Cllr Ken Lloyd (Conservative Cornerswell) is to be installed as the  new Mayor of Penarth in a simple ceremony tomorrow night.

Although the Labour Party has retained control of Penarth Town Council,  PDN understands that a Conservative councillor – Cllr Ken Lloyd – is to be nominated and elected as the  new Town Mayor of Penarth tomorrow night (Friday May 19).

Cllr Lloyd was Deputy Mayor of Penarth in 2011/12 under the then Conservative administration. The Deputy Mayor role is normally taken by the person who will – the year after – become Mayor. However in 2012 Cllr Lloyd  lost his Cornerswell seat and was thus denied his opportunity to serve at Mayor in 2012/13.

In this month’s local elections however, Ken Lloyd won his council seat back  – and the controlling Labour administration has already agreed, in secret conclave,  to invite him to become  the new Mayor of Penarth on Friday in the Council’s Annual General Meeting .

There will be the formality of an election at tomorrow night’s Annual General Meeting of the council – but the normal form for such procedures is that the Mayor is elected unopposed – and, as the “opposition” in Penarth Council are the Conservatives, it is hardly likely anyone will rock the boat.

Cllr Lloyd used to work for Royal Mint at Llantrisant but is now retired.

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  1. I look forward to meeting you and to having some sembalance of sense on the council. could you put a date in the diary for me.? On behalf of I love Penarth community action group.and the pacl past council fiasco – well need to meet outside on the lawn as I have been banned from coming in my town council offices despite being a resident – little matter to resolve professionally i think ? I will bring rug and biscuits 🍪 if you could manage coffee in paper cup?
    Bio degradable of course. Bring your own chair also please if you mind sitting on rug

    Much success genuinely Penarth council with no money really has to do things differently, to get a better economic result for the town Nicki

  2. Daft o dul says:

    “On behalf of I love Penarth community action group” Is that just you on your own?

  3. Tony Harris says:

    Congratulations Ken – I`m pleased you were asked to be mayor this year.

    Regrettably I cannot be there tomorrow evening but I wish you well.

  4. RetailGuru says:

    Congratulations, and let’s hope you do a better job than the previous Mayor – who was (like most of his colleagues) NEVER seen around the town supporting local businesses and couldn’t wait to get away if one dared to speak with him.

  5. The Tax payer says:

    I know they say you should never judge a book by its cover. So we shall have to wait and see what the outcome is ?? 😎

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