorgan”

    Alun Michael doesn’t need to tell us that. If they were from Riverside or Grangetown the CCTV would not be available. Finish the job, Save yourselves. Get rid of the Labour Party in Cardiff South and Penarth in the election.

  6. snoggerdog says:

    ive drawn a blank myself,on hundreds of walls in penarth.

    • Birkett says:

      I think I’ve seen your work. Fantastic, minimalist, thought provoking. It really speaks to me.

  7. Lord Tennyson says:

    You are not seriously telling me that no one can ID that photo?
    Most CCTV is useless, but in this case the images are clear, but probably because he didn’t have a spray can in his hands the police can’t to a thing.
    Strange, if your car gets photographed speeding, its up to you to prove you weren’t driving.
    As for our very own resident Labour Police commissioner, well he’s at home spending more time with his huge salary in his huge expensive mansion.
    Labour in Wales have become too cosy with all sections, including the police.
    Vote for anyone else at this election other than Labour

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